NBC Universal LogosBravo Media today unveiled five new unscripted series in development. Fempire follows female CEOs dominating their field, The Fit Club, tackles New York City’s hottest trainers, Why Not Minot? looks at the wealthy area of Minot, ND, Last Chance gives couples one last opportunity to salvage their relationship by putting them on television, and Crowd Control, in which social media decides participants’ life decisions, from what job they take to the food they eat. “Bravo is constantly developing projects to find the next big hit that resonates with our pop culture enthusiasts,” said Lara Spotts, SVP Development for Bravo Media.

In February, Bravo Media greenlit its first original scripted series, the hourlong Girlfriends’ Guide To Divorce starring House alumna Lisa Edelstein. The project, from writer-producer Marti Noxon and Universal Cable Prods, has received a 13-episode order for a 2015 premiere. Based on the best-selling Girlfriends’ Guide books by Vicki Iovine, the series follows Abby (Edelstein), a self-help book author who hides the fact that she’s separated from her husband, as she starts to navigate her life as a single woman in her early 40s in Los Angeles. She finds herself seeking advice from her divorced friends instead of her married ones, which leads to some unexpected and life-changing experiences. From today’s announcement:

“Crowd Control” (working title)

Produced by LOUD TV with Nick Rigg and Brent Montgomery serving as Executive Producers.

The ultimate choose-your-own-adventure that puts one person’s fate into the hands of opinionated viewers.  Having to rely on social media interactions alone, the day-to-day living of our host will be completely dictated by the audience.  Every real life decision put before our host, from what they eat to who they date to the job they take will be decided entirely by Bravo’s highly engaged audience.

“Fempire” (working title)

Casting by Water Cooler Casting

These female CEOs know that making time for a cocktail and a date is sometimes their only salvation from the pressures and responsibility of growing a “Fempire” and commanding respect from the men who work beneath them.  Business is personal for these women as they do whatever it takes to dominate their field and smash through the glass ceiling.  Will they find happiness on the other side or have they compromised too much to get there?

“The Fit Club” (working title)

Produced by All3Media America and Lime Pictures with Stephen Lambert, Eli Holzman, Kate Little, Claire Poyser, Derek Mclean, Omid Kahangi and Jacob Cohen-Holmes serving as Executive Producers.

Today’s modern day Greek Gods are better known as New York City’s hottest trainers whose bodies are their billboards.  Their client lists include some of Manhattan’s elite, from billionaire investors to world famous celebrities.  With highly active lives both in and out of the gym, this project chronicles their friendships, romances and feuds as they fight to stay on top of the ultra-competitive world of fitness training.

“Last Chance” (working title)

Produced by Wilshire Studios and Iron Ocean with Jessica Biel and Michelle Purple serving as Executive Producers.

Two exes have the ultimate opportunity to give their relationship one last chance through a series of social experiments over the course of 30 days.  The couple will reunite and be pushed to their relationship limits under taxing scenarios – including returning to the scene of one their most difficult, uncomfortable and contentious times, playful events and emotional conversations to determine their fate once and for all.  Will they re-kindle their romance or is their flame out for good?

“Why Not, Minot?” (working title)

Produced by Leftfield Entertainment with Brent Montgomery, David George and Will Nothacker serving as Executive Producers.

Minot, North Dakota is home of a modern day Gold Rush with individuals and families from all over the country flocking to this unexpectedly wealthy area for a chance to strike it rich and ask “Why Not, Minot?”