Godzilla swishes tail to demolish competition with an updated $103.4M to mark biggest opening so far of 2014; Neighbors holding strong No. 2 behind lizard in most markets; Spanish Affairs knocked to No. 2 by lizard after record run, Amazing Spider-Man 2 adds $32.9M more and pushes to $635.5M worldwide and passes Captain America‘s international cume. Rio 2 now over $440M worldwide. Captain America: The Winter Soldier crosses over $700M.

cinemaworld7th UPDATE: Monday, AM: Updated numbers for Godzilla are below and came in just a bit higher to tally $103.4M on 17,045 screens in 64 markets with final numbers below from big markets coming from Rentrak. Biggest opener of the year. Also updated are final grosses from Sony on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Heaven is For Real . Universal for Neighbors, Spanish Affairs, and Ride Along, from Fox for The Other Woman, Rio 2, and The Grand Budapest Hotel and from Disney on its stateside opener Million Dollar Argodzilla_2014_teaserm which opened in India, Frozen, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Opener A Haunted House 2 estimates also come from Rentrak. Transcendence and Divergent are from Lionsgate. Pardon, the lack of territory by territory breakdown this week and next, but that will return when my colleague Nancy Tartaglione recoups from Cannes.

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One big note besides the obvious monster: Frozen is now at $1.208 billion worldwide. Given the strength of Japan (see below), it is quite possible that it could pass Iron Man 3 next weekend to become the No. 5 highest grossing movie in history. Iron Man 3 grossed $1.215M. It’s only $7M away and grossed $7.8M this past weekend.

Next weekend, the next installment of the popular Fox franchise X-Men: Days Of Future Past bows day and date in 100 countries — with the exception of Japan where it will open on the 30th and in Spain and Venezuela where it bows in subsequent weeks. And Thailand is under martial law which will halt moviegoing in that country.

6th UPDATE, Sunday 3:45 PM: Weighing in with Disney’s line-up overseas, including Captain America: The Winter Soldier, this weekend’s domestic opener Million Dollar Arm and the impossible-to-stop Frozen. It’s the Disney animated film, not Godzilla, that is the monstrous movie in Japan (see below for its incredible gross in the country where it is still No. 1). Speaking of the land of the rising sun, it’s worth noting that Warner Bros. holds the rights to Godzilla everywhere but in Japan, where it remains to be seen how the film’s tsunami and scene of a nuclear reactors crumbling will be received. Will that be entertaining to a country who has lost so much? We’ll find out when the Toho-created Gojira monster arrives in Japan on July 25th. As reported below, Godzilla became the biggest international opener of the year so far in 2014 with an updated final number of $103.4M.

5th UPDATE, SUNDAY 12:30 PM: More territory by territory grosses for the Warner Bros./Legendary monster Godzilla and other film grosses (like Transcendence) added below.

Remember, In the coming weeks every movie will have to face something more disruptive than Godzilla and X-Men: FIFA’s World Cup (football, known to Westerners as soccer) a worldwide tourney that begins on June 12 and doesn’t end until July 13th.

4th UPDATE, SUNDAY, 9:50 AM: Godzilla marks the biggest international opening of the year with an updated $103.4M in 64 markets with the 3-D format accounting for an updated 55% of its box office gross. Gotta hand it to IMAX which took in $22M of Godzilla‘s global haul this weekend. Domestically, the Warner Bros./Legendary Pics CGI eye candy totaled $14.1M with 12 of the top 15 locations all IMAX 3-D big-screens. It won’t unleash in China until June 13, but when it does it will have about 145 IMAX 3-D runs there, too, so we can expect a monstrous opening in that all-important territory. China loves its sci-fi films and was the No. 1 territory for the same team, Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures, when they released Pacific Rim there last year so they hope to repeat that again with Godzilla.

At the IMAX BFI in London, Godzilla was sold out through the weekend which helped provide a big-screen get of $7.5M on 186 screens for Warner Bros. there. The film is directed by a young Brit, Gareth Edwards, so they came out in force in his home country. He is the second Brit in recent memory to rise to the occasion after doing small-budgeted pictures. If you remember, English-born Rupert Wyatt (who studied film in Paris) directed the indie favorite The Escapist, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2008, before being chosen to helm the big-budgeted Rise of the Planet of the Apes for Fox.

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godzilla-2014-france-wallpaperGodzilla took No. 1 spots in most markets, except for the all important market of South Korea as well as Austria, Norway, Venezuela. It took most of the air out of all other markets. Here it is territory by territory: The beast stormed into the UK with a total of $10.8M on 1,231 runs taking a 65% share of the Top 5.

Specifically, the beast opened to $6.3M on 498 screens to earn the biggest opening of 2014 in Australia; in Russia, it held onto 77% of the Top 5 in market share, grossing $8.6M from 1,814 runs; in Mexico it bowed at No. 1 with $8.6M from 2,500 screens (78% marketshare for the Top Ten films).

In France, it grossed $6.4M from 596 runs, knocking off a popular local title Qu’Est-ce Qu’On A Fait Au Bon Dieu which held the top spot for four weeks in a row. Germany took No. 1 with grosses from 3D comprising over 90% from its $5.5M weekend box office. One of the strongest markets outside of the U.S. and ever growing is Korea, where Godzilla hauled in $4.4M from 617 dates, but it lost out to local film Obsessed which opened this weekend to $4.9M on 681 screens. Brazil opened to a strong $4.2M on 730 screens to take 54% of the marketshare of the Top Five. Again, 3D was key here as 72% of the weekend’s gross came from large-format screens. In Malaysia, it nabbed $3.4M on 481 screens to take 82% of the Top Five market share and marking the highest opening weekend there for them ever.

The heat continued in Italy where it was on fire with $3.7M on 590 runs, pushing the controversial Grace of Monaco and Ghost Movie 2 aside. Of the Top Five films in this territory, Godzilla commanded 55% of the market share. Continuing throughout Europe, the monster also leveled about $1.6M from 427 screens in Spain.

Grace of Monoco collected a total of $2.1M, having bowed in five markets — Italy, France, Germany, Finland and Austria. The biggest market so far was Italy where it grossed $1.1M on 377 runs and debuted to No. 3 behind the beast and A Haunted House 2 which grossed approximately $1.16M in 323 theaters. In France, Grace bowed to No. 5 with $1M on 523 screens.

Million Dollar Arm, a fish-out-of-water baseball pic from Disney about a sports agent (Jon Hamm from the popular U.S. TV series Mad Men) who recruits baseball players from India (based on a true story) took in $439K internationally. The picture opened in only one market — India — and opened 3% above Captain Phillips, 88% higher than the Brad Pitt-starring baseball pic Moneyball, and 193% better than Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which was set in the country.

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3rd UPDATE, SUNDAY, 9:40 AM: amspiderintl2posterWill be adding numbers here as they arrive so bear with us and keep refreshing for the latest. As Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures counts their riches for Godzilla internationally, some numbers are already rolling in for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Neighbors and other pics. Next weekend, about 100 international markets will see the release of X-Men: Days of Future Past which will be competing with other monster releases. So here’s what we have so far:

Amazing Spider-Man 2 swung in with another $32.9M this weekend from its international plays, bringing its total cume to $463.4M and pushing its worldwide cume to $635.5M. Guess what, folks? It just passed Captain America: The Winter Soldier‘s international cume of $453M. Spidey was free and clear in China and in its third frame there is still No. 1 ahead of a big local offering Coming Home. After grossing another (estimated) $14.3M, the cume in this all-important territory is now at $79.2M – Spidey’s top market by far. The next biggest markets for the superhero is the U.K. with $38.9M (where it grossed another $755K over the weekend) and South Korea which has given Sony another $33.6M to date after taking in another $836K. Spidey has now opened in all markets so now it’s just a matter of seeing what it will get to at the end of its run.

bad-n-posterNeighbors from Universal held strong against Godzilla at No. 2 in many markets and in Austria it actually held off the beast to keep its No. 1 position. No small feat. It grossed $13.5M in 2,766 runs and in 34 territories to raise its international cume to $54.6M. Combined with what it is expected to make this weekend in the states, the worldwide cume now stands at an estimated $145M+.

