Lothaire BluteauKevin durand 1 lothaire bluteau(The Tudors), Kevin Durand (The Strain) and Morgane Polanski (The Ghost) have joined the cast of History’s original scripted series Vikings for Season 3. They join previously announced Ben Robson (Dracula: The Dark Prince) who will play Kalf, Lagertha’s trusted second in Morgane Polanski 1command. Vikings centers on Ragnar (Travis Fimmel), a restless young warrior and family man who longs to find and conquer new lands across the sea and claim the spoils as his own. Bluteau will play Emperor Charles of France, a powerful man who views the Vikings as spiritual and earthly; Durand will play The Wanderer, a mysterious man who is not what he seems; and Polanski will play Princess Gisla, the elegant, self-possessed daughter of Emperor Charles and his most trusted advisor. Vikings Season 3 begins production this summer for a 2015 premiere.