Oscar_badgeFirst Ronan Farrow slammed the Golden Globes on January 12 for their tribute to Woody Allen, and now the Ronan-Farrow__140225215615-150x150MSNBC host has given a slap to the Oscars. “Tomorrow on Ronan Farrow Daily: exclusive interview with Ellen DeGeneres’s cravat,” said Farrow on Twitter tonight. “Jared Leto continues his steady ascent into being Jesus,” he added about the Best Actor in a Supporting Role winner. “Next year’s Oscars will be three solid hours of pizza delivery,” Farrow said about Ellen’s network time-filler gag.

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Truth be told, the snide lame comments might actually help Farrow’s ratings, which haven’t exactly been stellar since his weak February 24 debut. Seems like Farrow’s watching a delayed broadcast of tonight’s Oscars because he also tweeted that “You know what the Oscars needed more of? Montages” and “Pharrell is married to that hat” nearly 45 long minutes after the latter’s performance of his Oscar nominated “Happy” tune happened. Wonder what Farrow or his mother Mia will be saying if Cate Blanchett wins Best Actress for her role in Allen’s Blue Jasmine or if the man himself wins Best Original Screenplay?