Highlights: Godzilla (WB) lords over China with $38.4M open; Edge Of Tomorrow (WB) stilil sharp with $37.3M; Maleficent (DIS) adds $37.2M; How To Train Your Dragon 2 enters 28 markets with $24.4M (total $26.1M); X-Men: Days Of Future Past (FOX) flies over $450M; The Fault In Our Stars (FOX) shines with $16.1M; 22 Jump Street cops to $7M; Noah (PAR) enters Japanese waters, crosses $250M; More…

cinemaworldUPDATE, 3:44 PM, PT: Final numbers are in for Sony’s 22 Jump Street, Fox/DreamWorks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon 2, Tom Cruise’s sci-fi actioner Edge of Tomorrow and Godzilla, Fox’s The Fault in Our Stars and X-Men: Days of Future Past, Universal’s A Million Ways to Die in the West and Neighbors, and the festival fave Boyhood, the animated Rio2, the Viggo Mortenson, Oscar Issac thriller Two Faces of January and local Spanish hit, Spanish Affairs, Paramount Pictures’ Noah in Japan and more.

UPDATED SUNDAY, 4:02 PM PT: This was largely a Hollywood holdover weekend with some new market plays and only one major new entry. Of the Top 15 movies internationally, three were from offshore: Korean action thriller A Hard Day in its 3rd frame, Korean action noir For The Emperor in its 1st frame and Hong Kong’s Overheard 3. This is of course the first weekend of full-on World Cup action, which in Asia is not as all-consuming as in Europe. That’s despite Korea and Japan having teams in the mix. The massive sporting event certainly doesn’t seem to have dented box office in China where Godzilla roared to the best opening of 2014 while Edge Of Tomorrow and X-Men: Days Of Future Past continued to perform (see below). In Europe, on days when the major national teams play, box office can be down by about 50%-60% in the home markets, and by about 20% if the home team isn’t involved. The phenomenon may not be as drastic this year because of the time differences between Europe and Brazil which means most games are airing late at night on the Continent.


However, overseas, across the Top 10 titles, the frame was down 22% on last weekend and 15% on last year. At this same point in 2013, Man Of Steel opened to $71.6M in 24 international markets. After Earth, Fast & Furious 6, The Hangover Part III and Star Trek Into Darkness were also still playing. Plus, Chinese action pic Switch flicked on at home with a $22M+ opening. Overall drops are expected this year during the World Cup play, when very few blockbuster type films open. That, however, opens the door for holdovers to stretch and counterprogrammers to pick up some of the slack. The films that tend to work during this period are ones that skew to female, family and older audiences. How To Train Your Dragon 2 was the only big new opener this week, with $24.4M across 28 territories. It dominated market share, while The Fault In Our Stars continued to woo overseas audiences. In other holdovers, Edge Of Tomorrow, Maleficent and X-Men: Days Of Future Past kept churning. Each of those films has received positive reviews (as has Dragon 2) and so given the studios’ strategic plans, could continue to show legs even if they begin to wobble a bit. Next weekend, Clint Eastwood’s Jersey Boys warbles in the UK, France, Italy and elsewhere. The subject matter of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons may be a bit foreign to foreign auds, but moviegoers less concerned with football are likely to seek out a film by the respected director. TFIOS and HTTYD2 are hitting a bunch more markets next weekend as well; especially the latter which flies forth into about 30 including Australia, Mexico and Brazil, each of which were among the first film’s best territories. In Brazil, kids are also off from school. Maleficent, meanwhile, sees its China bow on June 20. See below the original post for key market breakdowns.

