Highlights: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (SONY) opens in 14 markets with $47M; Captain America: The Winter Soldier (DIS) passes $500M; Transcendence (WB) opens to $17.1M, mostly from China; Rio 2 (FOX) flies past $200M and is burning it up in Latin America. Noah (PAR) at $197.4M; Divergent (LGF/SUM/var) at $18M  for $74.7M cume; The Other Woman (FOX) bows with $5.3M in four markets; Spanish Affairs (UNI) phenom as Spain’s top local-lingo pic ever, still No. 1 … twice the marketshare of Spider-Man 2’s bow.

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cinemaworld__1404061439493rd UPDATE, Monday, 10:50 PM PDT: Final numbers in for Transcendence, Divergent, Rio 2, The Other Woman, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Lego Movie, and Mr. Peabody & Sherman. All grosses for the movies have changed.

2nd UPDATE, Sunday, 6:50 PM. PDT: More estimates have been added for Rio 2, Divergent, and further analysis on The Amazing Spider-Man 2. There will be another update tomorrow, but no territory by territory breakdown this week. It’s always interesting to see a snapshot of the top international pictures so far in 2014. Disney’s has the two lead spots right now with  Frozen $462M) and Captain America: The Winter Soldier ($385.1M), followed by The Wolf of Wall Street ($262.5M), which is being handled by Universal and many other distribs. The difference between the No. 2 and No. 3 pictures is a substantial $122.6M so far. Surprising, no? Rounding out the top five is Warner Bros.’  duo The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug ($244.5M) and 300: The Rise of an Empire ($223M).

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Amazing Spider-Man 2PREVIOUSLY, 10:27 AM, Sunday, PDT: Marking the biggest opening internationally of 2014, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has taken the markets by storm, grossing an estimated $47M as it bows in such major territories as the U.K., Spain, Germany and Belgium, Mexico and Australia. All told, 14 markets. It was a big box office weekend internationally with several major pics playing well throughout the world. But all eyes are on Spider-Man, which opened strong in territories earlier in the week. The top market for the Sony franchise is the UK/Ireland which grabbed $15M. It marks a 49% bigger opening than Winter Soldier in the territory but in 2012, the first installment has a UK opening weekend tally of $17.1M. The same group of market, Sony says, opened comparably to the first installment — and true, some are higher and some are lower. Of note is a huge $2.3M from 50 IMAX screens to equal a monster $47,000 per screen average in the UK/Ireland. The first installment of The Amazing Spider-Man in 2012 grossed a total of $40.3M in this territory in 2012, so this is an all-important market for the studio. Since it is a big school holiday in the UK, kids are out in numbers now so perfectly timed to capitalize on the influx.

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Spider-Man has done particularly well overseas traditionally, although it has yet to top the $1B mark like other Marvel titles have done. China should be a great box office catch for this film as the first installment did exceptionally well, grossing a total of $48.8M in 2012. It will bow in China on May 4th, two days after the its domestic launch. Latin America is also usually very strong for Spidey. Japan, Korea and Russia — which together brought in $96.8M in 2012 — will be part of the 21 pack of territories it will open in next weekend.

ASM2’s production budget is said to be around $255M, with about $180M to $190M spent on marketing. With that said, the success of its global web of grosses from international territories are crucial. With the outlay of investment so high, Spider-Man 2 needs to make more than $752.2M worldwide (which is what the first installment grossed). About 65% of the first installment’s gross came from international markets. The domestic audience has declined slightly for Spider-Man so if it does not perform strongly stateside, it will need to make up the difference internationally or vice versa.  The last four Spider-Man movies have have all grossed more than $400M and all have worldwide grosses of over $750M. Which means, this sequel, which seems to be doing similar business to the first installment may need to do better if the May 2nd U.S. bow performs below expectations. The first ASM opened to $62M when it was released domestically on the July 4th holiday in 2012; it had an estimated $230M negative and went onto gross 65% of its worldwide cume from international markets.

