cinemaworld6th UPDATE, MONDAY 9:09 PM PT: Updated numbers for Best Picture Oscar winner 12 Years a Slave and Pompeii have been added below. 12 Years a Slaves cume internationally is now $104.5M and its worldwide total stands at $157.6M.

5TH UPDATE, MONDAY 12:20 PM PT: Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures’ 300: Rise Of An Empire is now tracking up 11% over the original 300 internationally. Revised numbers have just come in from Warner which says the movie took $88.8M in 58 markets. Some of the major territories were slightly down, but the overall cume was up. The Lego Movie was slightly lower than predicted at $9.6M on 5,585 screens, however the overall overseas cume is $135.4M, a small bolt off the originally estimated $135.6M. The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug added a confirmed $7.5M internationally — down from the estimated $8M — and with $679.7M total; again, a breath away from the previously reported cume of $680M. As ever, numbers are updated in the territory sections below, with more to come as they roll in.

4TH UPDATE, MONDAY 11:45 AM PT: Studiocanal has reported figures, though not detailed, for Liam Neeson actioner Non-Stop. Previous reporting from Rentrak estimated the 2nd frame returns at $12M for a $40M cume in 22 markets. Studiocanal says today the Jaume Collet-Serra-helmed pic took an estimated $15M for a running total of $50M overseas. When combined with the U.S. take, Studiocanal says the film has passed the $100M mark worldwide at a total thus far of $102M. Territories where Non-Stop has yet to release include Germany, Mexico, China (no date set) and Japan (where it won’t go out until September). Figures for Universal releases have been updated below; notably, numbers are higher in Russia than previously expected for Endless Love which took $388K at 308 dates versus an original estimate of $305K. Ukraine also opened on Thursday and took in an estimated $139K at 74 dates. Today is a holiday there, and I’m told that despite the ongoing turmoil, locals are still going to the movies. More numbers will be updated as they arrive.

3RD UPDATE, SUNDAY 6:40 PM PT: Across the Top 10 titles, the international haul is up this week over last by 10%, and ranks 23% bigger than the comparable frame in 2013. Warner Bros and Legendary’s 300: Rise Of An Empire leads the charge with a strong debut in 58 markets and an $87.8M haul. Last year, it was Oz, The Great And Powerful that was seducing audiences with $63M in overseas takings. Next week brings Need For Speed starring Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul.

All initial international numbers are in from the studios, and breakdowns for some key territories follow the original posts below with notable happenings in France, Italy, India, Russia and elsewhere. In the meantime, overseas numbers for Liam Neeson-starrer Non-Stop have yet to arrive since the movie is released by a slew of offshore distributors, notably Studiocanal which will likely provide details tomorrow. However, Rentrak says Non-Stop, out in 22 markets, added an estimated $12M for a $40M cume.

2ND UPDATE, SUNDAY 10:50 AM PT: As expected, Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures’ 300: Rise Of An Empire was the dominant movie at the international box office this weekend. The Noam Murro-directed sequel ranked No. 1 across all continents tallying up $87.8M from 58 markets. Of that, $5.2M came from IMAX plays, setting a new March record. The tracking previously put Rise Of An Empire at 9% ahead of the original 300, but the studio now says it’s up 10%.

Also notable in the market are an expanded Mr Peabody And Sherman, a still fighitng Robocop; Frozen‘s hot streak, The Grand Budapest Hotel‘s record-setting European bows for Wes Anderson and an Oscar bump for 12 Years A Slave which crossed $100M overseas — specifically $104.5M. Details follow below, after a closer look at Rise Of An Empire.

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artemesiaDespite the ongoing crisis in nearby Crimea, folks did not stay away from the movies in Russia where Rise Of An Empire had its biggest overseas debut with an estimated $9.2M at 1,441 dates. France was also a strong performer with $7.2M on 454 screens. Korea delivered the 3rd best performance with an estimated $6.5M from 720 screens. Brazil was next with $5.8M on 795 screens for a No. 1 slot and the industry’s biggest-ever March opening. The 5th top territory was Mexico, a strong No. 1 with $5.5M on 2,047 screens.

The list above is indicative of how much the box office landscape – as well as the overall economic situation – has changed since 300 was released in 2007. At the time, the top markets for the film were the UK, Spain, Korea, Germany and Italy. Rise Of An Empire opened at No. 1 in each of the territories, but Russia alone is almost double the opening UK take of $4.8M. Its also more than double Italy and Spain.

Other notable ROAE performances included India. Despite a typically inward-looking market where there were three new Bollywood releases this weekend, the film scored a No. 1 debut on 894 screens for an estimated $3M. That’s the 3rd biggest opening for Warner Bros and the 4th ever for a studio movie. Also impressive were numbers in the Middle East – a region that has Hollywood execs buzzy in general over gains there. Rise Of An Empire bowed to an estimated $1.4M in the United Arab Emirates on just 61 screens. It was the biggest Warner opening of all time and the best debut ever for a film with an 18 rating.

