captain-america-the-winter-soldier01UPDATED, FRIDAY, 8:20 AM: Captain America: The Winter Soldier late nights (starting at 8 p.m.) nabbed a whopping $10.2M last night to push it well past the $100M mark worldwide. The total includes $1.2M from 344 IMAX locations. Warner Bros.’ Man of Steel grossed $9M in late nights — it started at midnight — and went onto gross over $100M on its opening weekend. Other tentpole late nights were The Hobbit: Desolation Of Smaug ($8.8M for a $73.6M opening), and Thor: The Dark World” ($7.1M for an $85.7M weekend bow). Estimates for the debut weekend gross for Captain America is around $85M+ now. Divergent (LGF/SUMMIT) took in roughly $1.5M last night on  locations to push its gross to $101M as it heads into its third weekend of release. These two pictures are battling for the same 20-something demo, but Captain America is expected to crush everything in sight. At the moment, it ranks fourth as the top Marvel pre-sellers on Fandango, right behind Iron Man 2 which opened with a $128.1M in May of 2010 and above Thor: The Dark World. The top pre-seller continues to be The Avengers which was, far and away, the No. 1 title.  The $1.5B worldwide grosser opened to over $200M on its debut in 4,349 theaters

PREVIOUSLY, THURSDAY, 10:08 AM:  Captain America: The Winter Soldier from Disney/Marvel, bows tonight having already stormed through international markets and by this evening the super-soldier franchise will have shattered the $100M worldwide. The current international take is $94.8M. The sequel opens tonight at 8 PM screenings and will be the largest 3-day opening of 2014. The first Captain America opened to $65M when Paramount Pictures distributed in 2o11. Captain America will take the rest of the world by storm tomorrow, opening in Russia and Australia today and will bow in China tomorrow. The negative cost of Captain America: The Winter Soldier is approximately $177.6M.

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To become the highest-grossing April opener ever stateside, it will have to gross over Universal’s Fast Five from 2011, which holds the record at $86.1M and it could actually do that.

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DivergentThe franchise is expected to take the wind out of the sales of Divergent (LGF/SUMMIT) which opened two weekends ago; they are after the same demographic. Divergent is at $99.5M and will cross the $100M mark domestically as well tonight. The film bowed in 18 markets for $7.6M+, but its big international push will also be this weekend when it ventures into the UK, Italy and Mexico, among others. Lionsgate is keeping the numbers pretty quiet until the bigger bows this weekend.

The comp that is being used for Captain America is Thor, which also debuted in 2011 to $65.7M. The sequel, Thor: The Dark World opened to $85.7M last November and went onto gross $206M+ domestically and $438M+ internationally. However, Fandango reported this morning that Captain America: The Winter Soldier is outselling Thor: The Dark World at the same point in that film’s ticket sales cycle and the film now ranks as the biggest pre-sales for any April release in the company’s 14-year history. Captain America represents 82% of pre-sales.

NoahNoahwhich Paramount claims to be a $125M negative cost but most others have it closer to $147M, will be in its second weekend. The Russell Crowe-starrer has grossed an estimated $53M to date domestically. It will be interesting to see what the percentage decline will be as it is one of the only pictures in wide release out there now for the older demographic. The movie is tracking to high-teens this weekend. Strong creative/trailers on this movie helped this dark film from Darren Aronofsky open domestically and Emma Watson’s social media footprint truly propelled the younger audience in. Internationally, the Bibical-based film is going strong with a total take to date of $60M.