As we know, Amazon Studios acknowledges the existence of its pilots on its own time table. Some three months after it quietly ordered single-camera comedy Really to pilot and two months after casting it and started filming in New Orleans, the streaming service has made it official, confirming the project today. Really joins Amazon’s third season of pilots and they will be available later this year for feedback from viewers. They include The Cosmopolitans and Hand Of God, which the studio has confirmed, and Red Oaks, Hysteria, Cocked, Point Of Honor, Salem Rogers: Model Of The Year 1998, Down Dog and The Outlaws, which it hasn’t yet — along with Really.

The dramsarahchalkeadey, chandrasekharwritten, directed by and starring Jay Chandrasekhar, part of comedy team Broken Lizard, is executive produced by Jamie Tarses and fully financed and produced by Main Street Films. Sarah ChalkeSelma Blair, Luka Jones, Travis Schuldt, Lindsay Sloane, Hayes Macarthur, Collette Wolfe and and Rob Delaney co-star in the pilot, about four hard-charging suburban Chicago couples trying to grasp on to their dwindling youth. It centers on the happily but messily married couple Jed (Chandrasekhar), and Lori (Chalke). When Jed is faced with the choice of keeping his pal’s secret or destroying his friend group, he winds up digging himself into a very deep hole. blairReally is meant to be a sophisticated, funny, strikingly honest cable comedy for adults,” said Chandrasekhar. “We’re going to talk honestly about subjects including sex, alcohol, addiction, drugs, race and politics. Good fun.” Chandrasekhar executive produces with Tarses of Fanfare Prods. and Craig Chang and Harrison Kordestani of Main Street. “At Amazon Studios, we’re always looking for shows with distinctive voices and captivating characters that our customers won’t see anywhere else on TV,” said Roy Price, Director of Amazon Studios. “From the moment we read the script we knew that Really is one of those shows, and we think Amazon customers will really (pun intended) enjoy viewing the pilot later this year.”