Filmmaker Jon Favreau takes a break from comic books and cowboys to return to his comedic roots with Chef. And while it’s easy to align Chef next to such Favreau faves as Swingers and Made, the title is more prime for the comfort food subgenre of chef-in-crisis cinema that includes such films as Stanley Tucci and Campbell Scott’s Big Night, James L. Brooks’ Spanglish and Sandra Nettlebeck’s Mostly Martha. Favreau plays Los Angeles Master Chef Carl Casper, who locks horns with his restaurant boss (Dustin Hoffman) after a blogger (Oliver Platt) slams their menu. Casper makes lemonade out of lemons by launching his own food truck in the city with the help of his co-worker (John Leguizamo). Also along for the ride are Favreau’s Marvel theater company duo of Robert Downey Jr and Scarlett Johansson, as well as Sofia Vergara, Bobby Cannavale and Amy Sedaris. Open Road acquired rights to Chef in June and will release the film stateside on May 9, Mother’s Day weekend. Reviews coming out of SXSW were largely upbeat. Sample for yourself: