Highlights: Edge Of Tomorrow (WB) loops $81M in 2nd frame for $111M overseas cume; Maleficent (DIS) spells another $61.7M; X-Men: Days Of Future Past (FOX) adds $41.1M, helps studio over $1.5B GBO mark; The Fault In Our Stars (FOX) twinkles with $16.5M in 17 markets; 22 Jump Street (SONY) uncovers $8.2M; Godzilla‘s cume is now $208.2 … MORE


FINAL UPDATE, 7:30 PM PST: Grosses for the last film of the weekend, Godzilla, have been added below. All numbers final.

2nd UPDATE, 4:52 PM PST: Grosses are in on everything but Godzilla as we are still waiting to hear from Warner Bros. However, they did report for the Tom Cruise sci-fi film Edge of Tomorrow. So, we have updated grosses for every other film but the Big Lizard, including Fox’s The Fault In Our Stars, Sony’s 22 Jump Street, Fox franchise X-Men: Days Of Future Past, Sony’s franchise player The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Uni’s ill-fated domestic comedy A Million Ways To Die In The West and their comedy success Neighbors, as well as Babysitting, Spanish Affairs, Her (which Uni is handling in South Korea), Fox’s The Other Woman and just got numbers in for Richard Linklater’s Boyhood which was a favorite at the Berlin Film Festival this year and has been winning awards at festivals Stateside, too. Uni is handling. All Final updated international numbers are below:

fault in our stars1st UPDATE, 6:32 PM PT: The big international news this weekend was the expanded rollout of Edge Of Tomorrow, and the launch of YA tearjerker The Fault In Our Stars. That’s in some way a mirror of the domestic scene, but not a perfect reflection. Sci-fi actioner EOT, from respected director Doug Liman and starring Tom Cruise, one of the world’s most enduring names, bested the off-shore competition as it rolled out to cover 63 markets and take in $81M overseas. The movie was not quite so big domestically where it docked at $28.7M in its bow. There, it faced off with TFIOS – and in some international markets this weekend, was beset by that film (see below). Edge of Tomorrow Tom CruiseOtherwise, Angelina Jolie-starrer Maleficent continued to cast a spell and X-Men: Days Of Future Past hit milestones. This weekend was down about 21% on the last, but up 19% on the same period in 2013. Movies in the market last year included After Earth and the continued runs of Fast & Furious 6, The Hangover Part III and Star Trek Into Darkness. The slate of top films in the 2014 comparable frame is slightly similar, but before we start wagging a plus-ça-change finger, it’s worth noting although there are again mega-watt stars and a franchise continuation, there is also a teen romance doing wild numbers in such markets as Brazil and Mexico.

While Edge Of Tomorrow and X-Men rule the day in China, this is the first week in a while that there has not been a big new local counter-entry in that market. Overheard 3 is still playing well and the next weekend sees Godzilla stomp in ahead of Maleficent on June 20. Elsewhere, DreamWorks Animation’s How To Train Your Dragon 2 will breathe fire via Fox next weekend in 15 markets including Russia and some Asian and European outlets. Russia was a No. 2 market for the first episode, and this movie played like gangbusters in Cannes recently. Speaking of Cannes, Palme d’Or winner Winter Sleep goes out in its home territory of Turkey next week. That should give a sense of how langourous the international market intends to be over the World Cup period that kicks off on June 12. Then again, look for The Fault In Our Stars which expands to eight markets including Germany (one of the book’s bestselling areas), Scandinavia, Chile and South Africa among others next week.

Key territory round-ups are below the original post

PREVIOUS: 11:45 AM PT: Led by big bows in action-loving China, Korea and Russia, Tom Cruise-starrer Edge Of Tomorrow grossed an estimated $81M on more than 19,000 screens in 63 markets this weekend. That makes the Warner Bros pic the frame’s No. 1 film overseas. The off-shore EOT cume is now $110M, while worldwide is $138.9M. The well-reviewed sci-fi actioner should prove to be Cruise and director Doug Liman’s biggest ever opening in China with $25.1M at 6,813 screens – a little more than one third of the edge-of-tomorrowcountry’s total dates. The $25.1M haul is slightly lower than what the film did domestically this weekend and is slightly more than the $23.7M Cruise’s Oblivion did last year in its entire China run. With 57% of the market share, the movie was a clear No. 1. In Korea, it’s also No. 1 on 801 screens. The total for the Memorial Day holiday weekend frame was $16.6M, 37% above Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. Russia, which was expected to be Cruise’s biggest opening ever fell short behind Oblivion, a sci-fi actioner that bowed here last year. It grossed a total of $7.4M from 1,648 screens over the weekend.

