Nancy Grace hit the mother lode when she found herself interviewing the father of a missing boy as a report came in that the son had been found alive — in the man’s basement. Charlie Bothuell had been missing for 11 days; dad Charles Bothuell IV, had appeared on Grace’s HLN show to appeal for help finding the boy. “How could your son be alive in your basement?!” Grace barked. “What?!” responded Dad. “I don’t understand why you guys would have reported he was missing — and all our viewers were on the lookout for him!” Grace snapped, like she meant it to sting. “Have you checked your cell phone?” Dad said his cell phone was dead.

This morning Grace told CNN, “Well, you know, I cover so many cases of missing children where I ask viewers to help me find them, and typically we have a bad outcome in cases where children been gone these many days… So big headline is, it’s a miracle he’s alive.” Grace said the dad took a polygraph test but the stepmother declined to do so, adding that when the news broke — on her show last night — the stepmom was not home “which concerns me.” “When I saw the father’s reaction, crying and hugging people — to me that is not the reaction of a guilty man. I just don’t see it,” Grace said, wrapping up another case.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said Wednesday the boy was found crouching behind a makeshift barricade of boxes in the basement, adding it was unlikely the boy could have built the barricade himself, NBC reports. The results of dad’s lie-detector test were inconclusive, the townhouse previously had been searched several times, including with a cadaver dog, and investigators were not certain Charlie had been in the basement the whole time he was missing, NBC reported.

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