Highlights: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (SONY) nets $116M for $277M cume; Rio 2 (FOX) adds $25.6M for a $290.4M cume; The Other Woman (FOX) toasts $19.5M in 3rd frame; Captain America: The Winter Soldier (DIS) now 5th biggest Western release ever in China with $115.8M; Frozen (DIS) has best frame yet in Japan; Divergent (LGF/SUM/var) now at $108.2M; Spanish Affairs (UNI) hits 8th No. 1 closing in on record of Avatar and Titanic most consecutive weeks in the top spot.; Transcendence overall cume is $43.6M after taking in another $5.1M this weekend.

cinemaworld5th UPDATE: TUESDAY, 9:49 AM: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has raised its international gross to $277M+ over the weekend it’s nearing $300M overseas and $100M domestically. Noteworthy is that it grossed another $2.3M in Japan Monday, marking the biggest day there in its 11th day of release during the Golden Week, which helped push its cume northward. This, as Japan is having a love affair with the animated Frozen, which is still No. 1 after eight weeks in release to raise its cume to $143.2M for the weekend. the-amazing-spider-man-2-new-details-on-spideys-suitFrozen has become Disney’s biggest release ever in the market, breaking a 6 year-old record held by ArmageddonASM2 opened fourth last weekend in Japan and has crossed $17.6M in that market and by tomorrow is likely to surpass $20M. Final grosses show that ASM2 is now at $27M in Korea during a local holiday rush.

Also, all final numbers are in for The Other Woman, Transcendence, Rio 2, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Spanish Affairs, Noah, Divergent, The Lego Movie, 300: Rise of an Empire, Ride Along, Mr. Peabody & Sherman and Babysitting. The updates have been provided throughout the copy and also in the territory by territory breakout below.

4th UPDATE, MONDAY, 2:05 PM: After tallies this weekend which pushes Divergent‘s worldwide cume to $251M, Lionsgate just announced that  Divergent just became highest grossing film outside of its Hunger Games and Twilight franchise pics. DIVERGENTThe picture crossed $100M this weekend after bringing in another $9.76M for a total intl cume of $108.2M. The biggest market so far for the property has been France with $11.1M. Warner Bros. can now claim a $624.6M worldwide cume for 300: Rise of An Empire and after tapping another $3.3M in 28 markets, The Lego Movie has a worldwide cume of $457.5M … those two movies together have pulled in over $1B for the studio to date … and it has Godzilla still coming into crush it in two weeks, as the lizard king from Legendary Pictures bows day and date with domestic.

3RD UPDATE, MONDAY 10:45 AM PT: Early numbers are in for The Amazing Spider-Man 2‘s 2nd day in China with an estimated $5M added to the total. The film had the rare distinction of opening on a Sunday and the estimated cume after two days is $16M. ASM2 has a fairly wide berth in the market with no new major Hollywood films on the impending release schedule. Godzilla lands June 13.

2ND UPDATE, SUNDAY 4:09 PM PT: With The Amazing Spider-Man 2 continuing to swing around the globe, and the strong ongoing performances of such titles as Rio 2, The Other Woman, Frozen and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, this frame’s box office was up 5% compared to last weekend. However, it was down 24% across the Top 10 movies versus the similar period in 2013. That was when, in its 2nd session last year, Iron Man 3 notched up $174M and had passed $500M in less than two weeks. Chinese drama So Young was also still big on the international chart. The grosses are lower but the themes are the same a year later with Marvel hero Spidey and Chinese romance My Old Classmate among the top earners overseas.

My-Old-Classmate-PosterLast weekend, Frant Gwo’s My Old Classmate was No. 5 on Rentrak’s international chart with $16M. This week, it jumped to No. 4 with an additional $19M for a $55M cume in China. It will be difficult to compare the weekend frame with ASM2 since the Sony sequel opened just today. Its first day China take was an estimated $10.4M, a workday record in the territory. There are a handful of other international movies at the top of the chart this week including Chinese thriller The Great Hypnotist; French comedy Qu’est-ce Qu’On A Fait Au Bon Dieu?!; Korean period drama The Fatal Encounter; The Target, a Korean remake of French pic Point Blank; and French comedy Barbecue. Claro, Spanish Affairs is also still in the mix. (There’s more on those films in the key territory breakdowns below the original posts.)

godzillaNumbers have just been provided for Transcendence which grossed $5.1M this weekend in 46 markets for an overall cume of $43.6M with its biggest gross coming from China at $21.9M. It’s worldwide cume stands at $66.1M. It is in its second weekend in Germany and opens next weekend in South Korea. In Germany, it dipped only 2% to gross $1.3M on 409 screens for a total cume here of $3M.

Next week begins the international rollout of Neighbors, the Universal comedy starring Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne and Zac Efron. Elizabeth Banks comedy Walk Of Shame, Jon Favreau’s Chef, and British drama Belle are among other pics beginning to trickle out before Godzilla starts stomping around the globe on May 14.

UPDATE, SUNDAY 12:06 PM PT: Fox has come in with its tallies for what are expected to be the No. 2 and 3 films on the international chart this week. Rio 2 landed another $25.6M from 10,111 screens in 72 markets, while the ladies of The Other Woman scored an additional $19.5M at 4,634 dates in 49 markets. The animated Rio 2 has an international cume of $290.4M with a record-breaking bow in Venezuela ($2.4M from 108) this frame, and a strong move into Korea ($1.6M from 552) that is expected to increase over the next two days. China added $3.1M for a cume of $35.4M. Overall, there were several good holds and many hikes over last weekend including in Norway where it was up 57% with a cume of $2.4M; Chile, up 23% with a cume of $4.1M; and Brazil where it rose 5% to advance its total to $26.7M. Fox says strong weekend business is anticipated throughout May and into June in a marketplace that’s devoid of much family animation. Next up is Australia on June 30.

The-other-WomanThe domestic No. 2 film, The Other Woman, opened in about 15 new markets in its 3rd frame and now has a cume of $46.2M. The female-led comedy resonated with women in Germany where it opened No. 1 with $4.2M at 551 dates, followed by the testosterone-fueled Russian market with $2.38M from 1,167 screens for a No. 3 slot. In total, the film had five No. 1 openings and, though it fell to No. 2 in Oz, continues its wild ride there. The movie has taken $13.6M in three weeks Down Under, which is $1M more than The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in the market. Australia is tops for The Other Woman outside the U.S., and followed by the UK, Germany, Russia and Holland. Argentina and Brazil release next weekend.

PREVIOUS, SUNDAY 10:24 AM PT: While it bowed to about $92M in North America, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 significantly widened its worldwide web this weekend, adding about 40 markets. The big swinging arachnid amassed a further $116M in its 3rd weekend of overseas release. With that, the Sony sequel weaved its way to an international cume of $277M. There were a number of strong openings, especially in the pan-Asia region. Those and a series of better-than-the-first-time-around holdovers are helping to get this Spidey tracking above the first installment of Marc Webb’s franchise reboot.

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china spidermanThe all-important China market got its first taste of the sequel just today with the film grossing an estimated $10.4M. The China release was a bit particular in that offices were open today, despite it being a Sunday. That gives ASM2 the distinction of recording the biggest gross ever for a workday. Its one-day take of 65M Rmn was also higher than Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s holiday opening day of Rmn 56M one month ago. ASM2 is playing on 11,002 screens in China, the widest release of any film in history.

In India, ASM2 opened with $6.5M to snare the record for biggest ever opening weekend for a Hollywood title. The previous record-holder was The Amazing Spider-Man. The Philippines continued to show its predilection for the Marvel universe with ASM2 grabbing $5.6M for the biggest opening of 2014 and the 3rd biggest of all time behind Iron Man 3 and Avengers. The debut was 74% bigger than the opening of The Amazing Spider-Man. Indonesia grossed $5.2M (+62% on ASM); Malaysia launched with $4.6M (+49%); Hong Kong bowed with $3.6M (+30%); Singapore had $3.5M (+28%); Thailand earned $2.6M (+36%); and Vietnam more than tripled the first film with $1.3M. Elsewhere, there were notable bows in Brazil ($10.5M, +76%), Chile ($1.3M, +92%) and France ($10.6M, +32%).

Amazing Spider-Man 2 had its biggest weekend to date in IMAX, earning $6.75M in the session. The international IMAX cume as of Sunday evening will be about $15.7M. With China added in, the global IMAX screen count will hit 703, and the global cume should be $25M+.

cap 2A Marvel character from another studio, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, marched past the $650M mark heading into this weekend and now has a global cume of $679.8M. That’s 83% higher than the first film in the franchise. The estimated international take is now $442.7M, factoring in the weekend’s estimated $10M take in 55 markets. After six weeks of release, Cap 2 is 128% ahead of what the first installment did in its entire run ($194M). In China, The Winter Soldier has become the 5th biggest Western release ever with $115.8M – that’s a third of its international haul. To become the biggest Disney movie ever in China, it would have to best Iron Man 3 and its $121.2M.

