Channel One RussiaThe unrest in Ukraine and Crimea is trumping the Best Picture battle, at least on major broadcaster. Channel One Russia said Sunday that won’t be showing tonight’s Academy Awards live as planned so it can follow the news of Russian troops being sent to the nearby crisis zones. Instead, the Moscow-based C1R will show the Oscars at 12:30 AM local time on Tuesday. “Due to the large amount of news relating to the situation around the autonomous Oscar_badgerepublic of Crimea and Ukraine, and the increased attention of the audience to newscasts Channel One finds it impossible for 5 hours to broadcast the ceremony Oscar, especially in the morning, when the maximum number has been broadcasting newscasts,” the channel said in a translated statement. According to its global partner International Media Distribution, C1R reaches 99% of Russian households and pulls a 19% share. It boasts 250 million viewers worldwide via its international network, which launched more than a decade ago.

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