AwesomenessTVWe should have seen this coming. AwesomenessTV’s comedy videos make it a big deal for teens and kids in the YouTube world, and it has a series on Nickelodeon. That makes it a natural to get into the licensed merchandise business. The DreamWorks Animation owned operation says this morning that it hired former Claire’s Stores CEO and former Disney Stores Worldwide president James Fielding to be AwesomenessTV’s Global Head of Consumer Products and Retail. “AwesomenessTV has built an amazing brand in a very short time, engaging teens around the world,” he says. “This is an incredible opportunity. I look forward to building a long-term business strategy around consumer products and retail experiences that speaks to our fans in new and innovative ways.” He has a lot of running room: AwesomenessTV still isn’t a big moneymaker for DWA. The online video operation contributed just $2.4M in profit and $11.4M in revenue to the studio last year after it committed $33M — with potentially $117M more if it meets performance targets — in May to acquire it. DWA still believes in online video: Last week it agreed to pay $15M for Big Frame, another online multi-channel network operation.