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IMAX-logo__120222154733-200x105__130708183958In 333 international IMAX plays, EOT delivered an estimated $7.3M. Of that, China was worth about $3.4M. In Korea, the IMAX total was said to be above $1.1M. IMAX notes that puts the film on track to become its 2nd biggest opener in the country behind last year’s Gravity which pulled down $1.18M. Middle East IMAX locations grossed $38K per screen.

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Elsewhere, France was No. 1 with an estimated $3.2M from 585 screens. As was the case last weekend in several markets, EOT increased there on Saturday, spiking 63%. In its second weekend, the UK grossed $2.1M from 561 screens for a 31% drop from last frame. The cume there is $7.2M. Mexico opened to $3.2M from 1,238 screens, exceeding M:I4 by 17%, but falling in behind The Fault In Our Stars (see below). Same goes for Australia, where EOT was No. 2 with $2.8M from 477 screens. Other No. 1s were in the UAE’s bow with an estimated $1.2M on 81 screens and in Scandinavia with an estimated $1.4M. Japan remains a major territory to bow on July 4.

maleficent-movie-wallpaper-hd-angelina-jolie-maleficent-wallpaper1With five territories added in its 2nd international frame, Disney’s Maleficent scared up an estimated $61.7M. That takes its overseas total to $210.1M with a global cume of $338.2M.

Mexico is still the top territory for Maleficent at $29.7M, followed by Russia at $24.1M, and the UK at $18.8M. Across Latin America, the average drop-off was about 28% this frame, according to Disney. In Asia, the decreases were about 32% and in Europe they were higher since the movie opened over a four-day holiday last weekend. Jolie visited China earlier this week to promote the movie which opens on June 20, seven days after Godzilla stomps into the Middle Kingdom.

x men dofpX-Men: Days Of Future Past earned another $41.1m from 16,289 screens in 76 markets this weekend. That brings the international cume to $421.2M and the global box office to $610.7M after less than 3 weeks of release. The added coin helped push Fox International over the $1.5B global box office mark. In China, DOFP added $7.48M from 3,460 screens to cross the $100M mark with $104.3M. It is now the 3rd highest grossing Fox title of all-time in the market, behind, natch, Avatar and Titanic. In Korea, the gang of mutants grossed $4.02M from 535 locations, reaching the same milestone for Fox as its 3rd biggest movie ever there. The penultimate market to bow, Spain, was a No. 1 with $2.94M on 803 screens. In Singapore ($604K from 58) and Malaysia ($456K from 145), the film becomes the No. 2 all-time Fox title, behind Avatar.

Other strong holds included Brazil ($3M from 765), the UK ($2.96M from 1,047), France ($2.68M from 740), Australia ($2M from 523), Mexico ($1.67M from 1,225), Japan ($1.3M from 653), Germany ($1.2M from 780) and Russia ($1.1M from 1,144).

fault-our-stars-movie-posterFox’s female-skewing, tearjerking adaptation of John Green’s beloved YA novel The Fault In Our Stars enjoyed a stellar start in the U.S. where it’s headed towards $48M. While there’s typically a smaller audience and less recognition for this type of film overseas, this weekend’s bow on 2,892 screens in 17 markets was worth an impressive $16.59M. In Brazil, where a large part of the country is focused on the World Cup — and the general state of unpreparedness for the event that starts on Thursday — young girls flocked to TFIOS. The opening was $5.8M on 684 runs – the movie’s No. 1 ex-U.S. perf – and bigger than Godzilla, Divergent, Hunger Games, Twilight, and this frame’s Edge Of Tomorrow. (Interesting in this market is that another teen romancer, Endless Love — remember that one? is entering the marketplace on Thursday).

Mexico also opened bigger than Hunger Games and Divergent with $3.8M from 1,282. Australia, which is habitually a strong market for teen romance, had a No. 1 bow with $3.7M from 272 to loop Edge Of Tomorrow down to the No. 2 slot. Continuing in the counter-programming vein, TFIOS opens in 19 new markets next weekend, including Germany and Switzerland.

