UPDATE: 10:45 AM:  Jimmy Fallon led comfortably in the ratings last night, despite Jimmy Kimmel’s big “get”  —  first-ever JKL appearance by former President Bill Clinton. Fallon got a last-minute assist from former VPOTUS-candidate-turned-reality-TV-regular Sarah Palin. In Nielsen’s 56 metered markets, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon scored a household  3.0/7; CBS’ Late Show With David Letterman a 2.5/6, and ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live a 2.4/6. In the 25 markets with Local People Meters, adult 18-49 results were: Tonight at 1.1/5; Late Show’s 0.5/2; and JKL’s 0.8/4. Watch Clinton and Kimmel here:

Watch Palin and Fallon here:

PREVIOUS, Wednesday, PM:  Jimmy Fallon played Russian President Vladimir Putin and Sarah Palin played Sarah Palin on The Tonight Show tonight. Palin was a late booking on tonight’s episode of the NBC late-night show, joining him in a comedy bit that ended with Fallon plugging her new Sportsman Channel reality series Amazing America, premiering tomorrow night.


Earlier in the day, The Kremlin confirmed that the divorce of Putin from his wife of 30 years, Lyudmila, has been finalized. Nobody mentioned it in the skit – too bad.

Fallon set up the sketch, saying he had footage of the phone call Putin made right after calling President Obama a few days ago to discuss the situation in Ukraine. The second call was to discuss Palin’s claim she predicted Putin’s invasion of Ukraine back in 2008:

Palin: Hey, this is Sarah.

Putin: Hello, Miss Palin? It’s me. Vladimir.

Palin: Putin, what you doin’ calling me?

Putin: Well, I heard that back in 2008 you predicted that I would invade Ukraine. Is that true?

Palin: You betcha, Vlad.

Putin: I once invaded a country called Youbetchavlad. …  Anyway, since you so great at guessing my next move, who do you think I should invade next? I’m thinking Finland, Sweden – I hear Jamaica is nice this time of year.

Palin: My advice to you would be, you get those troops out of Ukraine right now.

Putin: Whoa, Captain Buzzkill. It was joke. But seriously, I could have used your predicting powers in office March Madness pool – my bracket’s totally busted.

And so the night wore on, Palin bringing up shooting a bear, Putin mentioning he preferred to take them down in hand-to-hand combat.

Palin: That’s why people say you’re such a strong leader.

Putin: Well, I come from strong genes. Obama comes from mom genes.

Palin:  (Giggles) Did anyone tell you you sound like that guy from Despicable Me?

As we mull the fact that Palin is no longer a “get” on late-night TV, the sketch sputters to a close, with Putin wondering if he should invade Alaska.

Palin: I wouldn’t if I were you, Vlad. You may be able to take down a bear, but you’re no match for a Mama Grizzly.

PREVIOUS: Last time Palin came up on Fallon’s Tonight Show, on March 10, he played video of her speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference, in which she mocked ObamaCare in Dr. Seussian Green Eggs and Ham style: