EXCLUSIVE: Veteran WKT PR publicists Nicole Caruso, Evelyn Karamanos and Jessica Kolstad are leaving the firm to strike out on their own. They have formed Relevant, a bi-coastal PR operation that is still sorting out clients and other pertinent stuff. Karamanos, SVP, has been at WKT for 15 years, and Kolstad and Caruso, both VPs, were there 14 and 10 years, respectively. WKT’s Annett Wolf, Lisa Kasteler and Cara Tripicchio are being graceful about the exits. “We’ve always been a company that has invested in our staff as we did with Evelyn, Jessica and Nicole,” the WKT trio said in a statement. “We watched them thrive while at our company and we wish them the best.” Caruso, Karamanos, and Kolstad reciprocated: “We are very grateful for our many successful years at WKT. Annett, Lisa and Cara’s support means the world to us and we have immense respect for them and the company. This is an exciting next chapter for the three of us. ”

I’ll let you know the clients that are moving to the new firm soon. The plan is for Caruso to helm Relevant’s New York office while Kolstad and Karamanos run the Los Angeles headquarters.