When David Letterman announced his retirement, various talk show hosts reacted. Seth Meyers, who currently hosts Late Night, the show Letterman created before moving to CBS, noted correctly on the show that he would not be there without Dave:

Arsenio Hall teased:

NBC’s Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, who formerly held the Late Night spot, issued a statement:

“Dave’s the greatest. One of the true innovators in TV history. He’s made all of us better.”

ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel —  who last month told TV Guide “I’d definitely consider it” when asked if he would replace Letterman at CBS, adding, “I am loyal to ABC and grateful to them for giving me a shot. I was a guy from The Man Show when they put me on. I’m not looking to flee. But just getting a call from Dave would be big for me. So it’s definitely something I would listen to” — tweeted:

Ellen DeGeneres also took to Twitter:

And, of course, President Obama officially weighed in: