Highlights: Noah (PAR) floods Mexico and Korea with opening cume of $14M; Muppets Most Wanted (DIS) scores $1.5M in eight debut markets; Need For Speed (DIS/var) drives another $29.2M; 300: Rise Of An Empire (WB) seizes further $21.2M; Mr Peabody & Sherman (FOX) at $103M; Rio 2 (FOX) flies to $10.5M in Russia/Ukraine; The Grand Budapest Hotel (FOX) has extra room for $9.7M; Frozen (DIS) nearing Toy Story 3‘s record; Uni’s 8 Apellidos Vascos (aka Spanish Affairs) still seducing Spain; trio of Asian pics enters Top 20…

cinemaworld6TH UPDATE, MON, 12:43 PM PT: Final numbers are in now for The Grand Budapest Hotel, Mr. Peabody and Sherman, Monuments Men as well as Ride Along, 300: Rise of an Empire and The Lego Movie (which grossed more than previously thought). Final numbers also came in Monday night for Oscar Best Picture winner 12 Years a Slave which added another $3.9M to raise its international cume to $121.7M, most of its gross has come from the U.K. with $32.7M; the film has made $178M worldwide. Lionsgate opened Divergent in 18 international markets, but are not releasing numbers as yet. We are using Rentrak which has five small territories (see below for more info on that). Lionsgate, as they always do, pre-licensed international so there are many distributors handling the film in their prospective territories. The big territory rollout for Divergent will be April 4 in the U.K., Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Mexico, and Finland, followed April 11 by France, Germany, Russia, Australia, Denmark and Norway.

5TH UPDATE, SUNDAY 7:02 PM PT: Need For Speed, 300: Rise Of An Empire, Noah, Mr Peabody & Sherman, Rio 2, Non-Stop, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Frozen, among others, are all either continuing or starting their international runs. Across the Top 10, however, the overall box office is down 32% from last weekend and 28% compared to the same frame last year. In 2013, The Croods had a big $63M international opening while Oz The Great And Powerful was still casting a spell at the overseas box office in its 3rd week. Also, Finding Mr Right was a big local hit in China – not dissimilar to this week when three Asian movies were big draws there. Next week sees Captain America: The Winter Soldier enlist in about 30 territories including the key markets of the UK, Germany, Korea and Mexico; the latter was the original Captain America’s biggest ex-U.S. territory. Also on deck is Gareth Evans’ The Raid 2, notably in Russia and Indonesia, where the film is set and where Evans makes his home.

This week’s territory round-ups are after the original posts below.

4TH UPDATE, SUNDAY 3:14 PM PT: Just a clarification on the below regarding Divergent, and before I return with territory round-ups. I have been informed that the movie opened in 18 international markets. Rentrak’s $1.7M cume is from five small territories which I understand are in South America and Asia. So, just to be clear, the initial number is missing 13 territories — the movie has multiple distributors around the world who have different reporting schedules — and does not reflect the final first international weekend result.

3RD UPDATE, SUNDAY 1:32 PM PT: All studios have now reported and I’ll get to the territory-by-territory breakdown a little while later. In the meantime, a quick note about Divergent and then on to the major openings and holdovers. The Lionsgate/Summit pic posted very strong results in the States and opened day-and-date in a handful of small markets. The studio has not reported official numbers, but Rentrak has placed Divergent‘s overseas collection at an estimated $1.7M in five openings. The U.S. figures position Divergent well for international; the real rollout starts on April 4. Here’s a rundown of the top pics overseas this weekend (for Noah, see 1st Sunday update below this post):

