georgia22n-3-webThe ongoing investigation into the February death of crew member Sarah Jones on the Georgia set of Midnight Rider was turned over this morning to the Wayne County District Attorney’s office by the Wayne County Sheriff’s office, the local authority that has been investigating the 27-year-old camera assistant’s death. They will be discussing the case with state authorities who will then take the matter under consideration whether to pursue criminal charges. According to Sheriff John Carter: “We just turned everything over to the District Attorney, and it will be up to her office to look it over and decide whether or not the case will go to a grand jury. Our detective interviewed everyone he could on this case.” The detective on the case was Joe Gardner; the Wayne County D.A. is Jackie Johnson. Carter would not say what course of action their office is recommending. According to a spokesman for the D.A.’s office, they plan to review the investigative materials. That will be done, of course, to decide whether this rises to the level of criminality. “We will assess from our end what we need to do,” said the spokesman. “It may take a few days or longer (because) we want to be fair to the process.”

Investigations are also ongoing on the federal level via the National Transportation Safety Board, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Federal Railroad Administration and Georgia Bureau Of Investigation.

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This comes as crew around Los Angeles have gotten word that director Randall Miller and his crew were returning to LA for pre-production on Midnight Rider in hopes to finish their film about the life of rocker Gregg Allman. Deadline broke the news last week that Miller and his Unclaimed Freight banner were trying to resume filming. The decision to continue with the film has prompted a flurry of tweets to Allman and has given rise to a new Facebook page called “I REFUSE to work on Midnight Rider” which has grown to 5,692 people.