PREVIOUS, 12:51 PM PT: Rampaging his way through China, Godzilla was estimated to have made $36M in its first weekend in the Middle Kingdom, but actually did much better with a total haul of $38.4M through Sunday, according to Monday’s final numbers. That makes the Warner Bros and Legendary film the frame’s biggest international grosser. Already out since mid-May, its last weekend overseas was worth $5.4M in 63 markets. Along with China this weekend, it made $38.4M in 58 markets. For sure, the Gareth Edwards-directed movie took the world’s second biggest box office market by storm beginning on Friday when it opened to $10.9M on an estimated 9,000 screens, more than a third of the nation’s moviegoing real estate, and the best debut of 2014. The full weekend gives Warner its biggest three-day opening of all time in the market. Godzilla is also on track to tie the IMAX/China industry record of $4.5M, currently held by Warner’s The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug. Look for it to perform in a similar manner to last year’s Pacific Rim, which did monster Chinese business of about $112M. (These are big numbers we talk about each weekend when dealing with China, and it’s important to remember that the studios are only recouping 25% based on the revenue share set-up. However, I’m also often cautioned that with P&A so negligible there, 25% net of $100M or so is hardly unwelcome in Hollywood.) China is the penultimate international territory for Godzilla, which will return to its roots July 25 when it releases in Japan via Toho. The international cume (with final numbers Sunday) is now $248.7M and the worldwide cume is $440.2M.

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edge of tomorrowAt No. 2 overseas, Edge Of Tomorrow earned an estimated $37.3M over the weekend with roughly 5.1M admissions on 14,725 screens. It continues to show stronger overseas than domestically. That takes the international cume to date to $181M, including $14.2M from IMAX dates. In China (big weekend for Warner Bros there), the frame grossed $9.2M on a 3,264 screens, or about half of what it played last weekend. The estimated cume to date in China is $49.2M (final through Sunday). Russia saw a drop of just 24% with a downgraded from its estimate of $6.1M to an actual gross of $5.2M from 1,539 screens. The local cume of $15.6M means that the well-reviewed Tom Cruise pic has outperformed the entire run of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol by around 28%. Still in action-loving Asia, Korea continued at No. 1 for the 2nd consecutive week, with an final of $6.4M on 707 screens. The total in that market is $25M now as of Sunday. Other No. 1s included France with $1.5M in the 2nd frame, and Taiwan with $780K in the 3rd frame. EOT heads to Japan on July 4.

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Ahead of its opening in China next weekend, Disney’s Maleficent did better than the estimate to conjure up another $39.2M this frame in 53 overseas markets. That’s a 39.7% 3rd-frame-over-2nd drop and takes the global cume to an estimated $438.6M through Sunday. International’s part of that is $275.6M. It’s become star (and newly-minted honorary Dame) Angelina Jolie’s 2nd biggest live-action career movie, behind Mr & Mrs Smith and its $478M worldwide. This frame, Maleficent added Thailand, where there’s a late-night curfew in place in many areas. It opened at No. 1 on a four-day gross, including previews, of $804K. The bow was Jolie’s best ever in the market. After China opens on June 20, Japan will release on July 4 — pitting Jolie versus Cruise and EOT.

The fantasy film is still No. 1 in four markets — Taiwan, Italy, Germany and Spain. See market by market breakdowns below. Italy took in $1.8M in its third week to best the debut of Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return and the Cruise pic.

dragon 2Fox’s release of DreamWorks Animation’s How To Train Your Dragon 2 swooped into 28 markets this weekend with $24.4M on 4,628 screens (updated through Sunday) Fox says it had the No. 1 market share in all countries where it opened. Along with some Middle East territories that quietly got the movie last weekend, the new cume to date is $26.1M. Russia was a big bow with $12.4M from 2,409. That’s the industry’s 5th highest animated opening ever; Russia was the No. 2 market for the original film with a theatrical lifetime of $23.5M. Malaysia, which is increasingly an interesting market to watch, had its biggest animated opening ever with $2.2M at 340 runs. Singapore was also the biggest animated bow ever with $1.74M at 65 dates. A similar milestone was passed in the Philippines ($1.9M from 165) and India ($1.14M from 453) where the movie was the 2nd highest animated opening ever. HTTYD2, directed by Dean DeBlois, lands in 28 more markets next weekend including World Cup crazy Argentina, Australia, Brazil and Mexico. Counterprogrammed against the football frenzy, HTTYD2 will angle for the family audience and has a pretty clear path as the only major animated fare on offer this summer (Disney’s Planes: Fire & Rescue starts rolling out in late July). Each of the Top 10 markets for the first Dragon, save China, have a national team in the play so it will be interesting to see how this works out for the movie that opened No. 2 in the U.S. this weekend.

