Highlights: Captain America: The Winter Soldier (DIS) No. 1 with $75.2M in 32 markets; Noah (PAR) adds $33.6M for $51.5M overseas cume; Rio 2 (FOX) tops Brazil charts with $7.6M bow; The Lego Movie (WB) builds to $400.5M; 300: Rise Of An Empire (WB) crosses $200M; Frozen (DIS) becomes all-time global animated champ; Spanish Affairs (UNI) hot, hot, hot at home with +15% jump

cinemaworld5TH UPDATE, 2:10 PM PT: Updated grosses are in now for the following films: The Grand Budapest Hotel, Mr. Peabody & Sherman, Spanish Affairs, Rio 2, Monuments Men, The Lego Movie and 300: Rise of an Empire, among others.

4TH UPDATE, SUNDAY 5:38 PM PT: This weekend saw a big 47% rise across the Top 10 movies over last week’s frame, although it was still off 22% from last year. At the same time in 2013, G.I. Joe; Retaliation debuted with just over $80M in 54 markets; Captain America: The Winter Soldier‘s $75.2M take this weekend came from just 32 markets. The Croods and Jack The Giant Slayer were also big players overseas in 2013. Rounding out the Top 5 after Captain America 2, this weekend’s big draws were Noah, Mr Peabody & Sherman, Rio 2 and Need For Speed. Next week, Divergent adds the UK, Italy and Mexico, among others. It’s already playing in about 18 smaller markets outside the U.S., but numbers are being kept close to the vest by Lionsgate until the bigger bows. Other titles already on release in some parts are adding significant markets including Captain America 2, which goes to Russia, Australia and China, among others; Noah, which docks in about 24 territories including Germany, Brazil, the UK and Spain; and Rio 2, which hits the UK, Germany, Spain, Taiwan and elsewhere. Until then, this weekend’s box office is broken down in key territories below the original posts.

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3RD UPDATE, SUNDAY 12:40 PM PT: Fox and Warner Bros have now weighed in with their weekend numbers. Strong perfs from Mr Peabody & Sherman, Rio 2, The Monuments Men and The Grand Budapest Hotel helped 20th Century Fox International pass the $500M mark for 2014 this weekend. Notably, Rio 2, the sequel to the 2011 hit, made history in Brazil where it had the biggest opening ever for an animated rio 2film, and the biggest opening of the year across the board. The movie, directed by Carlos Saldanha who hails from the titular town, took off with $7.6M to edge out the prior record-holder, Madagascar 3. All told, audiences in three markets flocked to Rio 2 to the tune of $14.4M at 3,928 dates. After openings in Russia and Ukraine earned $10.43M last weekend and $6.8M combined this weekend to bring the international cume for Rio 2 is now $30.1M.

Also pushing Fox past the half-billion mark, Mr Peabody & Sherman and The Monuments Men both traveled to China this weekend. The former picked up an estimated $7.75M, and the latter lifted about $4.88M, both on 4,000 screens. In total, the animated time travelers took another $17.5M from 10,388 in 65 markets for an international cume of $123.5M. Monuments Men added a total of $7.7M at 5,566 dates in 16 markets for an international cume of $72.2M.

The Grand Budapest Hotel, which continues to play strongly Stateside, is still drawing guests at movie theaters across 29 international markets. It added $7.6M at 2,586 dates. Fox says the $45.2M cume is already 170% of Wes Anderson’s prior highest grossing international title, Fantastic Mr Fox. In its 4th frame, the UK added $1.44M for a local cume of $13.2M and a No. 3 slot. In Korea, Budapest Hotel booked an additional $996K at 233 dates in its 2nd frame – a 70% jump on last weekend.

lego movieIn other milestones, Warner Bros’ The Lego Movie has passed the $400M mark worldwide, constructing a cume of roughly $400M. The domestic total is now $248.3M and international is $151.6M. There were no new openings this weekend, but the movie added an estimated $2.5M at over 2,650 screens in 49 markets. Last weekend, the movie bowed in Japan, and figures have now been clarified there. In a strategic release, Lego went out on a small number of copies, just about 160, to set up the franchise for the sequel plus ancillaries (see territory reports to come below for more). It’s taken $993K through this weekend, a 21% drop from the opening last week. The movie still has key openings to come in Australia (April 3) and Germany (April 10).

300: Rise Of An Empire crossed the $200M mark with an international cume of $213.9M, running 1% ahead of the original 300 at the same point in its theatrical career. The movie added an estimated $8.4M this weekend on 6,040 screens in 63 markets. The top territory remains Russia with $17.4M to date, followed by Brazil ($16.2M), France ($15.25M), Mexico ($14.3M) and Germany ($12.8M) and Korea ($12.5M) and the U.K. ($12.4M).

Disney’s Need For Speed is another pic that had no new openings this weekend. It nevertheless revved up a further $13.3M in its 3rd frame of overseas release from 55 territories. The international total is now $130.4M with China leading the pack at $57M. Also from Disney, Muppets Most Wanted opened in six territories including the UK and added $3.3M for an international cume of $7.5M from 14 markets.

ocho apellidosUniversal’s hit local comedy Spanish Affairs (Ocho Apellidos Vascos) continues to run hot. The romantic comedy is in its 3rd frame and is still No. 1 in the market with an additional $7.1M at 352 dates. That score is a staggering 82% higher than its opening weekend, and double Captain America’s $2.8M Spanish bow this weekend. Affairs, which is the biggest local movie of the year and the biggest Spanish comedy opening of all time, now has a new record that’s a bit of a mouthful: This Saturday was the 2nd biggest 3rd Saturday in Spain ever – just behind Avatar. After 17 days in release, the cume is $21.8M.

Stay tuned for territory breakdowns later today.

captain-america-winter-soldier2ND UPDATE, SUNDAY 9:20 AM PT: The first full-weekend international estimates are rolling in now from the studios with some heavy-hitters in the mix. Disney’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier marched into 32 markets this weekend and fired up an impressive $75.2M debut. It opened No. 1 in all but two of those territories (Spain was one of the holdouts where Unviersal’s Spanish Affairs is still the top movie). The biggest markets for the Marvel sequel were Korea with $10.9M and the UK with $10.7M. The movie has already earned 39% of the total international gross of Captain America: The First Avenger and many markets saw daily increases over the weekend, indicating strong word-of-mouth. Major markets that include China, Russia and Australia open next weekend in step with the U.S. Also to come are Brazil on April 10 and Japan on April 19.

Also from Disney, and as expected, Frozen has broken Toy Story 3‘s record to become the higest-grossing global animated release in history. The Oscar winner surpassed TS3 this weekend with a worldwide cume of $1.072B, and also entered the list of the Top 10 box office hits of all time. This was Frozen‘s 19th frame in overseas release and it added an extra $8M from 17 international markets. In its 3rd frame in Japan — its last country to open internationally — Frozen now has a $50.5M cume. That makes Japan Frozen‘s 3rd biggest ex-U.S. market behind Korea and the UK. (See here for more.)

noah emma watsonMeanwhile, strongly buoyed by Russia, Noah this weekend added $33.6M from 3,579 locations in 22 markets, bringing the international cume to $51.1M. Added to the U.S. take in this weekend’s debut frame, the worldwide total is $95.1M. In all, 20 new markets opened this weekend for $27.4M. Russia, which bowed on Thursday, had the biggest opening of all time for a non-sequel and the 4th biggest opening ever with $17.2M. The Russian start gave Paramount its best opening ever in the market and the top debut for a Russell Crow movie. Down Under, Australians flooded cinemas in what’s been a generally creaky market, giving Noah a super $4.3M over the weekend at 262 cinemas for a $16,412 per-screen average. The two big holover markets, Mexico and Korea, took in $3.4M and $2.8M, respectively. More studio numbers will be added as they arrive and territory reports will come later today.

UPDATE, SATURDAY 10 AM PT: Noah on Friday added another $6.2M to its international tally for a cume of $28.3M since originally opening on March 20 in Korea, and March 21 in Mexico. The film is now in 21 markets and playing at 3,600 locations. After bowing in Russia and Australia on Thursday, a further 17 territories opened Friday including several Eastern European markets, along with India, Indonesia, Hong Kong and elsewhere. Combined, this week’s additional openings were noahmovieworth $5.1M on Friday, which Paramount says is 45% above Gravity‘s debut in the same markets. Among the standouts on Friday, Russia added $2.9M for a 6% bump over Thursday’s opening. The cume there is now $5.7M which is equal to Noah‘s full first-weekend take in Mexico last week. Box office was also up Down Under with an additional $923K on Friday from 262 sites. That was worth 25% more than the Thursday open of $750K. The two-day haul in Oz is $1.7M.

Noah is looking at a potential $45M in the U.S., but overseas is tough to calculate at this point with figures not yet available for many of the debut markets. More will be known tomorrow when we’ll also have numbers for this week’s other big international opener, Disney/Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The sequel booted up in 30 overseas markets including the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Korea and Mexico. It opens in the U.S. on April 4. The French first-day bow on Wednesday was the 5th best of the year behind three local films, and 300: Rise Of An Empire, with 110,798 tickets sold at 664 locations. Winter Soldier is also leading the German box office this weekend, according to local reports. The other notable opener in six markets is The Raid 2 which hit Russia, Australia and Indonesia, among others. Expect it to do well in the latter — the film is set there, and is where helmer Gareth Evans makes his home.

PREVIOUS, FRIDAY PM: After earning a combined $14M in its Korean and Mexican openings last weekend, Noah moored in Russia and Australia on Thursday with strong results. On its opening day in Russia, Darren Aronofsky’s biblical epic grossed an estimated $2.75M. Paramount, which did not provide screen counts, says the open was the 4th biggest non-holiday debut of all time in the territory. Noah‘s opening day was also 2.5 times higher than Gravity, which has been the studio’s preferred comp since last week’s first bows. In Australia, where star Russell Crowe is a hometown guy, the movie had over 55% of the first-day marketplace with a start of $750K. Again comparing to Gravity, Noah was 20% higher in its Oz debut.

Meanwhile, the movie has held water in Korea and Mexico with $10.2M in the former and $8M in the latter through Thursday. All told, the international cume is now $22M. The Korean, Mexican and Australian releases are in 2D; in Russia the film is playing in 3D. It started previews last night in the U.S. (see Anita Busch’s box office report for more) and kicks off in another 19 markets globally this weekend. I’ll be back with updated numbers as they wash in.

Territory Round-Ups:

monuments men french posterCaptain America: The Winter Soldier was the No. 1 movie in France this weekend, almost doubling the first Captain America’s gross with $6.4M. It had a strong opening day last week which was the 5th best this year behind a pack that includes 300: Rise Of An Empire and three local comedies. Of those, Dany Boon’s Supercondriaque had reclaimed the No. 1 spot last week and should still be close to the top when France reports final numbers. Monuments Men in its 3rd frame added $1M from 613 datesfor a total of $8.3M to date, and The Grand Budapest Hotel rang up another $905K from 494 locations for a total cume of $9.4M in this market. Also opening in France this week was the last film by late director Alain Resnais, Aimer Boire Et Chanter. In a small release by Jean Labadie’s Le Pacte, the movie sold just over 23K tickets on its opening day. A handful of local movies move into the market next week, along with 47 Ronin, which has grossed a total international cume of $109.8M so far.

Endless-loveThe Captain America sequel bowed at No. 1 in Germany with $3.8M, about double the first movie’s take. Per local reports, it’s followed by Non-Stop, The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out A Window And Disappeared and Need For Speed. The Grand Budapest Hotel added $649K from 300 dates for a total cume in this territory of $5.2M. Universal’s Endless Love also opened in limited release at 182 dates for $524K. Its international cume is now $9M. There were no other major new movies in the market. Rio 2 arrives next week.

book thiefItaly cozied up to The Winter Soldier with $3.9M in box office. The market is the film’s 5th so far, just behind France. Local comedies, as is often the case, have been doing well in Italy this month. However, drama The Book Thief had a No. 2 berth in its debut with $1.35M at 414 dates. The movie has now earned $50.9M internationally.

russia_flag_largeGiven the state of affairs in Russia these days, it will be interesting to see how Captain America: The Winter Solider fares when it bows on Thursday. The first film made about $8.6M there. Notably, it was retitled, dropping the Captain America part and only going out as The First Avenger in 2011. While times have changed and Russia’s box office is super hot right now for Hollywood, there’s also a push by a deputy in the State Duma to start limiting the number of U.S. movies that enter the market – which for now doesn’t look as though it could pass – and a rising tide of nationalistic sentiment. In the meantime, the taste for U.S. movies has not slowed. In fact, Noah, which opened on Thursday there, just had the biggest opening of all time for a non-sequel with a massive $17.2M. The bow is the 4th biggest opening ever and gave Paramount its best debut in the market. Noah swam into the No. 1 slot, dislodging last week’s No. 1, Rio 2. That film earned $6.36M from 2,478 screens, and $458K from 179 screens in Ukraine this weekend, also putting to bed the rumor floated last week that Hollywood studios are refusing to release their movies there.

spanish affairsUniversal’s hit romantic comedy Spanish Affairs (Ocho Apellidos Vascos) has jumped to the top of the box office for the year in Spain. After 17 days in release, the film – about a staunchly Andalusian stud who falls for a Basque woman and plays the part of a local to win her over – has a cume of $21.8M. That gives Universal the top two movies so far in 2014, with The Wolf Of Wall Street at No. 2 on the overall chart. In its 3rd frame, Affairs rose 15% from last weekend with an estimated $7M at 475 dates – it’s also steadily expanded from opening weekend when it ran on 321 screens. What’s more, the 3rd frame is a staggering 79% higher than opening weekend, and, it doubled Captain America’s opening, relegating it to the No. 2 berth. Affairs, which had the biggest Spanish comedy opening of all time, now has another new record that’s a bit of a mouthful: This Saturday was the 2nd biggest 3rd Saturday in Spain ever – just behind Avatar. Captain America was the No. 2 movie in the market this weekend, one of only two where it didn’t score a No. 1. The Marvel sequel grossed an estimated $2.8M in its bow. Mr Peabody & Sherman was good for the No. 3 position with $1.27M on 487 screens, down 21% on last weekend. The Grand Budapest Hotel had a similar drop and earned $808K from 198 screens. Also opening in Spain this weekend were Warner Bros’ local pic Kamikaze by Alex Pina, Denis Villeneuve’s Enemy and Carlos Iglesias’ comedy 2 Francos, 40 Pesetas. Need For Speed is revving up to bow in Spain next weekend when Rio 2 will also take flight.

MUPPETS MOST WANTEDThe UK was Captain America: The First Avenger’s 3rd biggest market with a total of $17M. This weekend, the sequel opened to $10.7M and the 2nd best debut, behind Korea. It more than doubled the opening of the original film and had 45% of the box office. That left the No. 2 spot open for Disney’s Muppets Most Wanted which took £1.3M for the weekend and £600K in previews for a local total of £1.9M ($3.16M). The Grand Budapest Hotel continues packing ‘em in in the UK with an added $1.44M from 451 screens and a No. 3 slot. It’s total cume here is $13.2M. Also opening were Oscar-winner 20 Feet From Stardom and Renny Harlin’s The Legend Of Hercules. Rio 2 lands in the UK next weekend.

mr-peabody-shermanChina continues to be a souped-up market for Need For Speed which has a local cume of $57M. It’s still the top worldwide market for the movie. Two Fox titles entered the fray this week: Mr Peabody & Sherman earned an estimated $7.75M from about 4,000 screens and The Monuments Men picked up $4.88M and a No. 3 berth. Berlin Golden Bear winner Black Coal Thin Ice added $2.8M at home for a cume of $13M. Captain America enlists in China on April 4, following a promotional tour that brought Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L Jackson to Beijing last week. Disney has partnered with video giant Youku Tudou to promote the film and help establish the franchise. The first Captain America was initially not expected to be released in China, but ultimately scored a September 2011 $4.96M bow. Johnny Depp starts his own promotional tour tomorrow in China in support of Transcendence which is bowing on April 18.