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22 jump streetThe only studio opener in the UK this weekend, 22 Jump Street took advantage of the pre-World Cup slot to infiltrate the box office, grossing an estimated $8.2M on 456 of its total 866 screens. The bow was three times the original film and 47% more than recent hit Neighbors. The original movie in the franchise performed best in the UK/Ireland and Australia in 2012 with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill collaring $15.9M in the former and $15.6M in the latter last time around. The Sony comedy also released in the Netherlands this weekend and was No. 1 with $801K on 86 screens to open 88% ahead of the first installment, which ended up totaling $1.9M when it opened in 2012.

A-Million-Ways-To-Die-In-The-West-Red-Band-Trailer-HD-Charlize-Theron-Liam-Neeson-3096203Seth MacFarlane’s A Million Ways To Die In The West opened to $10M in 21 markets last weekend. This frame, its overseas plays total $6.2M at 2,724 dates in 38 territories. That brings the international cume to $19.75M. Universal says this session’s biggest opening was at No. 4 in Taiwan with $443K at 67 dates. In Denmark, it was No. 3 with $265K at 70 dates. Australia held for $1.1M at 243 locations for an 11-day total of $3.9M (it was the top holdover here). The UK cume is now $4.29M after pulling $802K in 468 locales. The UK was the biggest market for MacFarlane’s Ted in 2012 with $47.4M. This coming weekend it gives Korea, Mexico and Spain a shot.

Frozen is STILL doing figure-eights around the competition in Japan with an added $5.8M this weekend – its 29th in international release. The cume there has now risen to $218.3M – a drop of only 22% and a total that’s more than half of its domestic take. The worldwide total is $1,245.05M. Also opening in Japan this weekend was The Grand Budapest Hotel, which checked in with $508K from 100 runs. The Wes Andersen pic’s overseas total is $103.7M.

Godzilla 2014 logoGodzilla thrashed up $4.9M (it was estimated earlier as $5.4M) from approx. 5,600 screens in 64 markets for an international cume to date of $208.2M. The movie goes to China next weekend, which will be particularly interesting to monitor. After that, the beast returns home to Japan for a July 25th bow via Toho. The top market for this picture so far is the UK with $27.7M, followed by Mexico with $16.1M and Russia with $15M. The worldwide cume for the lizard, courtesy of Warner Bros. and Legendary films is $393.4M.

NeighborsUniversal’s Neighbors grossed an estimated $3.3M at 2,602 dates in 38 territories. Oz was the major holdover with $554K in 195 locations and a total of $15.98M. The international total is now $85.2M. Worldwide, the frat pack has a cume of $223.2M. There are still 17 territories to bow in the next few months. Universal is counter-programming the movie in Latin America where it opens in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Panama in two weeks, and smack in the middle of World Cup action.

Rounding out major studio business, Paramount’s Noah sailed to a further $3.3M in 52 markets for an international cume of $239M after eight weeks. The movie has yet to release in Japan where it anchors on June 13. Fox’s Rio 2 added $1.9M from 2,451 screens in 49 markets, to bring the international cume to $342M. In Venezuela, it’s just passed Frozen to become the industry’s all-time biggest movie with $12.8M. Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 continued swinging with $1.1M from 76 territories, for an overseas cume of $502M. Amazing Spider-Man 2That figure means that international reps 72.1% of the film’s gross versus 65.4% for the original reboot in 2012. Fox’s The Other Woman earned $1.2M from 968 screens in 40 markets, to cross the $95.6M mark. Spain, France and Italy are on deck for the next two weekends. The Academy-award nominated film Her has made $1.7M in Korea since arriving there 17 days ago; Uni is handling the release for Warner Bros. in that territory.

