food1Food Network and Cooking Channel today unveiled 35 new series that will roll out during the next several months. Among the new additions on Food Networks’ slate, announced during Scripps Networks Interactive‘s upfront in New York, is The Valerie Bertinelli Project (wt) set for a September premiere. It features the Hot In Cleveland star and bestselling cookbook author and her husband preparing dinners for family and celebrity friends in their Los Angeles home. Bunim/Murray is producing. Also on the slate is an expansion of the Chopped franchise set for a July premiere. The five-episode Chopped Teens Tournament features 16 talented teenage chefs who must create the perfect appetizer, entree and dessert as they navigate through each round. The winner from each episode heads into the finale with a chance to win a $25,000 grand prize and culinary school scholarship. Notional is producing for Food Network. New Food Network and Cooking Channel series include:



Kitchen Casino
Series Premiere: April 7, 2014
Hosted by Bill Rancic, Kitchen Casino ups the ante of cooking competitions, bringing together four talented chefs in a high-stakes game of chance that is all about skill, speed and adaptability. With one eye on the ticking clock, competitors have to out-cook and out-smart their competition in three casino-themed challenges – slots, poker and roulette — for a chance to win a $30,000 jackpot. These accomplished chefs must make magic with whatever Lady Luck puts in front of them, and they must double-down on their skills or risk being 86’d. Place your bets! Produced by Jane Street for Food Network

America’s Best Cook
Series Premiere: April 13, 2014
In this new series hosted by Ted Allen, four Food Network chefs, Cat Cora, Tyler Florence, Alex Guarnaschelli and Michael Symon, each representing a different region of the country, choose two home cooks to compete on their team and battle through a succession of difficult challenges. The coaches dedicate themselves to developing their team and mentoring their cooks, because if their cooks go home, so do they. Everything is on the line in the search to find America’s Best Cook. Produced by Relativity Lifestyle for Food Network

Series Premiere: April 21, 2014
New series, Rewrapped, challenges three chefs to recreate, as closely as possible, some of America’s favorite guilty pleasures, and then invent an entirely new dish using the original treat as an ingredient. Hosted by Joey Fatone and led by head judge, Marc Summers, an expert panel of judges determines the winner based on taste, texture, and likeness to the original product. Along with bragging rights, the winner also receives a year’s supply of that episode’s well-known food. Produced by BSTV Entertainment for Food Network

American Festivals (wt)
Series Premiere: July 2014
Every year, dozens of food festivals are held across the U.S. From Maine to New Mexico, these uniquely American festivals draw huge, enthusiastic crowds. Some showcase foods from a specific region and are all about local pride; others simply feature food that’s as American as apple pie. Join host, Anthony Anderson, as he travels to the most colorful and delicious festivals in America, meeting the amazing characters behind each one and tasting a variety of unique and delicious dishes along the way. Produced by Magnetic for Food Network

Boss Under Fire (wt)
Series Premiere: July 2014
The restaurant business is a cutthroat pressure cooker where every moment counts and failure is always right around the corner. With success rates at less than 50%, there is a wide range of reasons that can cause closures, but sometimes it is not the food, the location, or the employees. Sometimes it is the boss. Restaurants nominate their terrible bosses for a makeover and the owner must perform his employees’ jobs to realize that success starts at the top. Produced by Eyeworks for Food Network

Game of Cones (wt)
Series Premiere: July 2014
In Game of Cones, ice cream connoisseurs compete to create the most unique and delectable ice cream-based desserts using a selection of mystery ingredients. It is up to the skilled competitors to use their wits and creativity to make an incredible ice cream treat using an array of seemingly incompatible flavors. After three heart-pounding elimination challenges, one of four aspiring ice cream makers will be left standing as victor of this Game of Cones. Produced by Intuitive Entertainment for Food Network

Undercover Critics
Series Premiere: July 2014
In this series, restaurant critics are armed with hidden cameras, looking to unveil the good, the bad and the ugly of established restaurants. Undercover Critics gives the owners a second chance to improve on their faults and flaws before any review is actually published. After visiting the restaurant, the Undercover Critics reveal themselves, letting the owner know about the visit and hand over the ‘would-be/could-be’ negative review. With a laundry list of things to fix, the owners do whatever it takes to turn a bad review into a great one before it hits the press. Produced by RelativityREAL for Food Network

The Big Tip
Series Premiere: August 2014
All across America there are hardworking and deserving waiters and waitresses who have been serving communities for years. Now, Rachael Ray is on a mission to give back to them. In each episode, Rachael travels to one town to meet three incredible and deserving people. Each of them will get a life-changing tip – but only one will get The Big Tip. Produced by Fly on the Wall for Food Network

