OPENING: X-Men: Days of Future Past (FOX), bows spectacularly in 118 markets at $172M and No. 1 in every market; is now at $193.7M thru Monday; Blended (WB) opening in 6 markets, including the UK/Ireland and Germany; Godzilla grabs another $35M in its second weekend. Grace Of Monaco opens in Russia and Her rolls out in Korea; The Grand Budapest Hotel crosses $100M with a worldwide total of about $157M; Frozen skates into the record books again.

xmen_days_of_future_past4th UPDATE, TUESDAY, 2:33 PM: Final and updated weekend numbers are in. Neighbors and Godzilla both did better than expected. The freshest number for Fox’s X-Men: Days of Future Past is $193.7M through yesterday, which brings its worldwide total up to $304M. It’s on 24,378 screens and in 118 territories. Included in this write-thru are updates on X-Men, Godzilla, Grace of Monaco, Spanish Affairs — which is back in its No. 1 slot in Spain (13 weeks!) — Her and Million Dollar Arm. Just added The Other Woman, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Rio 2 to bring all numbers up to date. More updates to come throughout the evening, like Divergent Transcendence which just arrived late from Lionsgate. My colleague, Nancy Tartaglione, will be back next weekend and will do territory-by-territory breakdowns instead of picture by picture.

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Opening Next Weekend: The Angelina Jolie-starring Disney title Maleficent day-and-date with the U.S. in 50 markets; Seth MacFarlane’s Western spoof A Million Ways To Die In The West in 22 territories, including the UK/Ireland, Germany and Australia. His previous pic, 2012’s Ted, did well in those three territories (and Japan), so it’s no wonder Uni is releasing in the same markets to kick off its international release.

3rd UPDATE, MONDAY, 12:19 PM: Warner Bros/Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla did better than expected overall, and its weekend international cume in 64 markets is now $35M. 20th Century Fox’s X-Men: Days of Future Past is now up to $302M worldwide with a four-day U.S. Memorial Day holiday estimated gross of $111M. The seventh film in the franchise had a three-day take of $91.4M which includes Thursday late night grosses (started at 7 p.m.) of $8.1M.

2ND UPDATE, SUNDAY, 2:30 PM: Most all estimated grosses are in right now; there are some stragglers I’m waiting for, but updates have been provided for a territory breakdown for X-Men: Days of Future Past which is breaking studio records and biggest opening territory records as it marches across markets. It definitely took away Godzilla‘s strength this weekend. Scroll below to see how the franchise has done in bigger territories.

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PREVIOUSLY, SUNDAY, 10:34 AM: 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros both have big news this weekend. Fox opened the next installment of its highly-anticipated X-Men franchise while Warner Bros. reached the $1B mark internationally, driven by some notable films (see story here). And Frozen skated in with a new record for Disney; it’s taken a seat in the top five movies of all time and skating past a well-known Marvel franchise (see story here). So, here we go on the international openers and holdovers:

x-men-days-of-future-past-trailer-final20th Century Fox’s seventh film in its franchise, X-Men: Days of Future Past, opened in 36 countries more than last weekend’s monster Godzilla, to gross an estimated $172M in 118 countries this weekend to (not surprisingly) stepping around the lizard to become the biggest international opener of 2014 (to date). It’s smashing many studio records as it opened to No. 1 in every market and the studio can proudly tout it as the biggest opening ever in 11 of those markets. Fantastic for Fox.

Fox touted that X-Men is also the highest grossing opening weekend globally for the X-Men franchise as well as its biggest international opening ever, surpassing Avatar which grossed $164.5M on Dec. 16, 2009. I made an error in trying to gather all this data. The $164.5M Avatar gross came in from not 64 markets as I reported earlier, but from 107 markets and included Spain and Venezuela. As I previously (and correctly) reported, 3D accounted for about 25% of the Avatar gross and China wasn’t included in that $164.5M number.

