cinemaworld6th UPDATE, 9 PM: Final numbers are in for The Lego Movie, The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, Pompeii and this year’s Best Picture winner 12 Years a Slave. All have been updated below. Slave grossed another $7M over the weekend in 55 markets to bring its total international cume to $89.93M and its worldwide to $140.5M. Its top grossing market is the UK, followed by France and Spain where it had a terrific jump of 56% at the box office. It also had a nice 20% bump in Australia. It will open in Japan on Friday, the first territory to open since winning the Oscar. The other big winner at the Oscars with 7 statues, Gravity is still playing to bring its international cume up to $436.9M for a worldwide total of $707.3M. The breakdown of grosses territory by territory are below.

5th UPDATE, Monday 12:33 PM: Ride Along numbers have been updated as have some of grosses of  The Wolf Of Wall Street. Meanwhile, Dallas Buyers Club, which won Matthew McConaughey an Oscar is currently in its Latin American run and film has a cume of $1.16M in 10 markets, grossing $354K on 221 screens. It only has one more territory in Latin America to open before it completes its international run and to date has a worldwide total of about $32M on a $5M budget shot over only 23 days. Interesting to note also that Universal’s 47 Ronin is still playing in 23 territories for a total cume to date of $107.4M with four more territories to open over the next couple of months, including Italy and France.

4th UPDATE, Monday 10 AM: After bowing to $29M domestically, Non-Stop added $27M in international markets. Ten million of its gross was from four of the five territories released this weekend by StudioCanal – the U.K., France, and Australia/New Zealand (where it opened No. 1). Rentrak is showing $20M but it is not taking into account the other territories from StudioCanal. It also opened to No. 1 in South Korean with a hefty $6.7M. StudioCanal is reporting a combined $17M from its other international partners on the film so altogether, it is now ends the weekend with a worldwide cume of $56M ($29M from domestic). Not to mention that Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o is co-starring with Liam Neeson in this suspense thriller; they cast her well before Oscar buzz had even begun. It released in 30 territories this weekend. The Book Thief, Monuments Men and Mr. Peabody And Sherman numbers have also been updated as has Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel.

3rd UPDATE, SUNDAY PM: This is the first week since I started doing international box office in December where the overseas hauls have been an increase on the previous year’s frame. The market is up 6% across the top 10 movies. Key territory breakdowns are below the previous posts with some numbers added for Liam Neeson-starrer Non-Stop. Also notable: The Wolf Of Wall Street has become the highest-grossing R-rated film ever in the UK and now has a cume there of $36M, beating a previous record set by Hannibal 13 years ago.

2nd UPDATE, SUNDAY PM: This just in: Sony tells me that Robocop is the No. 1 film internationally this weekend. That’s after it opened in China to an estimated $20.5M. Meanwhile, Japan fell under the spell of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug this weekend with a No. 1 opening in the somewhat finicky territory. The Warner Bros title fired up an estimated $3.9M on 658 screens. That figure is 17% above the first Hobbit movie’s 3-day opening and bested a handful of local pics in the market. Smaug’s international cume is now $665.2M with $56.2M coming from China where the movie is in its 2nd frame. It grossed $11.8M on 4,140 screens. It has surpassed the total cume of the first Hobbit by 8% in just 10 days.

Lego Movie (Screengrab)Warner Bros’ other big title in the international marketplace, The Lego Movie, officially crossed the $100M mark. It grossed an estimated $20.4M this weekend on more than 7,300 screens in 53 markets. The new international cume is now $120.8M. Despite escalating conflict in the region, Russia gave Lego a No. 1 opening with an estimated $3.9M from 1,186 dates. The biggest ex-U.S. market is the UK with $44M, followed by Mexico with $9.4M and France with $7.2M. Upcoming Releases include Japan on March 21, Australia on April 3 and Germany on April 10.

12 years a slaveOscar winner 12 Years A Slave expanded into additional markets this weekend, adding another $7M (as mentioned above) in 55 international territories, opening in Korea on Thursday with $868K from roughly 320 dates. That accounts for 80% of its projected lifetime gross in the market, proving once again that Korea is a hot place to do business. It generated better business in its debut weekend than Django Unchained. In its second week in Italy, it grossed $1.3M from 349 screens for a tremendous hold; it only dropped 9%. The total cume in Italy is $3.2M. It also expanded in Mexico (see below). The film’s top grossing market is, by far, the UK. It opens in Japan on Friday.

Peabody and ShermanFox’s Mr. Peabody & Sherman opened in 14 new markets this weekend with No. 1s in 10 of them. The time traveling animated movie doesn’t open in the U.S. until March 7, but has already secured $38.6M from 6,784 screens in 20 markets, according to Fox’s most recent numbers Monday afternoon. The Rob Minkoff-directed DreamWorks Animation title adds 36 new markets total next week including Russia, Spain, Poland and Sweden.