American Diner Revival
Series Premiere: September 2014
Diners are an American institution, but they’re struggling to stay alive. Join the host of American Diner Revival as hearrives in town with only three days to revive a cherished diner in desperate need of a makeover. He doesn’t arrive with a construction team in tow, but instead is hitting the ground to connect with locals who have a personal connection to the diner and rally them to help makeover their community’s own beloved diner. But this is an ambush, which means he has to gather all his intel undercover and figure out how to lure the owner away long enough to get the work done. One man is on a mission to prove that towns across America have the power to revive their own diners, they just don’t know it yet! Produced by Bray Entertainment for Food Network

Diner Death Match (wt)
Series Premiere: September 2014
Diner Death Match features four competitive cooks from North America’s best diners, gastropubs and food trucks as they go head-to-head in a series of culinary challenges. To win they will have to out-cook each other in three short-order classic diner challenges: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. After each round, one competitor is eliminated, and the last cook standing walks away with a cash prize. Produced by Proper TV for Food Network

Food Truck Face Off
Series Premiere: September 2014
Food Truck Face Off, hosted by Jesse Palmer, pits two teams against one another to win the ultimate prize – a customized food truck for one year. After presenting their unique concept to an expert panel of judges, two teams are chosen to face off in a truck-on-truck showdown. In the end, the team that earns the most profit emerges victorious. Produced by Peace Point Productions for Food Network

New Food Challenge Show (wt)
Series Premiere: September 2014
Your favorite competitive food series returns with surprising twists and bigger builds! In each standalone episode, four teams of competitors will bake, cook and build their way out of unique culinary challenges. From giant wedding cakes to life-like sugar sculptures to man-sized pastries, the creations will blow you away until one competitor reigns supreme. Produced by Mission Control for Food Network

Burnt (wt)
Series Premiere: October 2014
Burnt is a competition that combines strategy, head-to-head cook-offs, and a big prize for the winning chef. The objective in each episode is to navigate through four rounds of one-on-one chef challenges using cunning and culinary skills to claim the cash prize of up to $20,000. At the heart of the show is the guiding principle that one chef will be in control of who plays or sits out the series of chef vs. chef eliminations, with each round providing a cumulative cash prize. Competitors must conquer all challenges laid before them or face the consequence of getting Burnt. Produced by Our House Media for Food Network

Rapid Fire Restaurant (wt)
Series Premiere: October 2014
Go behind the scenes with restaurateur hopefuls as they look to purchase and launch their first restaurant ever. The catch? They have absolutely no idea what they’re doing! Hosted by brothers Chad Rosenthal (Food Network Star Season 9 competitor)and Reid Rosenthal, each episode will feature a unique group of individuals with a dollar and a dream who are looking to open their first restaurant. While each aspirant has basic broad ideas on what they’re looking to do, they’re ill-informed on the finer points of restaurant realty, decoration, marketing, business, and of course, food. That’s where Reid and Chad come in. Reid is an award-winning realtor who is unparalleled in the hospitality space, while his brother Chad is a self-made restaurateur. Together, they are the ultimate yin and yang of the restaurant industry. Produced by Matador for Food Network

Great Holiday Bake-Off (wt)
Series Premiere: November 2014
The search is on to find the greatest holiday baker of all as eight amateur bakers enter the “Holiday Kitchen.” More than anything, these competitors love to bake, but in order to survive week-to-week each must demonstrate that their baking skills are broad enough to carry them into the finale where one will become the first Great Holiday Bake-Off “Grand Champion.” From cookie exchanges, to holiday pies, to yule logs and gingerbread houses, these bakers will show off their skills, their favorite family recipes and also their ability to improvise sweets challenge after challenge. This bake-off is the most delicious and sweetest way to celebrate the holiday season. Produced by Triage for Food Network

Headset Cook Off (wt)
Series Premiere: Q4 2014
In this new series, two professional chefs are hitting the streets in search of a team of two people who cannot cook. These unsuspecting teams can be made up of a husband and wife, two friends, or even a parent/child duo. Once each chef has selected their team, they must race back to the kitchen with their contestants in tow. Over two rounds the two teams will have to construct two complex dishes but there is one major hitch – our professional chefs must recreate each dish guided step-by-step by their chosen team over headset. It’s a game of skill, know-how and most of all communication! Produced by Optomen for Food Network


Bobby’s Grilling Guide (wt)
Series Premiere: June 2014
Quintessential grill master, Bobby Flay, takes grilling to a whole new level in new series, Bobby’s Grilling Guide. Bobby showcases his expert grilling techniques in this 1-2-3 guide to grilling, breaking down the basics and demonstrating the best tips and tricks for grilling to perfection. Produced by Rock Shrimp for Food Network

