04-lena-dunham-glamour-cover-lena-h724Girls creator and star Lena Dunham has put a ticking clock on the acting portion of her career, telling Glamour Magazine that she might not want to act much anymore, happier to write female characters and put the words in the mouths of other actresses. I hope that she’s not serious. Though I was turned off watching early episodes of Girls after watching her character get humiliated in sexual encounters (what can I say, I have daughters), I thought Dunham was very funny on Saturday Night Live, and she clearly has found a niche in a generation of young girls who are trying to find themselves, and trying to feel comfortable in their own skin.

Even though she seemed sensitive when a reporter asked why she insists on being nude so often in her show, Dunham’s lack of vanity shows her way more secure than a lot of young women her age. Just as I am liking watching the development of actresses like Melissa McCarthy, and Tina Fey (who also write scripts they star in), I’m looking forward to watching as Dunham continues to hone her voice as a writer/filmmaker, and her acting chops. As reports surface about the limitations placed on actresses, voices like Dunham are needed more than ever.