frEXCLUSIVE: In a competitive situatiom, WME has signed writer/director Cedric Jimenez. Jimenez’s Cannes Festival film, the Jean Dujardin-starrer La French, was just picked up by Picturehouse Entertainment and Altitude Film Distribution for the UK. The film, which is repped by Gaumont Intl. and produced by Legende Films, is produced by Alain Goldman. Several U.S. distributors are circling it.

Set in the late 70s in Marseille, La French is based on the true story of the judge who tried to stop the French Connection, one of the most powerful drug organizations of its day. The film crisscrosses between Marseille, which was the world capital of drug trafficking and the main supplier of heroin in the U.S., and NYC. Jimenez continues to be repped by Film Talents in France.