Veep 1“They’re very welcoming in Washington [D.C.] – the fools!” Veep creator Armando Iannucci told PaleyFest attendees tonight. He and the HBO comedy’s cast reminisced about all the politicos in Washington who were only too happy to divulge personal secrets to them as they did research for the show – like the woman who kept her phone on her pillow at night and said “whoever dates me dates [my boss].” President Clinton, meanwhile, recently told Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who won an Emmy last year for playing VPOTUS Selina Meyer, that the best part about her character is “no term limits.”

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Paleyfest 2014 logoIannucci declared that there never will be a crossover episode of Veep and Netflix’s House of Cards, as one PaleyFest ticket-buyer suggested during the Q&A period. That’s because “the cast is very talented in Veep – more talented than the ones in House of Cards. There’s some basic staring at cameras while you say your lines [in House of Cards], which is a fundamental mistake. It should be rooted out – Acting Class 101,” he joked.

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Veep 2Additionally, you will never see a real politician on his comedy series – even in the background – despite “various requests,” Iannucci said. Doing so would destroy the “parallel universe” in which the show exists. “Let’s say for the sake of argument, the governor of a state turned up … you then ask yourself, ‘Is Obama president?” – the whole thing starts unraveling. So there’s a ban on politics in the show,” he explained. “It’s also a logistics thing,” he added, noting that politicians “are very busy people. … They’ve got all these important decisions to defer. They’ll say, ‘We’re free between 11 and 11:05, and we’d love to be in the background of a very large kitchen scene.’”

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That said, if the show ever actually cast the role of POTUS, who has not appeared in the series to date, it should definitely be played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Veep returns for Season 3 on April 6.