ifcnewlogoIFC is getting a makeover. IFC today said its new logo, along with its new look and new on-air promotions reflect a fresh approach to how the network speaks to viewers and advertisers. “After nearly four years it was time to give IFC a little facelift. The new brand design is not only a great look, but it also allows us to apply our uniquely offbeat sensibility to everything we do – show promotions, movie promos and even the boring stuff like ratings disclaimers will have our unique take,” said Blake Callaway, IFC’s EVP of marketing & digital media. The IFC brand refresh includes a bold typography for primary messaging, a nod to the brand’s humor in a smaller font, and a collection of IFC approved “Stamps” that certify every movie and show as an “Original,” “Brand New,” “Classic,” “Staff Pick,” or something to “Rewatch”, says IFC.  The brand refresh, developed in partnership with NYC-based agency Gretel, launches on May 8