need for speedDisney’s No. 1 movie last weekend, Need For Speed, bowed in 15 international markets this frame, notably Germany where it is distributed by Constantin. (Disney has the movie in the U.S., Asia/Pacific and Latin America; Mister Smith Entertainment’s various partners are handling Europe, the Middle East and Africa.) Overall, it added an estimated $29.2M – a little less than four times its U.S. take this weekend. Its overseas cume is now $96.1M from 55 territories, over three times its domestic cume of $30.4M for a worldwide total estimated at $126.5M. It opened No. 1 in Germany with an estimated $3M and continued racing in China where it now has a cume of $41.7M – it opened at No. 1 last weekend with $21.2M. It also bowed No. 1 in South Africa (Nu Metro), Austria (Constantin), Portugal (Lusomundo) and Denmark (Nordisk), and earned more than $1M in its Middle East debut via Italia Film. The Europe, Middle East and Africa launch markets combined for a total estimated at $6.15M and an overall EMEA cume of $20.5M. There are no new openings next weekend; the movie drives to Spain, France and Korea in April and to Japan in June.

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muppetsDisney’s Muppets Most Wanted opened in eight international territories day-and-date with the U.S. It had a strong bow in Mexico with an estimated $900K, where Noah was the dominant player in a largely Catholic country. After grossing $16.5M in the U.S., the sequel has a global cume of $18M when factoring in the estimated $1.5M it took overseas. Most of that came from Mexico, and Poland where it bowed to $200K. Muppets Most Wanted, which sees the familiar troupe unintentionally involved in an international crime caper, boasts a Kermit doppelganger and the live-action turns of Ty Burrell, Ricky Gervais and Tina Fey and opens next Friday in the UK and five other markets. The 2011 Muppets reboot ultimately earned $76.6M overseas; about a third of that from the UK, followed by Australia, Germany and Mexico. MMW opens throughout April and May in Australia, Spain, Germany and Brazil.

Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures300: Rise Of An Empire added an estimated $21.2M from 9,914 screens in 63 markets in its 3rd frame. The international cume is now $196M. Notably, the movie scored a No. 1 hat trick in Brazil adding $2.3M on 681 screens for a local cume of $14.5M.

mr-peabody-shermanFox’s Mr Peabody & Sherman added an estimated $12.1M and broke the $100M mark with $103.5M internationally. The overseas cume is now $103.5M from 66 markets. The movie opened in Malyasia and South Africa this weekend and has three territories left to go. It had a strong hold in Spain, adding $5.98M on 568 screens for the No. 2 spot with no drop from its 1st frame. It also had No. 2 holds in Italy, Singapore and Chile.

Rio-2Rio 2, which lands in Brazil next weekend, opened in its first two markets this weekend: Russia and Ukraine. Despite the political goings-on, locals flocked to see the animated sequel which took an estimated $10.43M for the No. 1 slot. School holidays begin this week, likely giving extra lift to the story of a family of macaws on an adventure in the Amazon.

Non-Stop, which Studiocanal is handling in a number of overseas territories, and which won’t be reported in detail until tomorrow, added $10M per Rentrak. Its international cume is now $70M for a $148.6M worldwide tally.

The-Grand-Budapest-Hotel-Wes-AndersonWes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel registered $9.7M from 23 overseas markets this weekend. In Korea, it had the biggest art-house opening ever with an estimated $622,109 from 163 screens. The charmer that’s been scoring Stateside, opened at No. 1 in Sweden with $498,108 and had a No. 3 bow in Spain with $1M. In the UK, the movie dropped only 5% and stayed at No. 1 with an added $2.1M for a $10.5M cume. In France, 5% more people checked in than last week for an extra $1.15M and an $8.23M cume. The total overseas take is now at $33.3M. Its U.S. cume is almost $13M. Read Brian Brooks’ domestic specialty b.o. report for more on the pic’s stateside performance.

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frozenDisney juggernaut Frozen, which fell out of the Top 10 domestic after a staggering 17 straight weeks, has hit the $1.05B mark globally. It is now the 12th highest grossing movie of all time, skating past Star Wars Episode I: Phantom Menace, Jurassic Park, and Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. It’s still the 2nd highest grossing animated release of all-time behind Toy Story 3. Disney chief Bob Iger said last week he expected Frozen to surpass TS3, and it looks like it’s headed that way with strong numbers out of Japan. The film added $9M this week in 22 territories. In its 2nd Japanese frame, it jumped 7% over last weekend with an estimated $8M and another No. 1 perf. To outmaneuver TS3, Frozen will have to make roughly another $13M.

