TeamstersLocal399Hollywood Teamsters Local 399 stood behind former WGA West President Patric Verrone when he led the 2007-08 Writers Guild strike, and it’s supporting him again in his run for the California Legislature. Verrone’s latest campaign finance report shows that Local 399 has contributed $1,000 to his bid for the 26th Senate District seat and that Steve Dayan, head of the Teamsters local, has contributed another $500. But with only one week to go before the June 2 primary, Verrone still trails five of his seven Democratic rivals by large margins in both campaign contributions and spending.

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PatricVerrone__120131184801Verrone’s single largest campaign contributor is Verrone himself. According to reports filed with California’s Secretary of State, he recently loaned his campaign $50,000. His next largest contribution came from the California Nurses Association Political Action Committee, which contributed $8,200. Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons, where Verrone was a writer, and Sam Simon, creator of Futurama, where Verrone won two Emmys and a WGA Award, each recently contributed $4,100, the maximum allowable for individuals.

Verrone, who remains a member of the WGA’s board of directors, is one of organized labor’s favorites in the 26th District Senate race. He has received campaign contributions from more than 150 writers; from all but one of the WGA West’s current elected officials (board member Karen Harris is the only holdout); and from many of the guild’s staff, including executive director David Young, who ponied up $4,100.