X-Men Days of Future Past character posterX-Men: Days Of Future Past picked up another $18.4M from 10,477 screens in 75 markets over this weekend, according to final numbers through Sunday. That’s brought the international cume to $457.9M. China is still tops for the Fox pic which added $2M from 1,400 screens. It now has a $111.8M cume to date in the market where it has likely just passed Dad, Where Are We Going? as the No. 3 movie of the year. Meanwhile, some Brazilians evidently did go to the movies this weekend, despite the World Cup kickoff all around the country. At 651 locations, X-Men dropped 35% and earned $1.95M. In its 4th frame in many overseas markets, the film only bowed in Spain last weekend. It held the No. 1 spot there with $1.1M at 760 dates. Frankly, with the way the Spain v Netherlands Group Stage match went on Friday night, it’s not surprising that the movie theaters saw action. X-Men’s final overseas bow is in Venezuela next weekend.

The Fault in Our Stars movie poster #TFIOSAlso from Fox, The Fault In Our Stars lit up in 21 new markets, to earn a final $16.1M from 3,682 screens in 40 territories total. The international cume is now $39M after a strong opening last frame that included Brazil. The teen tearjerker continues playing to audiences there who are big fans of the source material book. It earned $4.2M from 753 locations, bringing the cume to $12.3M. That number, get this, surpasses the lifetime Brazilian box office of Twilight, The Hunger Games, Divergent (which featured two of the same young stars) and Godzilla — after 11 days in release. Mexico remains the No. 2 market so far with $7.8M after picking up a further $2.6M from 976 runs this weekend. Germany, another hotbed of appreciation for John Green’s book, took $1.8M from 388 dates. TFIOS shines on seven new markets next weekend, including the UK.

After a solid UK opening last weekend at $8.2M, 22 Jump Street infiltrated the U.S. this weekend with $57M for the three-day weekend (which included a late-night coup of $5.5M). The R-rated comedy, which has gotten strong reviews, has now added an estimated a final $7M to its overseas stash from 14 territories. The international cume is $20.6M and a $100M+ haul (all-in) is being eyed by the studio. Directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the Channing Tatum/Jonah Hill-starrer was No. 1 in its New Zealand bow this weekend with $700K – or 2.5 times more than the opening of 21 Jump Street. Israel also more than doubled the first film’s debut with $350K on 26 screens. Eastern Europe contributed $450K from five territories combined. Unsurprisingly, the UK remains the top market for the movie thus far and held the No. 1 spot again, grossing $3.8M. This is the second week in a row that 22 Jump Street has had no major competition in the UK market. The cume there is now $16.6M million. The Netherlands fell 39% in its 2nd frame, grossing $435K for a cume of $1.6M. Domestically, the movie is playing to a 50/50 split of men and women, but I’m also told it appears to be playing more broadly than most R-rated comedies. That’s good for a movie that is being strategically sent out as a counterprogramming alternative to the World Cup. It bows this coming Thursday in Australia.

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The other big comedy still rolling out overseas is Universal‘s A Million Ways To Die In The West. The Seth MacFarlane pic opened in nine new territories this weekend and grossed an estimated $4.3M at 3,625 dates in 46 markets for an international total of $26.7M. Malaysia had the best debut result, with $132K in 25 dates. This raunchy comedy has 12 more territories to launch. Neighbors, meanwhile, added no new markets but grew the keg fund by $1.9M at 2,159 dates for an estimated overseas cume of $88.8M. The worldwide total now stands at $231.9M. As an antidote to the World Cup, Neighbors hits Latin American markets of Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Panama next weekend. Uni pointed out that the R-rated comedy only dropped 41% in the midst of the football fest. It still has 17 markets yet to open.

Over in Japan, there’s this little Disney movie there that is positively Frozen in place. Yes, the record-setting animated juggernaut is No. 1 again for the 14th consecutive frame with only a 31% drop from last weekend. The movie added $3.9M in Japan for a local cume of $226.8M; an international cume of $852.1M and a global take of $1,252.8M. Film Business Asia pointed out an interesting factoid this week when it noted that because of Frozen’s lengthy stint atop the box office, only three other films have been able to ascend that spot this year. They are: local pics The Eternal Zero and Mole Song, and Warner Bros’ The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug.

