famguyIf there was an Emmy Award for most entertaining mailer, Fox‘s Family Guy would probably have little competition. Never known for subtlety in their Emmy campaigns, the producers of the racy animated series again are going for the outrageous. Peter Griffin is channeling embattled New Jersey Governor Chris Christie whose administration had been accused of creating gridlock by shutting down George Washington bridge lanes as political retaliation against a mayor who didn’t endorse him. “Vote for us, or it’s time for some traffic problems in Brentwood,” Peter warns TV Academy members known for favoring the posh Los Angeles enclave. The mailer cover echoes Family Guy‘s 2010 classic that featured Peter as the girl from Precious with the slogan “Vote For Us Or You’re Racist.”

IMG_7132 CopyingFamily Guy is competing in the best animated program category. The show quietly switched back last year after trying for best comedy series for four years, an effort that yielded one nomination in 2009. Family Guy stirred a major controversy this season by killing off family dog Brian before bringing him back to life several episodes later. The resurrection episode, Christmas Guy, is one of the two submitted for Emmy consideration, while the ‘Brian’s dead’ one, which shocked fans, is not included. Despite certainly putting an effort in their mailers, the Family Guy team has no illusions about the mailers’ effectiveness. “If you’ve opened this case, you’re probably a garbage man,” Stewie greets from the inside.