Bob YariThe Crash producer is headed back to court. Three months after coming out on the losing end of an epic seven-year legal battle over profits from that Oscar-winning pic, Bob Yari is facing a new lawsuit. Isaac Michalov and Michael Grayson of Axis Entertainment sued Yari and others today in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging the defendants conspired to cut them out of $1 million from a judgment in another case, Isaac Michalov v Syndicate Films Inc. That case was decided in favor of the plaintiff in October 2010 and held up on appeal in July 2012, but the Axis principals claim they haven’t seen a nickel from it. According to today’s complaint (read it here), Yari, his companies and fellow defendants William Immerman, Dennis Brown and Davand Holdings “entered into a conspiracy, combination and collaboration with each other, the purpose of which was to defraud Plaintiffs and deprive them from collection of the SFI Judgment and hinder, delay or defraud creditors of Plaintiffs, in particular, Syndicate Films, from collection of the Syndicate Films Judgment.” The suit’s claims include fraudulent transfer and unjust enrichment, and it seeks unspecified damages in a jury trial. Attorney Marc Smith of Krane & Smith APC in Encino is representing the plaintiffs.

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