Kevin and Sam SorboEXCLUSIVE: Kevin Sorbo is co-star of the past two weekends’ box office pleaser God’s Not Deadwhich has pulled in $24M to date on a $2M budget. Now he is putting his name behind an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to help launch the tele-production of Gosnell — the story of the Philadelphia doctor who ran the abortion clinic from hell and was convicted on three counts of first-degree murder — but not without taking a shot at the media and Hollywood. Feature documentarians Phelim McAleer and his wife Ann McElhinney turned to Sorbo and his wife, Sandra (known as Sam), to help raise $2.1M. “Even the pro-choicers would look at this and say, ‘No, this isn’t right,'” Sorbo said. “This is something that my wife and I are behind because we believe in this project. It’s long overdue for this story to be told, and it wasn’t covered by the media nearly as much as some of the other murder cases were.”

The story of the abortion doctor rocked Philadelphia and the nation in 2010 as the horrors of Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s clinic came to light. He murdered babies born alive by sticking a scissors into their necks and snipping their spinal cords. He was not even a certified kermit-gosnellobstetrician or gynecologist. Gosnell had run the Women’s Medical Society in West Philadelphia since 1979 for poor and desperate women seeking abortions, late-term and otherwise. He is serving a life prison sentence without the possibility of parole. It was the gruesome details revealed during the grand jury that underscored how disturbing his crimes were. The remains of fetuses were put in bags, milk jugs, and other containers, and investigators found the severed feet of several fetuses in a jar. The clinic itself was unsanitary, and several women were harmed — one died. What became clear throughout the investigation was that the crimes had been going on for years. “A man with all the tools and the experience at his disposal and still somehow the baby won and was born, he then took measures to kill them,” said Sam Sorbo. “This is a man who seemed to enjoy protection under the law because abortion is such a political issue that they refused to investigate him for years even though there were complaints for decades.”

The case was and is used by both sides of the abortion argument to push their individual agendas. McAleer has accused the “liberal media” of ignoring the story of Gosnell, but the story was reported on all the major news outlets; in fact, an ABC reporter covering the story called Gosnell “a serial killer,” which he clearly was because these victims were alive when the snipping took place. To that end, Sorbo and his wife attack the media and Hollywood for not yet telling this story. But, to be fair, the story about snipping babies is a very gruesome tale. “No one wants to talk about it because the story is too damaging to certain political agendas,” says Sorbo on the video made to raise funds (watch it below). Adds his wife: “It will show the media and Hollywood that Americans want the truth about abortions to be covered.” In the video, they read directly from the grand jury transcripts about Gosnell’s crimes. Sam Sorbo noted that were uplifting stories that came out of this case and that will be told in the TV movie.

Gosnell will be produced by McAleer’s Hat Tip Productions through donations made through and Indiegogo. McElhinney’s previous  documentary The tristandowse8ppSearch For Tristan’s Mum, about the dark side of international adoptions, told the story of a 2-year-old Indonesian boy adopted by an Irishman and and his wife in Indonesia. When the wife got pregnant with her own child, they abandoned the other boy in an orphanage. The docu, which aired on RTE television, showed the son being reunited with his biological mother, who was located by McElhinney. It also exposed an illegal child-trafficking ring and led to numerous arrests.

The filmmakers also did the documentary FrackNation, for which they said all their funding — $212,265 — came from Kickstarter.