The comedy opened in smaller markets this weekend of Trinidad, Romania, Hungary and Hong Kong to good numbers, but in Germany, The UK/Ireland, Australia, and the Netherlands, it’s still holding strongly in the second position. Germany brought in another $3.5M in 605 runs for an 11-day cume of $9.9M. In the UK/Ireland, the frat pac comedy which is titled Bad Neighbours, guzzled in another $2.4M at 514 dates for a 10-day total of $19.2M, which includes preview grosses. In Spain, where it’s No. 3 behind Godzilla and local phenom Spanish Affairs, the party animals grossed $486K in 282 theaters and its cume there now is $1.6M. In Australia, it partied to a total gross of $2.9M at 225 runs for an 11-day cume of $11M. Neighbors has 22 more markets to open in over the next few months with Russia coming up on May 29th.

spanish-affairs__140406144022Spanish Affairs, the film that has broken records in Spain and is known by its title Ocho Apellidos Vascos, was just knocked out of its No. 1 spot after 62 consecutive days. On Thursday, it got swished by Godzilla. The comedy’s estimated weekend gross is $869K in 339 runs for a grand total over 66 days of $73.48M. It continues to be Universal’s highest-grossing film of all time in the territory and the highest-grossing Spanish-language film of all time there. More importantly, it is getting closer to breaking Avatar‘s record to become the highest-grossing film ever in that country.

The Other Woman, which tallied an estimated $71.7 in the states, grabbed another $8.6M internationally this weekend from 56 territories. Its worldwide cume is now over $150M as it has an updated international cume of $80.2M with Germany being its best holdover market, in its third week for another $1.4M and a cume of $9.1M. Australia is the biggest market for this comedy with a cume now standing at $17.2M; the UK is also strong with a total cume of $13.3M. Its worldwide cume after another strong showing in the states is now estimated at a little over $150M. In Russia, the comedy was in 3D and accounted for 68% of the box office there. It opened in Belgium and Columbia to $454K on 44 runs and $228K on 90 runs, respectively.

rio 2Rio 2, meanwhile, flew in with another final $7.7M from 68 markets to bring it’s total cume to $322.5M. Added to what it is expected to make in the states this weekend, the worldwide cume for this animated family picture is $440.5M.

captain-america-the-winter-soldierCaptain America: The Winter Soldier is now 133% ahead of the first Captain America‘s full international run as this weekend it crossed over $703M. It stands as the third highest-grossing Marvel film after The Avengers and Iron Man 3. It has now opened in all of its territories, with China (of course) leading the charge and its total cume there is $116M. It’s done there. It’s worth noting that its the fifth biggest grosser of all time in the country.  The Cap grossed another $1.5M in 30 markets to raise its international cume to $453M.

The Grand Budapest Hotel, an indie favorite, checked in with another $1.8M this weekend in 28 markets to raise its international total to 97.5M. The Wes Anderson pic now has a global haul (adding in the $55.5M domestically) of $153M+.

Heaven is For Real grossed $190K in eight markets on about 200 screens — Australia, South Africa, Poland, Hong Kong and the Phillipines, to name a few — for a international cume of $2.47M with many territories to roll out in.

Transcendence-Movie-ImagesTranscendence earned $4.5M over the weekend from 47 markets, bringing its overall total to $53.2M — with $22.2M coming from China. It was No. 3 in South Korea, taking in $3.2M from 417 screens. The Warner Bros./Alcon film didn’t fare well in the states at all, falling out of the Top Ten as quickly as it entered … wait … it’s not even in the Top 20 anymore … it’s nowhere. The last gross I show for it is $22.3M … so $75M and change all in. So that would mean that roughly 70% is coming from international. Disaster.

Frozen-Official-Poster-in-JapanFrozen. 10 weeks. No. 1. Japan. $179.6M. No kidding. The animated film about unconditional love is up 8% over last weekend. Should we now recite the records in the country? Okay, let’s start with the biggest ever Disney release, be it animated or live action. Biggest Disney or Pixar release. Highest grossing animated release of all time from the U.S. and the third highest U.S. release of all time. Internationally, it’s playing in only three territories, but still managed to skate in with another $7.8M in its … wait for it … 26th week of release overseas.

Divergent brought in $2M from 57 markets to raise its cume to $116.1M. Its highest-grossing territory has been France where it has earned $12.6M, followed by the UK with $11M. It has yet to open in Japan and won’t do so until July 12.

