Undateable is a “classicNBCUniversal Events - Season 2014 throwback sitcom, it cracks me the frick up,” executive producer Bill Lawrence told reporters at NBC Press Day. Though the show is about a bunch of mostly young single guys, it does not push any content envelope, Lawrence said. “One of the things I’m really proud of is, it’s laugh out loud funny without being crass. This feels reminiscent of the shows I grew up loving, like Cheers.  I didn’t try to push the envelope too much…If you’re a on a network its hard to compete with shows like Louie or Veep that have no language standards, or nudity standards, or content standards,” he said. Lawrence said he set out to do a multi-camera comedy because it’s  “where the networks can compete with cable. I enjoy watching Veep, and Silicon Valley is funny as balls — check it out,” he said. “Multi-camera comedies — I grew up with NBC being the king of them,” he said.

Not so long ago, Lawrence did not have much good to say about NBC. Now he speaks fondly of the network. “My biggest show, Scrubs was on there for 23 years,” he said, calling NBC, “definitely a network on the upswing. I would not be shocked if NBC won the whole year. ” In the old days, he said, he would not have turned up at this event because summers on NBC was “where shows go to die.”  But that’s no longer the case, Lawrence added quickly. “NBC is doing the most original programming — it’s more of a cable model.”

“I think this new show is gonna work — that’s my new thing,” Lawrence joked.

In February, the producers announced NBC’s midseason comedy series Undateable would embark  on a multi-city, cross-country comedy tour to promote the show that will hit all the top TV markets. The tour featured series co-creator/exec producer Lawrence and stars Chris D’Elia, Brent Morin, Ron Funches and Rick Glassman  — all stand-up comedians —  with each show presenting a stand-up set from each of the actors sneaking the humor on the show and Lawrence serving as host. “Since it’s so hard to launch a network comedy in this competitive landscape, we thought we would try a little grassroots marketing,” said co-creator/executive producer Adam Sztykiel. “Plus, it will be exciting to see Bill travel around in a van.”