Stephen_GarrettVeteran TV exec Stephen Garrett is leaving the Shine Group later this year. He is currently Chairman of Kudos, one of the UK’s leading indies, which he co-founded two decades ago and which was acquired by Elisabeth Murdoch’s Shine in 2007. The company’s recent credits include Broadchurch, The Hour and Vicious. Garrett is also leaving his post as Executive Chairman of Shine Pictures. Under his stewardship, that feature division has made such titles as Eastern Promises, Salmon Fishing In The Yemen and Miss Pettigrew Lives shine_group_logo_a_lFor A Day. Upcoming projects, including the Gregory Burke-penned Blowback, will be led by Shine Pictures’ Head of Film Ollie Madden. Together, Shine Pictures and Kudos are currently co-producing feature Spooks: The Greater Good which Garrett is producing with Madden and Kudos CEO Jane Featherstone. In a statement, Garrett praised his colleagues and noted, “I’m excited by the blurring of boundaries and the fusion of forms. It’s not really about film or TV or even theatre anymore. It’s just about telling great stories, stories that electrify audiences that unfold on screens which might be the size of a stamp or a 6-story building. Addictive hours that are binged in a weekend or drip-fed in tantalising nuggets over months. Scripted content is what I love. It’s endlessly reinventing itself. This feels like a great time to reinvent myself in the scripted space.”