Noah is still playing in 44 markets and grabbed another $1.6M to raise its overall cume to $243M. There were no new openings this weekend, with it crossing $100M domestically, it’s now a little over $343M worldwide.

Ride Along, the buddy comedy starring Kevin Hart and Ice Cube, is in seven territories still, and opens in Italy on May 22nd. It’s international cume is a solid $19M.

A Haunted House 2, in 12 markets, international cume is now $4.7M.

2nd UPDATE, SATURDAY, 10:57 AM: Godzilla, continues to demolish overseas box office competitors for Warner Bros./Legendary Pics, bowing to No. 1 in five big markets — U.K., Russia, Mexico, Germany and Australia, for another great day. On Friday, it grossed $22.3M as it rolls out into 64 markets this weekend. That raises its total cume as of this morning to $43M. Adding that to its current domestic total this morning, the Lizard has a worldwide box office cume right now before Saturday movie going of $81.5M with two days left to play in its official opening weekend.

Specifically, the UK brought in another $2.7M (cume now is $4.65M). Incidentally, IMAX screens have sold out in London already for the entire weekend so expect a surge through Sunday. Russia took $1.9M more ($3.6M cume); Mexico grabbed another $1.8M (cume rises to $3.2M); Germany grossed $1.4M (cume is now $2.85M) and finally, Down Under captured $1.4M to bring the cume to $2.6M. Will keep updating as numbers roll in.

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PREVIOUSLY, FRIDAY, 2:53 PM: Numbers are coming in for Warner Bros/Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla as well as Sony/Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and both are cutting swaths overseas. Godzilla 2014 logoFirst with the opener: Godzilla rolled out in 30 additional markets today (after opening in 7 on Thursday to strong numbers) to bring in $16.2M for the day to raise its cume to $20M, with great results and best openings for the studio in a few markets (see below). It will be in a total of 64 markets this weekend on about 16,000 screens. Market by market, it’s on fire, taking a huge percentage of the Top Five market share as it travels through Europe, Latin America, Russia, Asia and elsewhere. This weekend domestically, the lizard will dominate with a gross that could climb to $80M the way it looks now. With Thursday late-nights of $9.2M, it is on a path to make around $33M today and tonight, so $80M is not out of the question.

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The-Amazing-Spider-Man-2-International-Poster-1Swinging over to Spider-Man, the Sony franchise goes into this weekend with $430M internationally and is expected to cross $600M worldwide (combined gross of domestic and international box office) by the end of this weekend. The strength of the gross in China alone is up to $65M and will climb higher this weekend, well beyond the first installment’s $48M and The Dark Knight‘s $53M. And Godzilla doesn’t come into the marketplace in China until June, so Spidey can continue there unimpeded for a little while at least.

Market by market overseas, Godzilla is enjoying its march through the UK with sneaks which took $2M on 1,100 screens for a whopping 73% market share of the Top Five films (or three times the gross of the No. 2 film in the market). Continuing throughout its European romp, the monster took in $872k on 687 screens in Germany, so with sneaks, its cume there is now $1.4M. And on its second day out in France, it remains No. 1 with $692K on 596 runs. The cume after only two days stands at $2.3M. In Italy, it grossed a strong $846k on 590 screens.

Russia also loves the lizard, as Godzilla opened with a 86% market share of the Top Five films with $1.7M on 1,814 screens in that territory. And, as expected, it has done extremely well in Asian markets, with Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand taking in $2.3M collectively on 1,278 screens. Warner Bros noted that it marked the biggest opener for the studio ever in Malaysia.

Godzilla actually took in more than previously thought in Australia — $1.3M on 498 screens (or 67%) scooting Neighbors out of No. 1. And in one of the most important markets internationally, Korea, Godzilla grossed $750K on 580 screens so far and should have a strong weekend there.

Closer to home in Mexico, it brought in a stellar $1.4M on 2,124 runs and has, yet again, taken all the air out of the Top Five with 75% there. In Brazil, it’s on 730 screens and has grossed $506K in its first day.

And finally, in the Middle East, including the United Arab Emirates, Godzilla became Warner Bros’ biggest opener of all time with a tidy $696K on 110 screens. We’ll continue to monitor the results as the monster swishes its tail across continents.