Warner’s The Lego Movie has Oz (April 3) and Germany (April 10) yet to go, but added $5M in 54 markets this weekend (higher than previously estimated) on3,130 screens for a $148.2M estimated cume. It’s key market has been the UK where its total gross has been $51.4M.

spanish affairsIn local movie news, Universal’s 8 Apellidos Vascos (now called Spanish Affairs in English) retained the No. 1 spot in Spain in its 2nd outing. The romantic comedy grossed an estimated $6.1M at 350 dates. Market share, per the studio, is 51%. Its 2nd frame was bigger than the openings of Non-Stop and Grand Budapest Hotel. Spanish Affairs now has a local cume of $12.4M after 10 days. That take makes it the No. 2 film of the year thus far in Spain, behind The Wolf Of Wall Street.

Fighting-2014-1Meanwhile, in China, three Asian movies have entered Rentrak’s Top 17 international. Director Jiang Ping’s fantasy action thriller Fighting with $6.6M; China’s Berlin Golden Bear winner Black Coal Thin Ice with $6.5M, and action comedy Horse Trader (or Horseplay) from Hong Kong director Lee Chi Ngai with $4.8M.

Monuments Men added “a little Vincent Van Dough this weekend,” per Fox’s Joe Ortiz (who wins a nod for making me chuckle), adding $5.39M in 35 territories. The overseas cume is now $62.5M. The biggest aficionados this weekend came from France where the George Clooney pic picked up an extra $2.19M for a $6.75M total. Down Under, Australians kept the film atop the box office with $1.52M for a 2nd No. 1 slot and a cume of $4.5M. There are five markets yet to release, including China and Japan.

Speaking of China and Japan, MGM and Columbia PicturesRobocop collared another $300K in the former for a local $50.2M cume. In the latter, it added $425K for a $3M total. The José Padilha-helmed movie also nabbed $415K in Brazil in its 5th frame for a total there of $13.9M.

The-Secret-Life-of-Walter-MittyIn its last opening, Ben Stiller’s The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty had a very strong debut in Japan. The Fox film earned $3.26M at 594 dates, bringing the international total to $123.9M. Mitty is expected to have continued life in Japan where it’s been embraced by critics and audiences.

I’ll be back a bit later on with territory-by-territory breakdowns.

noah poster2ND UPDATE, SUNDAY 8:30 AM PT: International weekend estimates are starting to roll in with the first big numbers provided by Darren Aronofsky’s Russell Crowe-starrer Noah. Audiences in Mexico and Korea evidently went more than two-by-two to see the Paramount Pictures and Regency Enterprises epic. It grossed an estimated $14M across those first two markets on 1,135 screens. The film opened No. 1 in Mexico at 635 dates where it is the biggest debut of 2014 at $5.7M. Paramount says it’s also “easily the largest opening weekend” for a film toplined by Crowe. In Mexico, Noah earned more than the other top films combined this weekend where Disney’s Muppets Most Wanted also bowed, to an estimated $900K. The Noah Mexico debut keeps it on par with Gravity. In Korea, Noah was also No. 1 with $8.3M from 500 screens. There, the film is running 14% ahead of Gravity. In both Mexico and Korea, Noah was released in 2D. It will follow suit in nine other territories: the UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and the Philippines. It goes out in 3D in 55 markets and starts its U.S. career on Friday along with 20 other day-and-date territories. I’ll update with more studio grosses as they report.