Ride Along opened in the UK and Ireland this weekend at No. 3 for Universal. It grossed an estimated $2.4M at 381 dates there and added a total estimated $2.6M at 500 dates in 10 territories. Its international total is $7.1M. Universal will release it in six more territories including the Netherlands on March 6 and Australia on March 20. The Wolf Of Wall Street upped its cume to $105.6M in nine Universal territories. It took $2.6M this weekend at 1,162 dates. In Spain it has grossed $15.5M to date, $6.7M in Switzerland, and $5.3M in Sweden. Rentrak has its total at $250M internationally.

the-book-thief-starring-sophie-nelisseThe Monuments Men (Fox) opened in 10 new markets this weekend, earning $8.3M from 5,002 dates in a total of 55 territories. South Korea notably brought in $394K on 320 screens, and in Spain, the film held its No. 1 position for the 2nd weekend in a row at $1.2M on 402 screens for a total cume $3.7M. The next major openings are in Australia, France and Belgium the weekend of March 12 and 13. Also for Fox, The Book Thief passed $40M internationally this weekend with Germany, Italy, Benelux and some of Scandinavia still to open. Its total cume is $40.7M.

hr_Pompeii_6Pompeii climbed to a $46.3M cume this weekend, adding an estimated $15.4M in 49 markets. The movie landed in Germany via Constantin for an estimated $1.4M at 444 dates and a No. 5 slot. In Korea, it dropped to No. 2 in its 2nd frame with $2.4M on 475 screens and a total there of $7.9M. In its second weekend in Italy, the film held well grossing another $1.1M from 457 screens — only a 35% drop. The total cume in Italy is $3.4M. The next big territory won’t come until March 20th when it erupts in Australia.

Also, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit opened in three more territories this weekend. It added $2.2M to pass the $80M threshold with an overseas cume of $81.8M.

RoboCopUPDATE, SUNDAY AM: Along with the earlier news that Frozen is crossing the $1B mark this weekend (see below), following are some highlights from the international numbers that have come in thus far. MGM and Columbia Pictures’ Robocop blasted its way into China this weekend with an estimated $20.5M on 6,265 screens. It scored a No. 1 slot in the territory where The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug is still playing after debuting at $33M last weekend. Robocop is running in 3D in China, the only territory in which it’s been converted. It also had a strong hold in Brazil, home to director José Padilha. It took an estimated $2.4M and is still No. 1 there where Carnival week is just beginning. Its total take overseas this weekend was about $30M for a cume of $136M internationally.

Hot off its strong premiere at the Berlin Film Festival in February, Fox’s The Grand Budapest Hotel opened in France this weekend. It earned $2.78M from 172 screens for the highest-per screen average in the market and a No. 3 slot behind big local comedy Supercondriaque and Liam Neeson-starrer Non-Stop. Grand Budapest Hotel is now director Wes Anderson’s biggest debut ever in France. It opens in six new markets next weekend including the U.S., Germany and Belgium.

Meanwhile, Universal’s Russian film VIY just passed Despicable Me 2 to become the studio’s highest grossing film of all time in Russia with a 32-day total of $34M.

PREVIOUS: The first international numbers are starting to come in for the weekend and so far, the big story is that Disney’s animated juggernaut, Frozen, is expected to cross the $1B mark today. That dovetails nicely with its two nominations at tonight’s Oscars – where, according to Deadline awards columnist Pete Hammond, it’s likely to be triumphant. As of this weekend, the animated charmer has earned an estimated $388.7M at the domestic box Frozenoffice and an estimated $611.5M internationally for an estimated cume of $1,000,200,000. The biggest non-sequel animated film ever, the No. 2 biggest animated film of all time globally and the No. 18 highest-grossing movie ever is Disney’s 7th release to reach $1B. The movie added $6.75M internationally this weekend which was its 15th overseas. It’s still playing in 35 territories and has Japan to come on March 14. Korea is the highest-grossing market for Frozen with $76.2M so far. It’s become the 11th film ever to pass 10M admissions in the country. In the UK, its second biggest market, the movie has grossed $63.5M and is the 5th highest-earning animated movie ever. Other key territories include Germany ($47.7M), France ($42.6M), China ($42.6M) and Russia ($33.3M). I’ll update more international numbers as they arrive.

China made room this week for Robocop with an estimated $20.5M No. 1 opening on 6,265 screens. MGM and Columbia say that bests the lifetime runs of Captain America and the first Iron Man by 35% and 40%, respectively. Interestingly, Robocop has been converted to 3D for the market and is also playing in IMAX. It’s not in 3D anywhere else. Still playing after a $33M debut last weekend, The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug added an estimated $11.8M on 4,140 screens. The 10-day estimated cume is $56.2M, which sets it tracking 48% higher than An Unexpected Journey.

The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug took Japan by storm this weekend. Opening March 1, it debuted at No. 1 with a new estimated tally of $3.9M from 682 screens. That was 17% better than the first Hobbit movie. Also, it beat new opener Majyo No Takkyubin and three local holdovers including last week’s No. 1, The Mole Song: Undercover Agent Reiji. In its 3rd frame in Japan, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit fell 30% for an estimated $457K from about 332 screens and for a cume of $4.2M. The Wolf Of Wall Street dropped a mere 6% in its 5th weekend, earning $351K from 242 locations and ranking at No. 4. Its local cume is $7.6M. Robocop opens in Japan in two weeks.