Frozen-Official-Poster-in-JapanEven with strong local movies in the market, Frozen is still running hot in Japan where it held the No. 1 spot at the box office for the 8th consecutive weekend. The past frame was part of the local Golden Week holiday period which helped goose the box office, and Frozen’s estimated $11.1M for the weekend is the biggest session for the film since it was released in Japan on March 14. Its local cume is $143.2M, pushing it past Armageddon to become Disney’s biggest release ever in Japan. In other milestones, it’s now the No. 5 Western release of all-time — live action or animation — in Japan, and the No. 10 all-time industry release there.

Individual territory information was not broken out, but we’re told that Divergent added $9.76M in 75 markets and now has an international cume of $108.2M. It opened in about six territories, including Spain via EOne where it was No. 2 with $2M, including previews, from 335 screens.

Paramount‘s Noah banked $6.6M from 3,908 locations in 54 territories in its 7th frame. The overseas total is now $233.4M. There were no new openings. Brazil remains a solid market with a cume of $29.6M after adding an additional $1.7M. France followed with $883K from 280 sites for a $11.1M cume and Germany fell just 20% in its 5th outing to earn $594K from 302 locations for a local total of $11.4M. And, after playing five weeks in the UK, it’s cume is now up to $15.9M.

Universal‘s Spanish Affairs still has its home country hot and bothered with an 8th consecutive No. 1 this weekend. In this frame, the comedy took an estimated $3.6M at 347 dates. The 52-day total is $68.7M. Fending off all comers, Spanish Affairs has 40% of the market and was three times bigger than No. 2 film Divergent. The film is Universal’s highest-grossing title of all time in Spain and the highest grossing Spanish film of all time in Spain.

I’ll be back later with overseas numbers on The Other Woman and others, as well as key territory breakdowns.

Territory Round-Ups

ASM2 swung into China today (Sunday) and earned an estimated $10.4M. In a twist, the Chinese were at their offices on Sunday. Spidey’s strong performance scored a record for the best gross ever on a workday. This will clearly be one to watch as the week advances. The one-day opening take of 65M Rmn was higher than Captain great hypnotistAmerica: The Winter Soldier’s holiday opening day of Rmn 56M one month ago. Using that as a barometer, ASM2 could be poised for great power as Cap 2 has now grossed an estimated $115.8M in China. That makes it the 2nd biggest Disney release there ever after only Iron Man 3 and the 5th biggest Western release of all-time. Also in China, Rio 2 added $3.1M for a local cume of $35.4M. The market is the sequel’s best international territory. In local Chinese films, last weekend’s romancer My Old Classmate added a further $19M to its haul for what’s expected to be the No. 1 position; it has a cume to date of $55M. Thriller The Great Hypnotist earned $14M at the weekend for a $25M cume. It’s about the complicated relationship between a doctor and his patient and stars Xu Zheng and Karen Mok, and is directed by Leste Chen. Donnie Yen-starrer Iceman 3D is also still playing.

fatal encounterRio 2 bowed in Korea this weekend as the top family film and in the No. 4 position overall. The animated picture grossed $1.6M in 552 runs this weekend. Monday and Tuesday are holidays leading to expectations the film will continue to increase. In its 2nd weekend, Mr Peabody & Sherman added $468K for a $1.5M cume (this is a non-Fox market for the movie). Entering the market this week, local period drama The Fatal Encounter is based on a real-life assassination attempt on King Jeongjo of the Joseon Dynasty. Hyun Bin stars in the movie that earned $10.5M. The Korea Herald recently reported that the film will get a North American release on 25 screens on May 23. Another new entry in Korea with $5.3M is The Target, a remake of Fred Cavayé’s 2010 action crime thriller Point Blank. Director Chang, whose real name is Yoon Hong-Seung, helmed the pic with Ryoo Seung-Ryong, Lee Jin-Wook and Yu Jun-Sang starring. The story follows a medical resident who teams with an ex-soldier for hire after his wife is kidnapped. Meanwhile, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 took in another $3.1M to bring its cume up to $27M. They are playing well in the middle of a country holiday and the film looks to be the film of choice over Fatal Encounter and The Target as it had a 28% increase Monday over Sunday (vs. 8% and 14% for the other titles, respectively). Transcendence opens here next weekend.

Frozen continues to ice the competition in Japan despite strong local films including fantasy comedy Thermae Romae II. Amazing Spider-Man 2 last week opened in 4th place, however, I understand that factoring in devaluation in the market, ASM2 had a better local currency hold this week than the first ASM. This frame saw Frozen hold the No. 1 spot for the 8th consecutive weekend with an estimated $11.1M. That take made it the biggest session for the movie since it opened in March – aided by the just-ended Golden Week holiday period. Frozen is now the highest grossing Western animation release ever, the 5th highest Western release of all time, and the No. 10 all-time industry release in Japan. The new local cume of $143.2M also saw Frozen skate past 1998’s Armageddon to become Disney’s biggest release ever in Japan.