Key territory round-ups

22 Jump Street posterThe UK was relatively wide open this weekend with 22 Jump Street the only major studio entry. It opened to a collegial $8.2M to score the No. 1 slot and outperform the debut of recent comedy hit Neighbors. Jump Street got a jump on the impending World Cup meaning it could be one of the comedies that shows legs during the period when most of England’s eyes will be turned towards the pitches of Brazil (and pundits, broadcasters and broadsheets will spend countless hours attempting, however fruitlessly, to relive 1966 — but, I digress). The film’s strong UK numbers this weekend may be helpful towards blunting any of the potential damage this movie might face domestically following star Jonah Hill’s paparazzo-directed anti-gay slur last weekend. The star got out in front and delivered an apology on The Tonight Show, and then Entertainment Tonight and it’s possible this was a bigger deal in the States. The UK bow says the film found an audience, regardless as it sailed through with 36% of the marketplace this weekend.

Also in the UK, Edge Of Tomorrow was in its 2nd frame and held nicely from Friday to Saturday after increasing last weekend over the same 24-hour span but found itself this weekend in the No. 4 slot. The movie took $2.1M from 561 screens for a drop of 35% and a cume of $7.2M. At No. 2 was Maleficent, which was shot at Pinewood Studios, and now has a cume of $18.51M after this frame making it the film’s 3rd best ex-U.S. market; it grossed $4.4M on 513 runs. X-Men: Days Of Future Past had a $2.9M weekend and was No. 3 in its 3rd frame for a cume of $38.87M, beating all previous titles in the franchise. Universal’s A Million Ways To Die In The West placed No. 5 in the UK and Ireland this weekend with $802K at 468 dates and a 10-day cume of $4.29M.

edge_of_tomorrowEdge Of Tomorrow cruised into China this weekend and, as expected, performed solidly. With an estimated $25.1M in the Middle Kingdom, it surpassed the full run of last year’s Cruise comp Oblivion ($23.7M) which was that film’s biggest market. Cruise remains one of the biggest international stars out there, and the movie was expected to perform well in territories that are high on famous faces mixed with action. While it’s gotten strong reviews and has great word of mouth, it’s not sure that can hold off Godzilla next week – already a potential hornet’s nest given the history between China and Japan from whence the creature, if not this film, comes. Both are released by Warner Bros so they have that going for them. Another major star – and one who replaced Cruise in thriller Salt a few years ago — Angelina Jolie, was in China last week to promote Maleficent’s release there. (Disney has big skin in the China game, recently announcing a further $800M investment in the Shanghai Disney Resort that’s set to open in 2015.) The female-centric, animated, Frozen did $48.7M in China so we’ll wait and see what this unpredictable market has in store for a kind of villainess in live action from the same studio on June 20. Also in China this weekend, X-Men: Days Of Future Past blew past the $100M mark reaching $104.3M to make it the No. 4 movie of the year there. Hong Kong thriller Overheard 3 added $6.5M in six Asian markets for a $47M cume.

edge of tomorrowThrough June 1, the Korean box office had four local films amongst the Top 10. They include Miss Granny, The Attorney, The Fatal Encounter and The Target, all of which I’ve written about previously. Most recently, The Target, which debuted in Cannes. The top six U.S. films through June 1 are Frozen, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, X-Men: Days Of Future Past, Non-Stop and Noah. This week, Lee Jeong-beom’s assassin thriller The Crying Man opened via CJ Entertainment and cumed $4M to be the 16th top grosser worldwide in the frame. But it was Edge Of Tomorrow that was the big news out of Korea this weekend with a $16.3M bow over the five-day Memorial Day period on 801 screens. It bowed at No. 1. By way of comparison, Cruise’s Oblivion did $9.9M total last year. Maleficent has now earned $8.2M in the market which is the No. 2 territory for Frozen. Also, the Universal-released Her has a 17-day total of $1.7M, currently at 58 dates. The local title A Hard Day took the No. 2 spot, X-Men took No. 3, Maleficent No. 4 in the territory. Rounding out the Top Five was local title No Tears for the Dead.

shailene-woodley-galleryCoupled with Tom Cruise living, dying and repeating himself around the world this weekend, the performance of The Fault In Our Stars in Brazil and Mexico is the other big story. In Mexico EOT opened to $3.2M from about 1,238 screens and exceeded MI4 by 17%. And yet, it was TFIOS that grabbed the lion’s share of that market and Brazil. In the latter, it earned an estimated $5.87M and was the movie’s No. 1 ex-U.S. perf. It also bested the openings of Godzilla, Divergent, Hunger Games and Twilight. In Mexico, it opened bigger than Hunger Games and Divergent with $3.8M from 1,282. The biggest sales markets for the book upon which the movie is based have been the UK and Australia, but also Brazil, Germany and Mexico. That helps explain the massive debut and could be the key to the film holding throughout the World Cup. Maleficent, by the way, is at a $12.6M cume.