So far, the news is good: In Mexico, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 became the highest opener of the year — 26% higher than the Cap — with an $11.1M take, up from $9.3M in 2012. Spidey spun a $6.2M web around Germany (up from $4M in 2012) — a whopping 70% higher opening than the Cap — and Australia opened with $5.2M (a little less than first installment opening to $5.4M in 2012). It opens in 21 more markets next weekend, including Japan, Russia and South Korea. It was expected to open in New Zealand this weekend, but Sony said it didn’t.

But in Spain — yikes — this Spiderman sequel got caught in its own web, failing to open in the No. 1 spot. It opened to $3.9M in line with the 2012 bow, but came in second. spanish-affairs__140406144022The top honor continues to go to the local language pic Spanish Affairs, which has had a stronghold on the market for six weeks in a row. It is the biggest film ever in Spain with $52.8M to date. In 330 runs, it grossed $5.8M this weekend to grab 44% of the marketshare — twice as big as The Amazing Spider-Man 2. In terms of admissions, it holds the record with 6.43M, surpassing the 6.41M title previously held for the past 13 years by The Others. The pic, handled by Universal Pictures International, is now the 4th highest grossing film of all time in the territory, only behind Avatar, The Impossible and Titantic.

The Amazing Spiderman 2’s other openings such as Belgium ($940K compared to the 2012 $956K), Austria ($550K compared to $356K in 2012), Sweden ($1.1M about the same in 2012 at $1.16M) and Denmark ($875K up from $589K in 2012) all also beat the bow of The Winter Soldier.

captainamerica1Meanwhile, Disney is having a fantastic run overseas with both Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Frozen. The Marvel sequel has passed the $500M while Frozen has broken more records, becoming the highest international animated grosser of all time. Frozen is No. 1 in Japan where it is skating past the $100M market; Winter Soldier is No. 2 in Japan — the final market for that franchise. Winter Soldier posted another $35.3M in 55 markets in four weeks for a total international cume of $385.1M (it’s global cume is $686.6M, which is 158% above the first film). The two pics pushed The Walt Disney Co. over $1B at the international box office in record time. The company crossed the $1B mark globally earlier this month). However, its other new offering — the nature film Bears — opened weak domestically and was equally anemic overseas with only $103K in 1,720 locations.

transcendence posterTranscendence opened better in China than it did in the U.S. (not hard to do since it bombed in America with $10.8M in its debut weekend) with an opening of $11.5M on 6,000 screens. The marketing campaign included bringing international star Johnny Depp to China for the first time to promote the film, which had a special 3-D version exclusively for release in this market. It was on 180 IMAX screens. The special 3D transfer for China exclusively is growing more and more common. Sony also created it for RoboCop. Debuting in 27 markets day and date with the domestic release, Transcendence grossed $17.4M. It also opened to No. 1 in Italy with $1.2M on 306 screens. It will bow in the U.K., Germany and Australia next weekend.

DivergentDivergent grossed $18M in 67 markets this weekend to push its internationally tally up to $74.7M. With $133.7M, Divergent crossed $200M worldwide ($208.5M). It added two new major territories this weekend: Brazil — where it grossed $2M from 482 runs and debuted in a disappointing 4th place behind several holdovers including the Cap in its 2nd weekend, Noah in its 3rd week of release and Rio 2 in its fourth. Not too good, but Fox says it grossed 55% more than Twilight did in that territory. In Korea, where it grossed an estimated $1.8M in 507 locations, it enjoyed a nice bump from IMAX previews. It debuted in the No. 2 position behind Captain America: The Winter Soldier which is No. 1 after four weeks in release. In its holdover markets, Australia it added $1.4M for a ten-day cume of $6.1M; in Germany, it added $1.4M for an 11-day cume of $4.3M and finally, in France, it added $2.2M in 12 days for a total cume of $6.5M. Lionsgate is pinning a lot of hopes on this property for its next franchise player.

Rio-2Rio 2 had a stupendous $47.1M gross from 71 markets this weekend with its biggest hold in China where it earned another $7.5M and raising its overall cume in the market to $23.7M. The animated Fox feature opened to No. 1 in Italy with $2.4M and among most holdover markets, the bird was sitting pretty at either the No. 1 post or a close 2nd among the new openers. For instance, in Mexico, it earned $4.2M and took the No. 2 spot to raise its cume to $19.2M; it was No. 2 in France where it chased in another $3.8M to add to its cume of $9.5M.