frozen1Japan, where multiples for openings can sometimes be as high as 15, was key to pushing Frozen over the worldwide take of Toy Story 3. The Oscar-winner is now the highest-grossing animated film of all time after opening on March 14 with $9.4M, giving Walt Disney Animation Studio its biggest opening there ever. It has since added $41.4M, $7.5M this weekend, to bring its local cume to $50.5M. That makes Japan the 3rd largest market for the movie outside the U.S. It’s still running at No. 1 in the territory which was the last one to open. Another animated film, The Lego Movie from Warner Bros, went a different route in Japan. The release was small, just 164 screens, to help establish the franchise ahead of Lego 2. Popular voice actors were employed and the same translator who worked on Universal’s Ted was hired to localize the humor. The cume after two weeks is $993K with a 21% drop in frame 2. After opening last weekend to a strong $3.26M at 594 dates, Fox’s The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty added $1M in its 2nd frame for a local cume of $5.9M.

captain america winter soldierThe Winter Soldier opened to an estimated $10.9M in Korea, making it the film’s top market thus far. The score was more than quadruple the first Captain America movie’s bow. It also gave Marvel its 3rd biggest weekend ever in the territory. Coincidentally, The Avengers: Age Of Ultron just began shooting at Seoul’s Mapo Bridge today. According to local reports, the crew will spend two weeks in Korea and the bridge scene is set to feature Captain America himself, Chris Evans. Noah, meanwhile, added $2.8M to its bounty from 578 cinemas after opening to $8.3M from 500 screens last weekend. It’s now No. 2 in the market behind Captain America; it dropped by 65% in the 2nd frame. The local cume after 11 days is $12.4M. The Grand Budapest Hotel went the other direction, jumping by 7% in its 2nd frame to register $996M at 233 dates and now has a cume of $1.82M locally.

the_raid_2_afficheIn Malaysia, The Winter Soldier grossed $3.5M, the best of its Asian debuts, which were all No. 1s. Disney says the Malaysian bow is the 5th all-time biggest opening weekend and the all-time top March opening day. A movie that evidently won’t be seen in Malaysia is Gareth Evans’ The Raid 2. The film was due to open there this weekend, along with Russia, Australia, Indonesia and New Zealand (figures are not yet available). But, local reports say the film has been banned by the country’s censorship board which is thought to be sensitive to certain violent content. It did open in the U.S. this weekend, grossing nearly $177K in seven locations for a big per-theater average. Turning back to The Winter Soldier, it also had the top March opening day in Taiwan and the 2nd all-time opening day in Singapore. Its weekend haul was $3.4M and $2.4M in those markets, respectively.

RIO-2-AfficheThe big story in Brazil this weekend was Rio 2. After the original film debuted in 2011, it went on to be the 2nd biggest movie of the year with about $33.5M locally. The sequel opened this weekend to what Fox says is the biggest animated bow ever, the biggest Fox opening ever and biggest start of 2014. The Carlos Saldanha-directed Rio 2 earned $7.6M this weekend to edge out the previous record holder, Madagascar 3. It launches next weekend in nine markets including the UK, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and Taiwan. Disney’s local comedy S.O.S Mulheres Ao Mar is still going strong in its 2nd Brazilian frame.

noah arkCaptain America soldiered into Mexico for $8.7M in its debut, the No. 3 all-time March/April opening weekend, behind Marvel’s own Avengers and Iron Man 3. Noah drifted down 40% from its opening last weekend, drawing a strong $3.4M from 620 sites. The cume there is a solid $11.3M. Also opening this weekend was France’s recent Oscar entry Renoir.

Noah was full-steam ahead in Australia this weekend with $4.3M in its opening at 262 cinemas. That’s an impressive $16,412 per-theater average. Oz has been a tough play lately with local and foreign movies failing to fire on all cylinders. The Monuments Men, which had been the top film for two weeks running, dropped to No. 3 in its 3rd frame with an extra $1.07M at 265 locations for a total cume of $6.1M here. The No. 2 film was Mr Peabody & Sherman in its debut with a strong $3.4M on 349 screens. Captain America: The Winter Soldier arrives on Thursday as does The Lego Movie.