UPDATES WITH VIDEO: RecklessCBS‘s new summer series Reckless “is about cops and lawyers” but “the linchpin is sex,” creator/exec producer Dana Stevens told reporters at CBS Summer Junket Day.

Reckless, written by Stevens and directed by Catherine Hardwicke, is set in Charleston, SC, and stars Anna Wood and Cam Gigandet as a Yankee litigator and southern City Attorney who are intensely attracted to each other, while battling over a police sex scandal in which a woman may have grounds for claiming she was raped — adding to the pantheon of CBS series that have been/will be accused of trolling for ratings by making violent/sexual victims of female characters.

Wood described her character as “uncompromising in her passion and her seeking of justice.. she doesn’t take crap from anybody. She’s very grounded and strong within her morals” and who “isn’t using her sexuality to get what wants but isn’t afraid and knows it’s a tool we women possess, and if we have to pull it out of the toolbox we will.” And, because that was said to a room full of press in Hollywood, nobody batted an eye.

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Exec producer Ian Sander said he was thrilled they got to shoot the first season in Charleston, because the show is “hot and steamy” and Charleston is “hot and steamy” — just like the show

“Hot and steamy, hot and steamy, hot and steamy, Reckless hot and steamy,” cast member Cam Gigandet said in response to some question or another. We would have given good money to have been in the room when a CBS publicist prepped this group for their Q&A session.

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Stevens says she got the idea for the show when she started dating an attorney who lived in the south.

“I was completely inspired by his work…he reps fireman and policemen and the local drama that happens in his town. I had never spent any time in the South and I was blown away by how different it is,” she said. “If y’all have never been to Charleston, it’s a great city and a great secret for people on the West Coast. It’s every bit as historic as London. It looks like a mini London. I’m excited about setting a story like this in the South” which she described as having a “veneer of civility and gentility — but underneath, those southerners know how to party.” Check out the promo below:

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