Los Angeles-based reality programming producerAlx James Collins Avenue has signed an exclusive reality TV development deal with social media phenom Alx James. The 22-year-old online video creator’s popularity has surged since he first appeared on Vine‘s six-second app in July. He’s now ranked as Vine’s fifth-most-popular user with 5 million followers. That has gained him attention as a powerful “influencer” who has done campaigns for brands including Sonic Restaurants and Ritz Crackers. Famous for coining the term “waterbugs” as a convenient comeback for haters, as well as a term for oversized sunglasses, James’ social media reach extends to Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, where he has more than 180,000 followers.

Collins_Avenue_logo“Once in a great while a uniquely talented and quick-witted individual like Alx comes along that instantly captures the public’s attention,” Collins Avenue President Jeff Collins said. “We believe his memorable character spoofs, distinctive voices and extraordinary ability to tell a compelling story with a beginning, middle and end in just six seconds will allow us to expand the bounds of reality television in innovative new ways.”

James commented: “It’s really great to join with Collins Avenue, where I will have the support to grow the world of Alx James. I’m eager to partner with Jeff and his skilled team in building the Waterbug Army.”