Behaving BadlyThe company has picked U.S. rights to Tim Garrick’s comedy about a guy who’s so smitten that he makes a bet with a mobster’s son. Vertical Entertainment plans an August theatrical release for Behaving Badly, which stars Nat Wolff as the guy trying to land the woman of his dreams (Selena Gomez). Along the way he deals with his best friend’s randy mom (Elisabeth Shue), his drug-abusing boss (Dylan McDermott), a perverted principal (Patrick Warburton), a priest with a ecret (Jason Lee), a sultry defense attorney (Heather Graham), and a patron saint who dispenses cryptic advice (Mary-Louise Parker). Cary Elwes and Gary Busey also co-star. Garrick wrote the screenplay with Scott Russell based on Ric Browde’s book While I’m Dead … Feed The Dog. Andrew Lazar and Miri Yoon produced the pic, which was executive produced by Barry Quart and Kevin Tang. Vertical’s recent films include Anna (Mindscape), Hairbrained and Boys of Abu Ghraib.