Rio-2Amazing Spider-Man 2 bowed in Brazil with $10.5M, besting the first Amazing Spider-Man by 76%. Latin America overall was good to the Spidey sequel: Colombia launched with $2.2M (+18%), Peru did $1.4M (+11%), Chile had $1.3M (+92%), and Central America earned $1.9M (+12%). Also in Central America, and in its 4th frame, Rio 2 was No. 2 with a cume of $4.85M. It has become the biggest movie of 2014 locally, is the industry’s 5th biggest animated film of all time and Fox’s 3rd biggest ever behind Ice Age 4 and Avatar. Rio 2 also bowed in Venezuela and with $2.15M, set a new opening weekend record. In Brazil, Rio 2 added $1.2M for a homegrown cume of $26.7M and a 5% jump on last weekend. Locals are also still lining up to see Noah with the film adding $1.7M at 393 locations in its 5th session for a cume of $29.6M. In Mexico, Rio 2 added $1.38M for a total of $27.8M. That cume puts Rio 2 over Frozen in Mexico and is the 4th highest gross for a Fox film ever in the market. The Other Woman bowed in the territory to $1.19M at 431 dates for a No. 4 berth.

2-states-posterAmazing Spider-Man 2 scored the best-ever opening weekend for a Hollywood title in India with $6.5M. The sequel outperformed the previous record holder, The Amazing Spider-Man, by 17%. It was also more than twice the opening of The Avengers and more than three times Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Local Indian title 2 States, which released there on April 18, is continuing its run and is the 2nd biggest movie of the year. The romantic drama had earned about $14.5M as of Tuesday last week. Directed by Abhishek Varman, it stars Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. The top grosser in India in 2014 is Salman Khan-starrer Jai Ho with about $19.3M. According to Bollywood Hungama, May got off to a slow start in part thanks to locals opting for vacation activities rather than moviegoing.

Ocho Apellidos Vascos made it ocho semanas in a row at No. 1 this week. Otherwise known as Spanish Affairs, the culture clash comedy from Universal grossed an estimated $3.6M at 347 dates. The 52-day total is now $68.7M (50M euros). Much like last week when it swatted away competition from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, this week’s major new entry, Divergent, was relegated to the No. 2 spot with $2M on 335 screens. In fact, it’s three times bigger than Divergent. Spanish Affairs hasn’t dropped below 40% of the market since it bowed two months ago, but whether it can go the distance to become the highest-grossing film ever in Spain (it is already the highest-grossing Spanish film of all time and the No. 2 overall) will remain to be seen. It would need to earn another 27M euros to surpass Avatar. Godzilla is the next major Hollywood bow on May 15. Also from Universal in Spain, Life Unexpected was No. 8 with $2228K at 200 dates and with a 10-day total of $1M.

barbecueASM2 swung into France with $10.6M, up 32% on the first Amazing Spider-Man. Local comedy Qu’est-ce Qu’On A Fait Au Bon Dieu?! added $11M for a $41M cume, according to Rentrak, and new entry Barbecue debuted with $4M. The mid-life crisis comedy stars Lambert Wilson and Franck Dubosc. Universal’s comedy Babysitting was No. 5 this week with an estimated weekend gross of $2.6M at 280 dates for a 19-day total of $11.2M. In other holdovers, Rio 2 added $3M on 702 screens in its 4th frame for a cume of $20.1M, and Noah had $883K from 280 dates for a cume of $11.1M. Ride Along enters France on a crowded May 14 which is also the kick-off of the Cannes Film Festival and will see the nationwide bows of Grace Of Monaco and Godzilla. The buddy comedy grossed $1M in 416 runs over 10 markets to add to its overall cume of $18.4M.

Elsewhere in Europe, The Other Woman had a No. 1 bow in Germany with $4.2M on 551 screens. In Switzerland, it was also No. 1 with $882K at 58 dates. The Grand Budapest Hotel rose 50% in its 8th weekend in Holland for a cume there of $2.44M. It also jumped 25% in Germany for a cume of $8.26M. Still playing in 29 overseas markets, Wes Anderson’s hit has an international total of $89.5M. It opens in Japan and Brazil in June. Also in Germany, Noah fell by 20% in its 5th frame and has a cume there of $11.4M. Rio 2 added $1.46M on 991 screens for a cume of $14.2M.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 was No. 1 again in its 3rd frame in the UK this weekend was down only 6% and netted another $1.2M Monday night so add to its cume there. It stands $34.4M. The Other Woman, in its 2nd session, the comedy held strong (down only 27%) to claim $2.4M on 470 screens for a cume of $8.8M and the No. 2 slot. The UK did see the launch of Pompeii which earned $1.8M on 426 screens.