1ST UPDATE, SATURDAY AM PT: Darren Aronofsky’s biblical epic Noah sailed into Mexico on Friday grossing $1.4M on 635 screens. Once again using Gravity as a comp, Paramount says the figure is on par with the recent Oscar-winning pic’s opening in the territory. The world premiere of Noah was held in Mexico on March 10, giving the film an extra swell. The anticipated pic was a bigger draw in Mexico than James Bond was in his most recent outing: Skyfall earned $820K in its 2012 debut there, Paramount noted. Mexico is a largely Catholic country, a key audience for the redemption story that’s also a big action adventure spectacle. It opened locally against sequel Muppets Most Wanted and Spanish-language pics Canon: Fidelidad Al Limite and Ignasi M. Over in Korea, where Noah bowed on Thursday, its haul was up by 20% on Day 2. Korea added a further $1.4M on Friday for a two-day cume of $2.6M, still running neck-and-neck with Gravity, and, as in Mexico, nearly triple Life Of Pi. Noah goes day-and-date with the U.S. in 20 more markets next weekend. Other key territories like the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil and France roll out in early April. Japan opens June 13.

PREVIOUS, THURSDAY PM: Ahead of its release in Mexico tomorrow, Noah docked in Korea today and pulled in $1.1M for the highest opening day in the hot market this year. The Darren Aronofsky-directed biblical epic from Paramount Pictures and Regency Enterprises debuted on 730 screens.

Paramount says Noah‘s opening gross is on par with Gravity; that film went on to a $29M+ total in the territory last year. Korea is a key market for Hollywood, and also has a large Christian population. But, Korea also has a proclivity for action adventure movies with spectacular effects which tend to perform very well, a significant factor in opening there first. With a budget of $125M, Noah stars Russell Crowe, Anthony Hopkins, Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson, Ray Winstone, Logan Lerman and Douglas Booth.

Noah-2014-Movie-ImagesApart from the spectacle and scale of Noah and its big-name cast, the movie also has a high profile thanks to the subject matter. Noah had its world premiere in Mexico City on March 10, but before that there was word it had been banned in some Arab countries which cited contradictions with the teachings of Islam. (Indeed, it was ultimately not accepted for release in most of the Arab world.) This was after Paramount, along with the U.S. group the National Religious Broadcasters, said in late February they had made the joint decision to add an explanatory message to marketing materials reading: “The film is inspired by the story of Noah. While artistic license has been taken, we believe that this film is true to the essence, values, and integrity of a story that is a cornerstone of faith for millions of people worldwide. The biblical story of Noah can be found in the book of Genesis.”

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The overseas release timing of Noah, which goes out in the U.S. on March 28, is similar to that of Mel Gibson’s The Passion Of The Christ which went out in many international territories from mid-March and leading up to Easter in 2004. That film of course went on to be a mega-hit with about $612M worldwide, $241M from international. More recently among religion-themed films, Fox’s Son Of God was distributed in North America on February 28 and has a current cume of $52.5M. Overseas comps aren’t available, since the film has yet to hit international markets.


noah premiere mexicoI’m starting with Mexico and Korea given their heightened profile this weekend with the arrival of Noah. Darren Aronofsky’s Russell Crowe-starrer was the big story in largely Catholic Mexico. The movie had its world premiere there on March 10, sowing the seeds for a big debut. The film opened No. 1 at 635 dates where it had the best start of any movie this year at $5.7M. Paramount says that Noah’s opening was “easily the largest opening weekend” for a movie starring Russell Crowe. It’s on a par with Gravity and 89% ahead of Skyfall’s opening in 2012. Other comps provided by the studio include Inception and Life Of Pi which Noah’s opening more than doubled. The studio is not offering comps with religious-themed films, but it’s worth noting that the most notorious title in the genre, Mel Gibson’s The Passion Of The Christ, went on to an $18.8M cume in Mexico in 2004. According to Boxofficemojo, it made $7.8M in its opening weekend that year. Disney’s Muppets Most Wanted also bowed locally, to an estimated $900K. The Muppets in 2011 took about $1.7M in its Mexican debut when it opened. Mexico was the 4th best market for The Muppets, which wocka, wocka, wocka-ed its way to about $4.3M. Also opening in Mexico were Spanish-language pics Canon: Fidelidad Al Limite and Ignasi M. In holdovers, 300: Rise Of An Empire added an estimated $1.2M from 1,055 screens for a $13.4M cume.

