sean-combs-revolt-tv-finalizes-national-deal-with-time-warnerRapper and style icon Sean Combs, who’s chairman and co-founder of Revolt TV, says that the music channel was “used as a pawn” in the auction for Fuse, which the parent of Jennifer Lopez’ NuvoTV agreed to buy last monthHis bid in March, estimated at $200M, fell short when Fuse owner MSG agreed to SiTV’s offer of $226M and a 15% stake in the company. “It’s cool. That’s the way business works,” Combs said at a panel at Revolt TV Diddy TCAThe Cable Show in LA. (Fuse today is laying off staffers as it prepares to merge with NuvoTV.)

Still, Combs is optimistic, promising to make Revolt “the No. 1 brand in music worldwide” — potentially rivaling ESPN and CNN — as he urged distributors to pick up the channel. Television “was a natural evolution for me,” especially as he saw that “music was homeless” on the medium. That “left a wide open space for the No. 1 form of entertainment, especially among Millennials.”

Combs forecast that in five years Revolt could be available on more than 1B devices as young viewers adopt new technologies. Revolt CEO Keith Clinkscales told attendees that it’s important for them to engage with young viewers who frequently prefer to watch video from digital or over the air sources. “They aren’t cord cutters,” he says. “They’re people who choose not to use cable.”