Rio 2 is mas caliente in Latin America. In Brazil, after four weeks where it grossed around $2.2M on 762 screens for an overall cume in that market of $22.4M. That is a per screen average of $2,969. But in Argentina, the bird flew in with $2M on 281 runs for a per screen there of $7,154 in … wait for it … in its second week of release. In its second frame, it kicked in Peru, it did $1.1M on 197 screens and in Chile, it grossed $1M on 135 screens (per screen $8,130). And not to be outdone, in Colombia, it pulled in $1.7M on 418 runs for a per of $4,066. In its second frame in Ecuador, it made $636,169 on 75 runs which is a per screen of $8,482. In Puerto Rico, its second weekend nabbed $728,201 on 68 runs for $10,708 per palace. And finally, Bolivia chimes in at $212,639 on 29 runs for a $7,332 pop per. Central America won $920,607 on 199 screens ($4,626 per) and in Uruguay it topped $255K on 30 screens for a per of $8,520.

It debuted also this weekend in Hong Kong to $749,634K and in New Zealand to $238,028. Not sure of the ranking yet as we’re waiting to hear from Warner Bros. on The Lego Movie‘s final numbers. In its second weekend out in China, it grossed $7.7M for a total cume in this major territory of $23.4M, so France is doing better than China right now. Per screen is $1,400 in China vs. $2,557 in France.

It has soared past the $200M mark? After this weekend in 71 markets, its final numbers for the family film are $275.9 worldwide. In Germany, it was in contention for the No. 2 spot against The Lego Movie and it triumphed. In its third week in release in Germany, Rio 2 grossed $1.9M compared to The Lego Movie‘s $1.8M in its second week in this major market. Total cumes for both animated fare as as follows: Rio 2, $9.6M and The Lego Movie, $6.7M.

PH4i766Xiag768_1_mAhead of its U.S. bow next weekend, the Cameron Diaz comedy The Other Woman got off to a really nice start, taking in $5.3M from 447 screens in four territories. That included Australia where opened to No. 2 and grossed $4.19M of its total; it took No. 2 in the market. It will open in 28 markets next weekend. Fox’s big sleeper hit domestically, The Grand Budapest Hotel is wide awake internationally, too, checking in this weekend with another $5M for an international cume of $73M in 37 markets. All told, the worldwide cume for the Wes Anderson quirky ensemble comedy is $118M+.

NoahUniversal relesased the French comedy Babysitting in Latin America and in France where it said oui to $3M on 350 runs to open in the No. 3 spot. Meanwhile, Noah grossed $21.6M from 6,092 runs in 56 markets, raising its international cume to $197.4M. With a domestic total expected of $93M+, its global cume is now $290.4M+. There were no additional markets added.

The Lego Movie built another $7.6M from roughly 2,980 screens (657K) admissions to bring its overall international cume to $189.4M. The animated film opening in New Zealand this weekend to excellent results ($803K from 165 runs, which included previews) and was head and shoulders above The Other Woman as well as Divergent and The Grand Budapest Hotel in its second weekend. legoOn Saturday, The Lego Movie earned the distinction of having the the biggest opening day ever for an animated film released during the Easter weekend in New Zealand. The previous record holder was Ice Age 2. Monday is a public holiday in New Zealand so kids will be out of school, which could be good news at the box office.

In its second weekend in Germany, Lego dropped only 26% against the opening of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to bring in another $1.8M from 1,022 runs for a total cume of $6.7M, however it fell behind the animated Fox film Rio 2 for the No. 3 spot. Rio 2 is in its third week of release in Germany. The tallies are as follows: Rio 2 total cume in Germany is $9.6M and The Lego Movie is $6.7M.

NOTEWORTHY: Mr. Peabody and Sherman (FOX) is now at $151.6M in 20 markets. It is still playing well. For instance, in Australia, in its fourth week of release on 305 theaters, it grossed $1M.