Noah came ashore in Korea on Thursday, its first territory ahead of Mexico on Friday and a big rollout next week. The movie earned $8.3M at 500 dates for the No. 1 spot. The debut was 14% ahead of Gravity and 37% ahead of Skyfall’s 2012 bow. Grand Budapest Hotel had a $622K bow for the biggest art-house opening ever. Local drama Thread Of Lies has also been performing strongly.

100 year old manNeed For Speed pulled into Germany this weekend with an estimated $3M via Constantin which is distributing the film locally. According to local reports, it could be a close finish with Non-Stop which is being released in Germany by Studiocanal and was No. 1 last weekend. Rise Of An Empire earned an estimated $1.7M from 597 screens for an $11.6M total to date. Mr Peabody & Sherman held the 6th spot in its 4th frame good for an extra $1.1M and a $7.5M cume. Grand Budapest Hotel added an estimated $1.03M in its 3rd frame for a local total of $4.17M. Also near the top of the charts are animated pic Bibi & Tina; Swedish hit The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window And Disappeared — which had a special berth at the Berlin Film Festival — and Pettersson & Findus based on the Swedish kids’ book series.

Universal’s local romantic comedy 8 Apellidos Vascos (Spanish Affairs) continued its love fest with audiences, taking the No. 1 spot for the 2nd week in a row. The weekend gross was $6.1M at 350 dates, a nearly $14,500 per-screen average. According to the studio, the movie has a 51% market share and bested the opening of Non-Stop. The 10-day total is peabody-sherman-e$12.4M. Mr Peabody & Sherman saw no drop off in Spain in its 3rd frame for a No. 2 finish. It took an estimated $1.5M for a local tally of $5.59M. Grand Budapest Hotel was No. 3 as it opened for business; the movie earned an estimated $1M at 196 dates. Monuments Men, in its 5th frame, added $158K on 271 screens for a $5.39M cume. Also opening in Spain this weekend were drama La Partida, Cannes pic Jimmy P. with Benicio Del Toro, and Julio Marti Zahonero’s horror movie La Hermandad.

cest compliqueAmong studio pictures, Monuments Men is riding high in France where local pics are performing very strongly – as is often the case at this time of year. The George Clooney movie was No. 3 with an added $2.19M at 524 dates for a cume of $6.72M in its 2nd frame. Rise Of An Empire seized a further $1.8M at 440 locations for a total of $13.6M in its 3rd weekend. Grand Budapest Hotel was up 5% with $1.15M on 241 screens and a cume of $8.2M. Spike Jonze’s Her also was strong in its first day, landing the No. 3 spot amongst new openers on Wednesday, behind McG’s EuropaCorp thriller 3 Days To Kill starring Kevin Costner, and the No. 1 movie on Day One, Situation Amoureuse: C’est Compliqué. That Studiocanal release is directed by first-time Manu Payet, along with Rodolphe Lauga. It stars Payet and Entourage’s Emmanuelle Chriqui. France’s final figures don’t arrive until late Monday local time. Last week’s No. 1 film, comedy Fiston, is expected to continue performing well after scoring nearly 1M admissions in its first week. Dany Boon’s Supercondriaque fell to No. 2 last week, with a 26% drop and just over 4.2M tickets sold. All titles will have benefitted from the annual Printemps Du Cinéma promotion which sees ticket prices slashed for three days to 3.50 euros each. More than 2.6M moviegoers took part this year during what was an unseasonably warm and sunny week.