I do not have all the numbers of all the X-Men international debuts and to report things in the proper perspective we need to see if it is an apples-to-apples comparison. Remember, it’s a bank holiday weekend in the UK which boosts business and next weekend all pics will enjoy another holiday in Germany.

x-men LondonStar Hugh Jackman, of course, is a fan favorite from Wolverine and Jennifer Lawrence is known to the worldwide audience through the wildly successful Hunger Games franchise and the cast includes international favs such as James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Peter Dinklage, Sir Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart with Omar Sy who starred in the French box office hit The Intouchables and popular Chinese actress Fan BingBing. So we can expect Australia, France, the UK and China to benefit from this international casting job. Smartly done, Fox.

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The picture has also been promoted heavily throughout Europe, complete with a star-studded premiere and also projected a very cool 3D still in the X-crossing of Oxford Square in London’s West End last night in the X-crossing of Oxford Square where about 500,000 shoppers pass through daily. It paid off with the biggest X-Men opening ever in the UK with $15.2M … and counting.

X-Men market by market: The Fox franchise rolled into China and took $37.8M of the three-day on 6,000 screens, opening the second highest ever for the studio, only 5% behind Titanic 3D. Speaking of 3D, X-Men doesn’t have the benefit of those screens unfortunately as they are locked up with that pesky monster, Godzilla. X-Men-Days-of-Future-PastIn South Korea, X-Men beat Avatar to become the biggest opening of all time and the best opening of 2014, beating both Marvel titles Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It grossed $13.3M on 1,056 screens. Add another $10.1M in France. And in Mexico, it enjoyed the second highest opener there (behind Ice Age 4) for the studio and opening bigger than Dark Knight Rises, Thor 2 and the Captain. It grabbed $10.8M in Mexico.

It ranks as the biggest X-Men opener also in Russia where it took in $9.9M to jump past Spidey’s opening by 10% and Cap 2‘s opening by 33%. Not to be outdone, it’s busting records Down Under. In Australia, with a $7.8M opening, it marks the biggest for the industry this year and also marks the biggest X-Men opening ever in that market, 54% bigger than Spidey, Cap and Thor 2. It plowed through Germany, taking nearly 50% of the total market share for a No. 1 spot and $4.4M gross (15% bigger than the Cap). With $3.5M, the seventh film in the series also became the studio’s biggest opener ever in India and in the Philippines, where it grossed $3.9M. Same record for the biggest studio opener holds true in Brazil with $8.6M, Singapore and Malaysia. Nicely done.

godzilla-2014-france-wallpaperIn its second weekend out, Godzilla grossed an estimated $35M on approximately 13,700 screens to bring its total international cume up to $167.7M and its worldwide cume to over $300M so far. It did better than estimates previously showed. We have yet another holiday to play out domestically and the bank holiday in the UK is helping business across the board. The U.K. dropped 48% in its second weekend for a $4.6M weekend to bring its overall cume there to $19.6M.

The lizard has yet to bow in China and won’t open there until June 13. It also unleashes in Japan on July 25th.  The franchise held onto its No. 2 position also in Russia where its cume to date is $13M after hauling in another $2.5M, in Mexico, where it grossed another $2.4M to bring its cume up to $13.4M again, and in Australia it stands at $10.2M after raking in another $2.3M again. France’s cume is at $9.8M, Germany is $8.8M, and Italy is up to $5.8M. In other Asian markets, South Korea has a $5.7M cume and Taiwan is now up to $6.1M after this weekend. The biggest country in Latin American territories is Brazil which has an overall cume now of $7M. It was No. 2 in most markets.

blended-movie-sandler-barrymore-01To take advantage of that UK holiday, Blended opened in that market as well as in Germany to gross $2.1M from 750 screens … that’s a per screen average of $2,800. Warner Bros. expects it to play well as it is getting good feedback on the picture there.

Grace of Monaco is behind handled by a number of different distributors — EOne, Gaumont, etc. — so it’s hard to get all the numbers reported, but can give you the Russia opening now which is being handled by Uni. In Russia, the controversial film opened to the third best per screen average this weekend and No. 4 for an estimated $763K at approx. 394 dates. That averages roughly $1,936 per.