The Daphne Brogdon Project (wt)
Series Premiere: October 2014
Mom, wife, and home cook, Daphne Brogdon, brings a fresh, fun and humorous approach to feeding the family. Whether it is for a PTA meeting or a gals’ night in, Daphne cooks up a storm with simple recipes that will feed a crowd and bring the family together. Produced by Concentric for Food Network

Wedding Cakes
Premiere: June 2014
Wedding Cakes, is a one hour special showcasing amazing, over-the-top and extreme wedding cakes, as well as the creators behind these fantastic creations. Produced by Sharp Entertainment for Food Network

Ultimate Chopped Champions Tournament
Premiere: August 2014
Chopped Champions returns, with an awesome twist! The competition pool has broadened to include not just professionals, but also celebrities, amateurs, and local heroes, who have all previously claimed a victory in the Chopped kitchen! This five-part event will culminate with a spectacular grand finale episode, featuring one pro vs. three not-at-all-average Joes. Of course, only one ferocious competitor will get to walk away with the prize of $50,000. For the first time in Chopped history, the proven, raw talent of an amazing amateur will be pitted against the polished skill of an outstanding professional. Who will you be cheering for? It is anybody’s guess who will rise to the occasion and become the winner of the Ultimate Chopped Champions Tournament. Produced by Notional for Food Network

Cutthroat Kitchen: Superstar Sabotage
Premiere: October 2014
Sixteen of the food world’s bravest celebrities will mercilessly sabotage each other as they battle it out in an epic, five episode tournament of culinary cage-fighting under the watchful eye of host, Alton Brown. Ultimately the most cunning and skillful star chef will emerge battered, but victorious, with the ultimate in bragging rights and up to $50,000 for their favorite charity. Produced by Embassy Row for Food Network

Thanksgiving Special with Bobby Flay (wt)
Premiere: November 2014
Bobby Flay hosts this entertaining Thanksgiving special just in time for the holiday and shares with viewers the much needed cooking advice, delicious recipes and entertaining tips they need to prepare their own perfect Thanksgiving menus. Produced by Rock Shrimp for Food Network

Best […] Ever.
Premiere: January 2015
Four specials including Best Burger Ever., Best Pizza Ever., Best BBQ Ever., and Best Breakfast Ever. explore and highlight the best of America’s favorite foods. Produced by Irene Wong for Food Network

Bobby Flay Fit
Premiere: January 2015
Based on his own experience and proven philosophies in healthy eating and living, Bobby Flay Fit features chef Bobby Flay sharing tips and tricks on achieving a happy, fit lifestyle with a focus on smart choices in menu planning, moderation and exercise. Featuring delicious healthy recipes, cooking techniques that don’t skimp on flavor, workouts, and more, Bobby offers a blueprint for staying motivated and fit. Produced by Rock Shrimp for Food Network


Siba’s Table
Series Premiere: April 5, 2014
Siba Mtongana epitomizes the rich fusion culture of South African food today, giving the traditional recipes she grew up with a totally modern twist and an injection of international flavor. Produced by Pacific

Korean Food Made Simple
Series Premiere: April 19, 2014
Korean Food Made Simple celebrates the phenomenal Korean food wave that is currently sweeping the globe. Leading international Chef Judy Joo takes viewers on a spectacular and very personal journey to her homeland where she not only introduces them to the seasonal foods at the heart of Korean culture, but also shows them how to really enjoy it – Korean style – as she shares her mouth-watering adventures with family, friends, characters, and aficionados along the way. Back home in her London kitchen, Judy creates simple yet exceptional Korean-inspired recipes – from weekday suppers to weekend dinner parties – using easily-sourced ingredients designed to give any home cooked meals the uber-cool K-factor. Produced by Blink Entertainment

Belly Up
Series Premiere: June 2014
Eddie Russell is out to change the way America experiences pub food. He is on a pilgrimage to enlighten the cooks, barkeeps and grillers of the nation’s watering holes on delicious and sophisticated bar food. Answering the call from a desperate employee, Eddie swoops in, learns about the establishment’s clientele, tastes what they serve in the bar and comes up with new, innovative and enticing bar foods that will not break the budget. In fact, he hopes to do just the opposite and bring in more dollars than the previous traditional fare. Produced by Two River Productions for Cooking Channel

Real Girl’s Kitchen with Haylie Duff
Series Premiere: June 2014
Real Girl’s Kitchen is an intimate look inside Haylie Duff’s life, her family and friends, and, of course, her love of great food. Join Haylie’s world as she shares recipes, stories, and adventures while exploring her hometown of Los Angeles and New York City, where she is constantly inspired. Produced by Ora TV

