Atlas Entertainment topherkanemoto1has promoted Curt Kanemoto from his current position as Production Executive to Vice President and upped Topher Rhys-Lawrence, formerly Atlas founder Charles Roven’s first assistant, to Creative Executive. Kanemoto will join Production VPs Andy Horwitz and Jake Kurily, while Rhys-Lawrence willblood1 join Creative Executives  Rebecca Roven and Dan Wiedenhaupt. In addition, Legal and Business Affairs exec Patrick Blood has been promoted to VP Legal and Business Affairs. Kanemoto is the company’s executive working on all DC Entertainment properties and is a co-producer on Zack Snyder’s Untitled Superman/Batman, the follow to Man Of Steel. Rhys-Lawrence is supporting overall development around the upcoming slate. As VP, Blood provides legal advice to Atlas and oversees each project from development through distribution.

Kanemoto joined Atlas Entertainment in 2008 and has served as Production Executive since 2011. He earned his Associate Producer credit for Man Of Steel, going on to serve as associate producer on Atlas Independent’s Open Grave. Rhys-Lawrence worked on several films as Roven’s assistant, including The Dark Knight Rises, Man Of Steel and American Hustle. Most recently he has been involved in the packaging, production and development of a slate of projects for both Atlas Entertainment and Atlas Independent. Blood has been credited with helping transform the deal-making process at Atlas since joining the company in 2013. He has worked closely with outside counsel to review and negotiate deals for both existing and new projects.

Atlas Entertainment is currently in production on pics Untitled Superman/Batman and Warcraft and begins production on 12 Monkeys, its first television project, later this year. Atlas Independent is in production on Man On Carrion Road and in post-production on Mojave.