Million Dollar Arm from Disney’s grosses are non-existent as it shows that it is not playing anywhere this week. Okay, Disney clarified on Tuesday. It opened last weekend only in India and is still only there. It’s international cume right now is $545K after logging in another $439K this weekend in India.

Bad_NeighboursNeighbors is posting a strong third weekend out and its worldwide total is … for a little frat pack comedy … a whopping $185M. There were no new openings this weekend, but playing in 35 markets, it took in another $8.2M on 2,549 dates for a total of $68.1M. Key holdover countries include the UK and Ireland (again the bank holiday business) where Bad Neighbours — as it’s titled there — is No. 3 and has a 17-day total of $22.8M as it grabbed another $2.1M from 452 playdates. Another stronghold was in Norway where they had a local holiday. This comedy that stars Seth Rogen and Zach Efron, opens in 22 more countries over the next few months with Russia coming next weekend.

amazing_spiderman_2_game04The Amazing Spider-Man 2 now stands at $489M internationally, having spun another $11.2M from 92 territories. Its top market? China. Of course. It has grossed $90.4M in that market alone with the next biggest territory being the UK with $39.7M and South Korea after that with $33.7M to date. Worldwide, Spidey is at $675M and still playing, although it’s playing out and there is no doubt that it’s dropping as these other franchise pictures stomp into the marketplace around the world.

grandbudapesthotel-2The Grand Budapest Hotel just crossed $100M internationally with five markets yet to release including Japan next month and Brazil after that. It’s sitting at $100.3M right now and it will continue to climb. The Wes Anderson film made $1.19M after the weekend which pushed it over the top. It’s still playing in 40 markets.

Her, you’ll remember that Warner Bros.’ pic from Oscar season, opened in South Korea to No. 8 and the fourth highest per screen average in that country in limited release. Uni is handling there. Specifically, on 136 screens it grossed an estimated $467K for the weekend for a decent $3,433 per.

The-Other-Woman-PosterThe Other Woman still has six markets to release. The Fox comedy took another $4.6M over the weekend for a total estimated cume of $88M. Added to its domestic tally, and the worldwide cume is now $166.6M. It has six markets yet to release including the big ones of South Korea, Spain, France and Italy. Its biggest market so far is Australia with $18M followed by the UK with $14.4M.

Rio 2, the animated family film from Fox now 10 weeks in release, is No 1. in Venezuela for the 4th consecutive week and has taken in an impressive $9.5M to date. The film’s international cume now stands at $330.5M after adding another $5.5M this weekend in 63 markets. It’s worldwide cume after the weekend (where its stateside it’s at $122.5M) is now $450.5M. (we had to deduct the double count of Puerto Rico).

spanish affairsAlso noteworthy is Spanish Affairs, the picture that will not stop playing in Spain. It is still holding strong and has tallied up a huge $74.49M in that country in only 74 days. The comedy is the highest grossing Spanish film of all time in Spain and distribs Uni’s highest ever in the territory. It took in another $572K in 340 runs. And get this … it dropped out of its No. 1 spot after 12 weeks when Godzilla entered the market, was still No. 2 this past weekend and yesterday went right back to No. 1 again. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor lizard can stop this little picture.

Divergent, the first in a very hopeful franchise from Lionsgate Films, is still playing in 56 markets with France leading the way with $12.8M. To date, the franchise has grossed $118.3M after chasing in another $1.6M this weekend. Worldwide, the movie based on the YA series of books, has grossed $266.4M.

transcendence-trailer-johnny-deppTranscendence, the big-budget movie from Alcon Pics and handled by Lionsgate internationally, is limping along in 41 markets internationally for a weekend tally of $1.4M. Its international cume is now $55.9M which has more than doubled is domestic cume of $22.8. All told, this picture has only brought in $78.7M worldwide on a budget of over $100M. The Johnny Depp-starrer’s biggest market is, of course, China where the star did a promotional tour (but China is always the biggest market). Transcendence grossed $22.3M in China. In South Korea, it held onto its No. 3 status behind X-Men and the erotic thriller (a local offering) Obsessed to gross $941K for a running total in the country of $4.8M.