Wes Anderson scored a coup in France this week. The Grand Budapest Hotel opened on Wednesday, booking the best opening numbers in Paris in its first showings. It was up against Dany Boon’s Supercondriaque and Non-Stop, which earned $3.58M (on 400,000 admissions) to Supercondriaque‘s $13.78M. The latter was expected to be the big winner this weekend given Boon’s local popularity. Grand Budapest ended up No. 3 for the week, but doubled or tripled Anderson’s previous films in its debut, Fox says, with $2.7M to $2.9M on 172 screens. It opens in six new markets next weekend including the U.S., Germany and Belgium. The Lego Movie jumped 1% with an estimated $3M at 524 dates for a cume of $7.2M. Fox’s Mr Peabody & Sherman had a strong hold with $1.8M in its 3rd frame on 1,147 runs, actually increasing 44% from last week. It’s school holidays in France in alternating regions which was surely a help. It’s total cume in the country is almost $6M. Pompeii took $1.5M from 301 screens and has a total cume of $4.7M. While 12 Years A Slave added $504K at 592 dates for a local cume of $12.9M.

The Wolf Of Wall Street, released by Universal in the UK, has become the highest-grossing R-rated film ever in the territory. It now has a cume of $36M, beating a previous record set by Hannibal in 2001. The Oscar nominated film added $820K this weekend. The Oscar Best Picture winner 12 Years a Slave has generated a total of $30.4M alone from this territory. Also via Universal, Ride Along opened here this week with an estimated $2.4M at 381 dates. It was No. 3 overall, and No. 1 in 29% of theaters. The Lego Movie had its 3rd straight No. 1 with an estimated $5.4M from 1,141 screens. The leading territory outside the U.S. for Lego is now at $44M. Non-Stop opened to $4.4M (Australia and New Zealand were at $1.7M and $255K, respectively). The Book Thief was buzzy headed into the UK and opened to an estimated $2.4M on 454 screens. In total, the Holocaust drama added $3.5m from 1,760 screens in 22 markets.

12 Years a Slave expanded in Mexico this weekend to take in $723K from 249 runs and has taken in $1.7M, which is now past what the original lifetime gross was expected to be in the market. Because of the expansion, it got a nice 17% boost weekend to weekend. It’s total gross in Latin America to date is $4.7M. Robocop continued its No. 1 run in Brazil where hometown director José Padilha’s movie took $2.4M. It’s now grossed $7.4M there. Mr Peabody & Sherman opened at No. 2 with $1.6M at 624 dates. The Book Thief, which has been embraced locally, earned an extra $326K from 184 screens.  In Brazil, its cume is $5.7M after five weeks.Universal has Dallas Buyers Club in Latin America where it has grossed an estimated $1.1M. The film opened in limited release in Argentina, Ecuador, Panama and Peru this weekend to what Universal calls “good results.” It opens Chile on March 6. The Lego Movie now has a Brazilian cume of $5.2M and in Mexico, its second biggest ex-U.S. market, it’s at $9.4M. Pompeii has pulled in $7.3M in this territory with Mexico accounting for $3.2M of that and Brazil, $3.1M.

In Korea today, Frozen became the 11th film ever to hit 10M admissions. It is the highest-grossing market for Frozen with $76.2M so far. Monuments Men debuted in Korea this weekend with $394K on 320 screens. Pompeii dropped to No. 2 in its 2nd frame with $2.4M on 475 screens and a total there of $7.9M. Also, 12 Years A Slave opened last Thursday with $868K from from roughly 320 dates, accounting for 80% of its projected lifetime gross in the market. It’s grossed $956K to date here. The top film in this market was Non-Stop, followed by Pompeii, local title Miss Granny and Frozen.

Mr Peabody & Sherman opened to $2.2M from 885 dates taking the No. 2 spot while Pompeii via Constantin took the No. 5 spot with $1.4M on 444 screens. Monuments Men, which had its international premiere at the Berlin Film Festival last month, dropped 32% in its 2nd frame for $1.4M from 592 screens to take No. 6. It has grossed $4M in the territory. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (No. 8) sleuthed its way to $1.1M from 402 locations in its debut. There’s still stiff competition from local movies in the market including No. 1 ranking Stromberg – Der Film, No. 3 ranked Vaterfreuden and Turkish comedy Recep Ivedik 4, which is in fourth place. Non-Stop, the Liam Neeson suspense thriller that opened this weekend in select markets, will open here on March 13th. The Wolf of Wall Street has made $28.5M to $28.8M here to date.

The Lego Movie opened at No. 1 with a $3.9M debut from 1,186 runs. Robocop added an estimated $500K to bring its total to $9.6M. It had previously earned $1.6M in its 2nd weekend after a strong start in the fast-burn market. Universal’s hit Russian pic VIY in its 5th weekend has taken $34.1M to surpass Despicable Me 2 to become the studio’s highest-grosser ever in the country.