chastainFox has been talking to big directors to team with Matt Damon on Martian, and the latest is Ridley Scott. The filmmaker reportedly is eyeing the Gravity-like project about a stranded astronaut, but it would be surprising if he takes this over Prometheus 2. Paul Greengrass was among the directors kicking the tires on this one recently.

Don’t know if she’ll make the deal, but Jessica Chastain is the choice to star alongside Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible 5.

Michael Almereyda has Peter Sarsgaard and Winona Ryder for Experimenter: The Stanley Milgram Story, a pic about the work of social psychologist Stanley Milgram, who in 1961 designed the controversial Obedience Experiments at Yale University, observing the responses of ordinary people who believed they were sending harmful electrical shocks to an affable stranger. Milgram also came up with the Small-World Experiment, the basis for Six Degrees of Separation. Bet they change the title. Josh Hamilton, Jim Gaffigan, Dennis Haysbert and Danny A. Abeckaser are also set for the pic.

Michael Fassbender is eyeing the DreamWorks pic Light Between Oceans, about parents who find a baby and raise it as their own. Derek Cianfrance will direct.