Fox Television Stations will test three programs this summer, Hollywood Today Live, The Daily Help Line and Laughs. Each will air on select Fox-owned stations in several markets, including New York and Los Angeles. One-hour daytime strips Hollywood Today Live and The Daily Help Line, will debut July 14 and Laughs, a half-hour weekly program, will premiere August 2.

Hosted by Kristen Brockman, AJ Gibson, Tanner Thomason and Porscha Coleman, Hollywood Today Live, from BiteSize Entertainment Networks, features a mix of entertainment news, commentary and celebrity guests. The Daily Help Line, a modern, interactive take on the popular advice column of the past, features a panel of therapy experts who tackle questions on issues such as relationships, addiction, health, trauma and grief counseling. Miles Adcox and Spirit host. Matt Lutz will serve as exec producer. Laughs, hosted and executive produced by stand-up comic Steve Hofstetter, will feature a weekly roundup of the best comedy in America, offering comedians, comedy teams and funny people everywhere a platform for their talents. Hofstetter produced Trial By Laughter for Comcast and 100 Advantages To Having Kids for Nick Mom.