The-Grand-Budapest-Hotel-Wes-Anderson-01-personnagesThe Grand Budapest Hotel added an estimated $2.1M on 460 screens for a $10.5M cume. That was just 5% off its 2nd frame last week and gave it the No. 1 spot for the weekend. Studio movies were the major holds in the UK with Rise Of An Empire adding an estimated $1.3M from 685 screens for an $11.4M cume. Need For Speed opened last week via eOne with about $3.5M and now has a cume of $5.7M in the market. Universal’s Ride Along added an estimated $346K at 269 dates in this market. It’s got a 24-day total of $6.6M and $13.2M overall cume across all territories (its weekend gross was $1.4M in 11 markets). Also opening were A Long Way Down with Pierce Brosnan and Toni Collette; Jason Reitman’s Labor Day; the About Last Night remake and Scottish director David MacKenzie’s prison drama Starred Up. Muppets Most Wanted arrives next weekend and could receive a boost from British funnyman co-star Ricky Gervais.

SOS mulheres ao mar300: Rise Of An Empire earned an estimated $2.3M from 681 screens to rank No. 1 for the 3rd consecutive week and increased its local tally to $14.5M. It bowed ahead of local pic SOS Mulheres Ao Mar (SOS Women At Sea), a romantic comedy about a woman who enlists two pals to help her win back her ex aboard a cruise ship. The Disney release is directed by Cris d’Amato. Also near the top of the chart is local police thriller Alemao by José Eduardo Belmonte. Robocop for its part added $415K in its 5th weekend on 341 screens. The cume for the film directed by José Padilha is $13.9M. Fox’s horror pic Devil’s Due had some strong openings in Latin America including Chile with $148K at 41 dates for a No. 3; Colombia with $230K on 113 screens and a No. 2; and Peru with $184K on 59 screens, also a No. 2. The international cume is $15.8M.

Rio 2 flew into Russia and Ukraine, its first territories. It sold $10.5M worth of tickets and had the No. 1 slot. School holidays start this week, which will help it spread its wings. Need For Speed crossed $10M in Russia in its 2nd frame after earning $5.5M last weekend. Its cume is now $10.6M in the market, maintaining its position as the 2nd largest ex-U.S. territory after China. Rise Of An Empire added $1.2M in its 3rd outing on 856 screens for a $16.8M local tally.

Black Coal, Thin IceAfter its $21.2M bow last week, when it beat the U.S. debut, Need For Speed fell 47% for a 10-day cume of $41.7M. It is the biggest market worldwide for the film which has a $30.2M cume in the States. Robocop added an estimated $300K in its 4th frame for a local haul of $50.2M. Local movie Black Coal Thin Ice, which won the Golden Bear in Berlin in February, opened in its home territory to $6.5M, according to Rentrak. Director Diao Yinan’s noir thriller follows a former detective investigating a string of related deaths, but who also begins to fall in love with the person that connects them. It will screen in Tribeca next month. Also entering the top international chart were director Jiang Ping’s fantasy action thriller Fighting with $6.6M and action comedy Horse Trader (or Horseplay) from Hong Kong director Lee Chi Ngai with $4.8M. To catch up on last week, Bong Joon-ho’s Snowpiercer opened on Monday in 2nd place behind Need For Speed, according to FilmBizAsia. It made $1.05M for its biggest opening outside Korea where it earned $3.88M on its first day there.

Frozen now has a $28.9M cume in Japan where it opened last week. In its 2nd frame it was up 7% for an estimated $8M and a No. 1 hold. It is now getting closer to the all-time record for an animated film. To surpass Toy Story 3, it needs to add about another $13M. In its last market, The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty opened to a strong $3.26M at 594 dates. It is expected to have legs in the territory where reviews and audience reaction have been largely positive. Robocop added $425K in its 2nd week for a $3M cume.

Monuments-MenIn a pretty rough weekend overall at the Australian box office The Monuments Men held at No. 1 for the 2nd week in a row, adding $1.52M at 329 dates for a local tally of $4.51M. Ride Along also opened with an estimated $840K at 130 dates. It was the best new opener and had the highest per-screen average, placing No. 3 in the market very close behind newcomer Need for Speed, which has a local cume of $2.7M. Also opening this week were romantic comedy Cuban Fury from director James Griffiths and starring Nick Frost, Rashida Jones and Chris O’Dowd; I, Frankenstein and Pompeii.