Television Academy 2014 Headquarters

Tonight at the the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ annual Hall of Fame induction ceremony, chairman Bruce Rosenblum will detail plans of a major makeover for the organization, including an expansion of its North Hollywood headquarters, a $40 million fundraising drive, a spiffing up of its Emmy statuette logo – the org is even changing its name to the more straightforward “Television Academy.”

Emmyslogo_newThe Academy says it will break ground on a dramatic expansion of its NoHo Arts District campus the day after this year’s Emmycast on August 25. This state-of-the-art facility will enable the Academy to host “even more events with television’s game-changers,” Rosenblum said in this morning’s announcement (see his letter to members bel0w). In addition to the construction, the fundraising will be put to use boosting educational work and scholarship program.

Beyond simplifying its name, the TV Academy also retained brand-strategy firm Siegel+Gale to revise its logo. The Emmy trophy itself will not change, but its graphic depiction will. The new look is “a symbolic representation of where we’re headed,” Rosenblum told Deadline. “If you look at the new image —  it’s cleaner, a bit tighter and more contemporary. It was in alignment with an evaluation of our name. We looked at the name Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and it was a bit dated, a bit old fashioned.” The Academy even mulled dropping “television” from its name. “After a lot of thought and discussion what became clear to all of us that while the word ‘television’ means something different than it did 70 years ago when our academy was founded, the word continues to haves significant resonance and importance among people who enjoy what television is – it’s a reference to the content itself,” Rosenblum said. “When you talk about ‘watching television’ you’re talking about watching Breaking Bad or Walking Dead or The Big Bang Theory – you’re not talking about the box you used to watch in your living room.”

Here’s Rosenblum’s letter to members today:

This promises to be our most exciting year yet. We have begun the countdown to the Television Academy’s 70th anniversary in 2016 with a new look, a vibrant vision, and a spectacular investment for our present members and for future members still in school.

We believe a new “Golden Age” of television is unfolding, and we are all playing an important role in this expansion and evolution. And the Television Academy will continue to present many opportunities to bring all of our members together to share ideas, challenge conventional thinking and make television even better.

In addition to a full calendar of events, a significant aspect of our “give back” to members includes the recent announcement of the dramatic expansion of our NoHo Arts District campus. On August 26, the day after our Primetime Emmy® telecast, we’ll break ground on a reimagined theatre and media center complex – a New Destination for those who are passionate about television. This new state-of-the-art facility will enable us to host even more events with television’s game-changers. Our digitally-equipped theatre and innovative production spaces will connect these inspiring guests with Academy members, students and the public in real time, while capturing these exchanges for enjoyment at later dates.

Corporations and noted philanthropists have already expressed interest in making multi-million dollar commitments to this project. Of course, we also need to invest in the young people who are our future television leaders and professionals. So, we’re simultaneously embarking on a once-in-a-generation fundraising effort. The resulting Television Academy Foundation endowment will more than double our existing internship and educational outreach programs, and establish a tuition-based scholarship program for the first time.

We have a new look to go along with these exciting plans. Globally renowned brand strategy firm Siegel+Gale worked with our staff to re-imagine the Television Academy logo and reinvent our video, digital, and print visuals with a fresh new power and sophistication. Along with this new look, we’ve also decided to simplify our name for everyday usage to the comprehensive and colloquial “Television Academy.”

It’s easy to see why we have so much to celebrate. We look forward to the journey and opportunities that lie ahead!


Bruce Rosenblum
Chairman and CEO