Noah finally washed ashore in Japan this weekend, and actually got kind of close to Frozen with $3.3M from 338 locations. Paramount has consistently used Gravity as a comp, and says the Noah bow was 20% below that sci-fi pic. In total this weekend, Noah added $4M at 560 locations in 19 markets. The other debut, in the Philippines, was worth $499K at 90 sites. The international cume is now $251M.

On a less biblical note, The Other Woman is getting closer to having $100M in its war chest, adding a final tally of $1.4M this weekend from 1,169 screens in 37 markets for a cume of $97.9M. The Fox comedy bowed at No. 3 in Spain with $502K from 336 screens. France and Italy open next weekend. Also from Fox, Rio 2 earned another $1.37M from 1,701 screens in 42 markets. The international cume is $345.2M. Australia opens July 1.

Finally, Richard Linklater’s Boyhood, which wowed at the Berlin Film Festival and elsewhere earlier this year, is now playing in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with a weekend final of $393K at 158 dates. That gives Universal an early total of $917K. It was up 18% in its second weekend. In Germany it has the second-best per-screen average. The U.S. opens through IFC on July 11. Also from Universal, this time in Spain, The Two Faces Of January opened at No. 3 with $455K at 227 dates, bigger than comp The Talented Mr Ripley. The U.S. opens through Magnolia on Sept. 26.

Key territory round-ups

Despite any historical animosity between China and Japan, Godzilla was heartily embraced here this weekend. The creature feature earned $38.4M in the world’s 2nd biggest box office market on 11,937 screens. That gave Warner its biggest three-day opening of all time. Edge Of Tomorrow, also from Warner Bros, picked up an extra $9.2M on 3,264 screens which was a drop of more than half from the dates it was playing last weekend when it made $25.1M in its first outing. EOT’s cume there is now $49.2M; more than double what Cruise-starrer Oblivion did there last year. X-Men: Days Of Future Past added $2M as it continued to be the biggest market for the movie with a to-date cume of $111.8M.

Is Frozen just frozen at No. 1? In its 14th consecutive week atop the box office, the film has now taken a staggering $226.8M. And yet, its added $3.9M this week was just slightly higher than Noah’s bow of $3.5M. The next big Hollywood movies that could thaw the ice are Maleficent (also from Disney) and Edge Of Tomorrow on July 4, with Godzilla primed for July 25. Meanwhile, Noah bowed to No. 2 on its first weekend out for an estimated $3.3M on an estimated 361 screens, Paramount said on Monday.

'For the Emperor' sceneEdge Of Tomorrow is still No. 1 in Korea after its 2nd frame with an estimated $6.4M on 707 plays. The cume there is now $25M. The market previously saw Oblivion earn $9.9M. Local action thriller A Hard Day was worth $2.9M for a $16M local cume, while new opener For The Emperor earned $1.8M for a cume of $2.5M. The Park Sang-Joon directed noir follows a former professional baseball player who lost everything when implicated in a game-fixing scheme. He ends up taken under the wing of a gang boss, but when the woman he falls for disappears, he rebels against his mentor suspecting his involvement. X-Men, in its 4th frame, took $1.1M from 379 screens to rank No. 4. Also in Asia, HTTYD2 was Malaysia’s biggest animated opening ever with $2.2M from 340 screens. A Million Ways To Die In The West also opened best there amongst its new territories. Maleficent (in its third week of release) rounds out the Top Five taking in another $959K.

The World Cup hosts kept The Fault In Our Stars shining at the top of the box office for the 2nd week in a row. Teen girls are on school vacation, and with the book such a hot property here, likely more interested in this big-screen love story than local forward Neymar. The film added a final tally of $4.2M from 753 screens and has already surpassed the lifetime box office of Twilight, The Hunger Games, Divergent and Godzilla. Also in Brazil, X-Men added $1.9M at 651 dates in its 4th weekend. Its cume is now $23.8M. Edge Of Tomorrow just hasn’t seemed to click that well in Brazil, conversely, with $550K this weekend and a $3.9M cume after three frames.

