ron perlmanEXCLUSIVE: Gersh has signed Ron Perlman and his production company. After Hellboy and Sons Of Anarchy, Perlman is building the next chapter of his career. He’s not letting any moss grow under him since completing his superb turn as Sons biker club leader Clay Morrow. Perlman has optioned several screenplays, he is currently starring in and exec producing Hand Of God, a pilot for Amazon that Marc Forster is directing, and he has made a deal to co-write with Michael Largo the memoir Easy Street—The Hard Way that will be published by Perseus Books Group imprint Da Capo Press.

sonssI had the honor of being asked by Kurt Sutter to moderate the Sons panel that closed San Diego Comic-Con, and found Perlman to be so subdued and fatalistic about his character’s future on the show, almost seeming ashamed of what his character had done. Feeling he was losing his grip on the club (and not just because of the arthritis he tried to hide), Clay backstabbed Jax (Charlie Hunnam), his wife Gemma (Katey Sagal), and just about everyone else in the club, leaving bloodshed and a trail of bodies in his wake. It was impossible for the Comic-Con crowd not to feel like this was going to be his last hurrah. Now, the Emmy voters have been snobbish about Sutter’s series creation and have almost made it seem like a point of pride to ignore the Shakespearean FX biker gang series, but Perlman’s swan song was among several performances in that last season that deserve a close look during awards season.

Perlman next will next star with Rupert Grint in the indie film Moonwalkers for director Antoine Bardou-Jacquet and producer Georges Berman, with shooting to start in Brussels next month. He just wrapped Before I Disappear with Emmy Rossum, the Shawn Christensen-directed film that won the Audience Award as SXSW. Perlman is also repped by KLWGN Management.