Rev Run’s Sunday Suppers
Series Premiere: June 2014
Exemplary father of six, Rev Run finds his true joy in family, good friends, and great food. But with four of their six children off on their own, Rev and his wife, Justine, have a near empty nest and long for the days of a full table. Determined to get the gang back together for weekly Sunday dinners, they will use simple, heartfelt recipes to lure the kids back to the table. Each episode will unveil a new recipe to be shared among friends and family. Sunday by Sunday, Rev and Justine will show that the perfect family meal isn’t just about the food, it’s about who is sitting at the table to share it. Produced by Good Clean Fun for Cooking Channel

Sweet Julia
Series Premiere: June 2014
Julia Baker is over the top in her bakery kitchen. Viewers get an inside look into her shop and all the stunning dessert and chocolate creations that Julia and her team put together. From family parties to birthday cakes for clients and friends, Julia takes sweet treats to a whole new level. Produced by North Pacific TV for Cooking Channel

Bite This with Nadia G
Series Premiere: July 2014
Nadia G rocked your kitchen, now it’s time to rock your city! Taking her epic passion for food on the road, Bite This follows the adventures of the Bitchin’ Crew as they travel to America’s hottest culinary meccas. Each week viewers will get a taste of a new city through the eyes, ambitions and appetite of Nadia G. Nadia might shkoff the best burger of Memphis, discover the most deliciously unusual mash-up in downtown L.A. (Chicken Tikka Poutine, anyone?) or land herself at a crawfish boil in New Orleans. With her boys in tow, they’ll be getting the down and dirty culinary secrets of the local chefs and their favorite foods. Produced by Tricon Films for Cooking Channel.

Compete to Eat
Series Premiere: July 2014
Chefs Aldo Lanzillotta and Joanne Lusted take over the home kitchens of two local families. Working with each family and using only the ingredients and tools they find inside, they battle it out to prepare a three-course feast in only an hour. Family and friends come over to sample the food and decide which meal tastes best and wins the challenge! Distributed by E-One

Lorraine’s Fast, Fresh and Easy
Series Premiere: July 2014
Join host, Lorraine Pascale, as she creates amazing and delicious food, completely from scratch, in super quick time, showing viewers what it takes to serve fast, fresh, easy meals every day. Produced by FremantleMedia

Carnival Eats (wt)
Series Premiere: August 2014
Carnival Eats celebrates today’s modern gastronomic freak show and takes you on an international, food-frenzied roller coaster of culinary delights, to the new epicenter of carnival life – food! Food of every imaginable shape, size, color and taste are being created specifically for the connoisseurs who ply midways and fairgrounds, and Carnival Eats is there for every delicious bite. Produced by Alibi Media for Cooking Channel.

Simply Laura!
Series Premiere: August 2014
Web sensation and online super star Laura Vitale brings her take on American mealtimes to television. Although Laura’s roots are in Italian food she is first and foremost an all American girl. With an emphasis on seasonal and simple, Laura’s blend of easy but enticing recipes and girl next-door charm will make for meals that America will adore. It’s Simply Laura! Produced by Noise Productions for Cooking Channel

Proper Pub Food
Series Premiere: September 2014
Tom Kerridge, the only chef in the UK to run a pub with two Michelin stars, shows viewers how to cook dishes inspired by British pub classics. Pub food has come a long way in recent years, and Tom teaches viewers to make these kinds of dishes properly at home. In each episode Tom cooks five recipes for any occasion from celebratory food to more casual outdoor fare, but always food to share with friends and family. Tom also visits some pubs in the country that are pushing the boundaries when it comes to “proper” pub food. Produced by Hat Trick International

Sarah Graham’s Food Safari
Series Premiere: November 2014
Sarah Graham’s Food Safari explores some of Africa’s most interesting and exciting food through the eyes of food writer and cook, Sarah Graham. It captures the simplicity of making friends through food on a continent that is known for stealing hearts. It is an expression of passion, inspiration and a celebration as she shares the story behind each meal and the people who make it worth sharing. Produced by Kunle Media and distributed by DCD Rights

Surprise Party with Alie & Georgia (wt)
Premiere: Q4 2014
Hosts and best friends, Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark, create fantastic surprise parties getting inspiration from the people, place and personal stories of those that are celebrated. Produced by Linguine Pictures for Cooking Channel

Bobby Deen Project (wt)
Premiere: January 2015
Bobby Deen is hitting the road and taking his culinary bag of tricks and treats to the homes of America – remaking traditional family meals from coast to coast by cutting calories and fat while keeping all the flavor! Produced by Follow Productions for Cooking Channel.