Edge Of Tomorrow was expected to bring Cruise his biggest local opening ever in Russia, but fell short there with $7.4M on 1,648 screens in the under served, yet fast-burn market. This opening is behind Demonstrating just how fast-burn Russia is, X-Men: Days Of Future Past opened there on May 23 to $10.3M and a No. 1 spot for that weekend. The subsequent week, it fell to No. 2 with $3.69M. This weekend, it’s down to No. 4 with $1.1M. Its cume is now $20.3M in this territory. Edge Of Tomorrow will have a relatively wide berth when it comes to comparable Hollywood fare next week, but How To Train Your Dragon 2 does enter on June 13.


BoyhoodRichard Linklater’s Boyhood debuted here after being a film festival favorite in Berlin this year and at Sundance, South by Southwest and Seattle in the states (it just won three top awards in Seattle). The film, which Linklater wrote and directed over a 12-year period with the same cast, follows a boy from first grade to senior year in high school who must cope with the divorce of his parents (Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette). Not surprising that after a warm reception in Berlin that it made its debut in Germany, Austria and Switzerland this weekend. Grosses just came in Monday and they show it grossed $334K at 124 runs in those three countries. It opened in limited release in 91 dates in Germany and had the second-best screen average of all the film this weekend with $3,032. American titles dominated Germany this weekend. Although no new debuts, Maleficient held onto the No 1. spot here with a $1.8M weekend gross bringing its territory cume to $8M. The Disney film was followed by X-Men in the No. 2 spot with $1.2M for a total cume to date of $11.8M. Okay, how embarrassing is this? For Germany and for Cruise: Both in their sophomore frames, Tom Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow lost out to A Million Ways to Die in the West, which came in No. 3 with about $946K compared to EOT with about $768K. Rounding out the Top Five was Neighbors.

X-Men-Days-of-Future-Past-Mystique-portraitIn the same week as King Juan Carlos said he was abdicating to allow his son Felipe a shot at the throne, Spain finally saw the arrival of the X-Men. The once and future mutants had a No. 1 debut of $2.94M on 803 screens. The release sets it up nicely to have endure during some of the World Cup. Spain is the defending champion from four years ago (also the Euro Cup winners in 2012) and is mad, mad, mad about fútbol. No. 2 was Maleficent in its second weekend; No. 3 was Edge of Tomorrow, also in its second frame. So, while Universal’s smash Spanish Affairs is starting to wind down (No. 5 this week – its 13th – with $329K and a cume of $75.9M on a 297 date run), it’s a good time to be in the market. Other movies opening this week included local drama Blockbuster and the animated Pancho. In its second weekend, Edge of Tomorrow grossed $544K with a big 75% increase from Friday to Saturday. It’s cume is now $2.5M.

Edge Of Tomorrow faced off with French comedy Sous Les Jupes Des Filles (a sort of Sex And The City à la française) this week when it bowed on Wednesday and took the No. 1 spot. The first day score was 83,213 admissions for EOT versus 80,085 for Les Filles. Those figures included sneaks as is custom. Ultimately, Warner says it was the leader at the end of the weekend with an estimated $3.2M from 585 screens – and, notably, a 63% spike on Saturday. edge_of_tomorrow_movie-wideTom Cruise has a good track record in France where he’s the eighth highest draw amongst U.S. stars going back to 1993 (and not including this week), according to CBO Box Office. His Top Five films include the first two Mission: Impossible movies, War Of The Worlds and Minority Report.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past was No. 2 this week with $2.68M on 740 runs for a total cume of $24.3M. Meanwhile, Maleficent has now earned $7.9M in the market; it took in $2.2M this weekend on 593 dates to take No. 4 after local title Homosapiennes. After a lackluster year in 2013, French movies are doing impressive box office with six titles in the Top 10 as of last week; one of them is Babysitting which Universal is releasing locally. That comedy, which is the 4th biggest local film in this country, has now taken $17.6M and has passed the coveted 2M admissions mark, grossing $269K at 300 dates.