cnbclogoUPDATE, 11:40 AM: One of CNBC‘s new series Restaurant Kickstart adds to the business network’s roster of reality-competition fare. Debuting in July, it follows wannabe restaurateurs launching pop-up establishments with $7,500 in seed money, on Melrose Avenue. Start-ups, chef and co-star Tim Love said today at the network’s NBC Press Day panel, are getting to be “more and more focused,” he said, citing The Meatball Shops that have opened up around New York, and one of this show’s would-be restaurateurs who wanted to serve all her meals in waffle cones — “she thinks that’s the next big thing,” he said. In this new program, competitors must create and open a pop-up restaurant almost overnight. Love and show host Joe Bastianich then decide, based on the results, whether to invest more heavily in the entrepreneur. Unlike the pantheon of food competition series on TV these days, “it’s not a restaurant show — it’s an investment show,” Love insisted. “It really looks under the hood,” chimed in exec producer Eden Gaha.

PREVIOUS, 8:51 AM: Coming off its best quarter among adults 25-54 in more than a decade, CNBC today announced an extended order of episodes for Season 2 of The Profit. The series, which airs Tuesdays at 10 PM, follows serial entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis who saves struggling businesses while investing his own cash in the process. Last Tuesday’s episode of The Profit was the most-watched original series telecast ever for the network among P25-54 and total viewers. And among P25-54, season two is up +115% from last year’s first season. CNBC added eight additional episodes to season two for a total of 16 one-hour episodes. The additional episodes, which have yet to be shot, will air in October. The Profit is produced by Machete Productions with Amber Mazzola as executive producer. The network also greenlit two new primetime summer series, Restaurant Kickstart with restaurateur Joe Bastianich, and celebrity chef, Tim Love set for July; and Filthy Rich Guide to debut in August. In addition, CNBC unveiled three series in development: Restaurant Confidential: New York (working title), Hard Money (working title) and More Money More Problems (working title). The announcements were made today by Jim Ackerman, SVP, Primetime Alternative, CNBC. Here are descriptions of the new greenlit series and projects in development:


RESTAURANT KICKSTART is on a quest to discover, invest in and launch America’s next generation of epicurean superstars. Each week, two teams will make their case to our investors, Bastianich and Love, for a shot at launching a temporary version of their great concept for a restaurant or a specialty food shop … be it a bakery, a cotton candy bar, a sausage shop. Under the watchful eye of restaurateur and culinary consultant, Waylynn Lucas, the chosen team has two days and $7,500 to launch a pop-up restaurant, or a store, or a product presentation, come up with a branding campaign and research and write-up a business plan. Then we’ll open the doors and test the concept on the public. At the end of the process, our two investors will decide whether or not they will put their own money on the line to make someone’s dreams come true. And, if everything goes according to plan, make millions for the entrepreneurs and, even more importantly, for themselves!

RESTAURANT KICKSTART is produced for CNBC by Shine America and JB Crushed, LLC with James Bruce, Eden Gaha, Paul Franklin, Robin Feinberg and Joe Bastianich as executive producers.

FILTHY RICH GUIDE is an insider look at a world where party never ends, the cash flow doesn’t stop, and the hi-tech toys are the biggest and most expensive in the world. From secret worlds, to outrageous mansions, to private islands, it’s the Filthy Rich Guide to the best that (a ridiculous amount of) money can buy.

FILTHY RICH GUIDE is produced by Leopard USA with Dave Hamilton and Dan Taberski as executive producers.


RESTAURANT CONFIDENTIAL: NEW YORK (working title) is a docu-series that follows the money and chronicles the struggles and triumphs of various restaurants in the ultra-competitive New York Food Scene. The series dives into the New York restaurant world as hot and not so hot spots compete to survive and thrive while showcasing chefs, restaurateurs, investors and everyone in between as they work tirelessly to make a place for themselves in the culinary scene. The pay-off takes place in the final minutes with real register tallies and hard facts that expose the truth of each business’ health.

RESTAURANT CONFIDENTIAL: NEW YORK (working title) is produced by All3Media America with Eli Holzman, Stephen Lambert and Aaron Saidman as executive producers.

HARD MONEY (working title) takes you inside the high-octane world of “hard money” lending. Sometimes referred to as legal loan sharks, hard money lenders have immediate access to immense sums of cash (think hundreds of millions of dollars) and are willing to lend it to borrowers who need money fast at very steep interest rates. As a commission-only based business, hard money lenders are constantly on the hunt for large, quick deals with legitimate collateral. The more deals they fund, the more they make. It’s high risk, high reward, and every loan is a cat-and-mouse game that’s part PI-work and part high-stakes poker. Welcome to the world of HARD MONEY.

HARD MONEY (working title) is produced by Matador with Jay Peterson and Todd Lubin as executive producers.

MORE MONEY MORE PROBLEMS (working title) is a docu-series that uncovers the astonishing first-person stories of star athletes, CEO’s, actors, musical artists and other one-time high net worth individuals who went from rags to riches… to rags. These are stories that speak to the dangers of sudden wealth and track the dark side to success from the outrageous excess and the addictive spending to the money hungry entourage and the con artists who take advantage of the naïve and ignorant.

MORE MONEY MORE PROBLEMS (working title) is produced by Rakontur with Billy Corben and Alfred Spellman as executive producers.