Pantelion_LogoLionsgate’s Rob Friedman is losing an executive assistant but Pantelion Films is gaining a new Director of Production and Development. Auri Maruri has joined the Latino audience oriented company, Pantelion announced today. Charged with developing high concept comedies and family Auri Marurifilms, Maruri will report to Ben Odell, President of Production. The new exec will also work closely with CEO Paul Presburger on new co-production opportunities with Lionsgate. Previously Maruri was the executive assistant to Lionsgate co-chairman Friedman for 3 years. Pantelion was formed in 2010 with joint financial backing from Grupo Televisa and Lionsgate. Debuting last Fall, Pantelion’s Instructions Not Included has proved the highest grossing Spanish language film ever released in the U.S.