stephen_colbertAround the time Stephen Colbert was suffering Twitter blowback related to promotion of one of his comedy bits mocking Dan Snyder’s latest attempt to placate people angry over his unwillingness to change the name of his Washington team from racial slur “Redskins,” Comedy’s Central‘s  The Colbert Report waded into safer territory last night. He mocked ABC’s Good Morning America and NBC’s Today for their new-ish social rooms, with a segment “Stephen targets the hip, young toddler demographic.” He got help from the host of CBS’ social-room-free morning show host Charlie Rose.

“In September Today launched its Web connected Orange Room, hosted by NBC Youth Correspondent Carson Daly who is 40 years old – that’s like three teenagers in one,” Colbert said, noting,  The Orange Room has been such a hit for NBC that recently Good Morning America’s Lara Spencer unveiled their own new youth zone, Social Square, telling viewers, “it’s young, it’s fun — it’s all about you.”

“Kids, you know something is young hip and fun if a middle-aged woman tells you at 8 am…GMA’s Social Square…has all the same social media apps as the mobile phone in your hand but with the convenience of a stationary room you’re not in,” Colbert said.

Inspired by their example, Colbert said he’s created “my own infoententertainnewsment hang space  that targets an even younger viewer. . The Colbert Report’s new Playdate Plaza” an “innovative funscape that’s all about  relating to the crucial 4 and under demographics. It’s where we’ll be covering all the major new stories toddlers want to know about —  for example, ‘Where di the ball go? Is it gone forever?’…And who knows who will show up in the Celebrity Ball Pit?” Charlie Rose popped up from the sea of balls. “I”m here to tell all the kids that tomorrow on CBS This Morning we’ve got Scott Pelley’s exclusive interview with President Obama — in Rome!” Rose said, then vanished under the balls.

“Now that I’ve got Playdate Plaza I’m ready to go toe-to-toe with all the other news-free play zones: Social Square, Orange Room, and the empty space behind Steve Doocy’s eyes,”  Colbert gushed.