Comcast-Time-Warner-Cable-logos__140213130107-150x150__140213191744This typically happens in big cable system mergers, but still adds to the pressure on Comcast to make public interest concessions to win approval for its $45.2B acquisition of Time Warner Cable. Florida and Indiana are among the states confirming that they will investigate issues in the deal, Reuters reportsFlorida’s AG office told the news service that it is “part of a multi-state group” helping the Justice Department to investigate potential antitrust problems with the transactions. The AGs will mostly focus on issues involving broadband, not cable TV, an unidentified source said. It wasn’t clear whether Indiana was part of that group, but its AG office said that it will look the deal’s “potential impact in Indiana.” Thus far execs have mostly spoken publicly to friendly investor gatherings. They likely will face more sharp-edged questions April 2 when the Senate Judiciary Committee holds a hearing to explore the deal’s impact on consumers.