Russia was the biggest overseas market this weekend for new title How To Train Your Dragon 2. The $12.4M bow on 2,409 screens is the industry’s 5th biggest for an animated film. Edge Of Tomorrow also continued its strong run with $5.2M from 1,539 screens, a drop of 24% which is impressive in such a fast-burn market. The $15.6M cume is around 28% bigger than the entire run of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, but has yet to reach Oblivion’s $19.2M.

Although Spain played the Netherlands on Friday — or maybe because of their crushing defeat – folks did go to the movies. X-Men, which opened last weekend, lost its No. 1 status by a hair with $1.1M from 760 dates. What did it lose to? Disney’s Maleficent which took the No. 1 spot back with $1.1M+ in its third week in release. I stopped by a mall multiplex today in Barcelona and the mid-afternoon had a crowd of adults and kids lining up for various offerings, including The Other Woman and local animation Pancho: El Perro Millonario. Patricia Highsmith adaptation The Two Faces Of January also opened here this weekend. There was a slight competitive margin between the No. 3 and No. 4 spots, but with $502K, The Other Woman beat out Two Faces — Uni reported it grossed $455K on 227 dates. Pancho rounded out the Top 5. Noteworthy: The box office hit comedy Spanish Affairs, which is still in the Top Ten, has grossed a 94-day total of $76.2M.

22 Jump Street had a wide berth this weekend again in the UK after opening as the only major studio offering last frame. No. 1 for the 2nd time, it added $3.9M for a $16.6M cume. No. 2 was Disney’s Maleficent in its third frame with $2.6M. X-Men: Days Of Future Past continued in its 4th frame with $1.5M at 650 dates to take the No. 3 spot. Fox says its $41.7M cume makes it the biggest superhero movie ever in the market. Taking No. 4 was Edge Of Tomorrow which added $1.3M for a $9.5M cume. Rounding out the Top Five was the horror title Oculus. Coming soon: The Fault In Our Stars opens on Thursday with the Clint Eastwood-directed Jersey Boys on Friday.

One of the biggest markets for the John Green book upon which The Fault In Our Stars is based, is Germany. This weekend, the teen romancer opened on 388 screens to $1.8M for a No. 2 showing behind Disney’s Maleficent (which has been No. 1 for three weekends in a row since it debuted); Maleficent has a territory total of $9.9M. Not that it’s the same audience as Fault, but Germany has yet to play a match in the Group Stage of the World Cup (its first is Monday versus Portugal), but the country is also exceedingly faithful to the sport and continues watching matches on TV with fervor even if its team falls out of a major tournament. Edge Of Tomorrow added $550K here this week for a $4.2M cume and is No. 6 behind A Million Ways to Die in the West (No. 5) which grabbed $783K at 615 runs for a total of $5.2M. Cruise has been following behind Seth MacFarlane since the debut of Edge. Ouch, that’s gotta hurt. Oblivion previously made $8.8M in the market and there was no MacFarlane then. No. 4 is X-Men: Days of Future Past from Fox which has a territory total of $13.2M. Performing strongly after a big push at the Berlin Film Festival, is Richard Linklater’s Boyhood. The well-reviewed film won the helmer the directing Silver Bear and is benefitting from strong buzz locally. After opening last week, its box office rose 40% in Germany, Austria and Switzerland where it’s released by Universal. The weekend estimate is $393K at 158 dates for an early total of $917K.

Edge Of Tomorrow is still hot in France where it was No. 2 for the 2nd week at $1.5M and a $5.8M cume. Just behind was Days Of Future Past with $1.3M at 719 plays. This week also saw the opening of local pic La Ritournelle, a comedy by Marc Fitoussi and starring Isabelle Huppert and Jean-Pierre Darroussin as farmers who undergo a marriage crisis. Well-reviewed, it was the biggest opener on its first day this week with nearly 17,000 admissions on 228 screens. This coming Wednesday welcomes Jersey Boys, The Other Woman and The Two Faces Of January (which was backed by local company Studiocanal).