Bravo Media has set Thursday, August 7 (9:30 PM) for the premiere of its new docuseries Extreme Guide To Parenting. The series looks some unique and unconventional styles of raising children by moms and dads who believe their parenting techniques are the best and everyone else is doing it wrong.

The first episode will feature the Adler family who practices an “eco-kosher, shamanistic” method of parenting and the Masterson-Horn family, who has a very hands-on approach to parenting. Some other techniques seen throughout the season include attachment, parents who breastfeed their children until age 4…or older; helicopter, in which parents are so protective they use disguises to monitor their offspring’s every move; and fiercely competitive, parents who enroll their children in Mandarin Chinese courses before they can spell.

Punched in the Head is producing, with Craig D’Entrone and Amelia D’Entrone executive producing.