For the first time since former New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter took over as anchor of CNN’s Sunday all-things-media program cnnlogo__130909223055-200x95__131028185652__131031215342__131104224558__131108225110__131209225955Reliable Sources, the show edged out Fox News Channel’s like-minded show MediaBuzz in the news demo.  Reliable Sources‘ 193,000 demo viewers put it 21,000 viewers ahead of MediaBuzz  at 11 AM;  in overall audience, MediaBuzz (881,000 viewers), helmed by former Reliable Sources host Howard Kurtz, enjoyed a big advantage over RS (384,000) as has his show every week.

It’s not the first time Reliable Sources has edged out MediaBuzz in the demo — it’s the third since Kurtz’s show debuted in September. It’s just the first time since Stelter became Kurtz’s permanent replacement on the program, and Kurtz still typically doubles Stelter in demo and nearly triples him in total viewers  — hence, today’s headlines.