Fox’s Mr Peabody And Sherman was massively expanded this weekend, traveling to 36 new markets for an added $21M at 10,742 dates. Now in a total of 52 markets, it had strong debuts in Russia ($4.47M) and Spain ($2.13M). The DreamWorks Animation title’s international cume is $66.09M with 20 more markets to visit through April including Australia, China, Italy, and South Korea.

MGM and Columbia Pictures’ Robocop is still the boss in China in its 2nd frame. The movie added $10.5M for a $40M cume. Its total estimated take overseas this weekend was $14.8M for a cume of $165.3M. Brazil, where director José Padilha is a hometown hero, added $1.7M in its 3rd frame. The total there is $12.1M.

November 1st, 2013 @ 20:51:56Frozen has moved up a notch on the all-time charts, now occupying the 17th spot as the biggest grossing movie in history, skating past The Dark Knight. The animated Oscar winner added an estimated $3.6M in 30 international territories for a $616.4M overseas cume. Along with its domestic take of $393.051M, its worldwide total is now $1,009,451,000. It’s still the 2nd biggest animated release ever, behind Disney’s Toy Story 3 with $1,063,171,911. Will that film maintain its title? Frozen has one more territory to go – and it’s potentially a big one. The movie goes out in Japan on March 14. Last year, Disney’s Monsters University made over $90M at the Japanese box office, but on the other hand, Wreck-It-Ralph did about $30M. In 2010, Toy Story 3 grossed $126.7M there. Robocop blasts into Japan next week and Warner’s The Lego Movie snaps into place the week after that. It could be very close for Frozen indeed.

Speaking of The Lego Movie, it added an estimated $9.9M on about 5,300 screens. The overseas cume is now $135.6M. The top markets for the film are the UK ($47.7M), France ($10M) and Mexico ($9.6M). The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug fired up a further $8M internationally for an overseas cume of $680M. The movie is still playing in China and Japan. In the former, it’s got an estimated $67.1M total – 29% bigger than the initial Hobbit. After a No. 1 opening last week, Smaug in its 2nd frame has a cume of $7.6M, 22% above An Unexpected Journey.

grand budapestFox’s The Grand Budapest Hotel rang up $6.2M from 772 screens in nine markets. After scoring his biggest launch ever in France last weekend, Wes Anderson repeated the feat in the UK, Germany, Austria, and Belgium. The international cume is $10.02M.

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After earning $7M in 55 markets last weekend — ahead of its Best Picture win — 12 Years A Slave drew an estimated $9.2M this weekend for a total of $104.5M. There was strong growth in Germany, the UK, Spain and Mexico. Japan was the only new market to debut where it took an estimated $500K from 43 screens. Universal is releasing Dallas Buyers Club in Latin America where it got a 2% bump coming off of Oscar wins for Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto and Makeup & Hair. In 11 markets, the movie took $368K at 177 dates this weekend for a Universal cume of $1.94M. The studio also added $1.8M to Ride Along’s international haul in 11 territories and playing at 538 dates. Its international cume is now $10M. The buddy comedy has six more Universal territories to go including Australia and Hungary on March 20. The Wolf Of Wall Street had no new openings this weekend, but added $1.5M in nine Universal territories for a cume of $108.1M. A full overseas cume should be coming later as will territory-by-territory breakdowns.

1ST UDPATE, SATURDAY 11:40 AM PT: After late returns on Friday showed that Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures’ 300: Rise Of An Empire had brought in huge Thursday numbers internationally, reporting has now come in for Friday around the world. Yesterday, my colleague Anita Busch reported that in 32 markets, the sequel had taken in an estimated $12.1M over two days in international release, with $9.5M coming from Thursday alone. Now playing in 58 markets, the movie grossed an estimated $20.2M on over 14,400 screens on Friday. The Wednesday-Friday cume is $32.8M. That’s about 9% ahead of the original 300. That movie’s top ex-U.S. markets were, in order, the UK, Spain, Korea, Germany and Italy. There’s still a hunger in those territories for the franchise; and there are others that are showing keen interest. It should be noted that we don’t usually get this kind of daily reporting for international. With a mid-$40Ms haul expected in the U.S. for the weekend, it’s likely that, as with the first 300, the bulk of the takings will come from overseas.

On Friday, Rise Of An Empire scored a No. 1 opening in the UK with an estimated $1.6M from 955 screens for 44% of the top five market share. Spain, which has less disposable income than it did at the time of the 2007 original, was also a No. 1 debut with $1.1M from 611 screens. Korea was a big No. 1, adding $1.46M for a two-day haul of $2.1M. Germany, which clocked $1.4M on its opening Thursday, continued at No. 1 on Friday with an additional $1.25M on 582 screens for an estimated total of $2.6M. Italy has an estimated total of $1.1M after adding $600K on Friday on 471 screens. Outside the leading territories for the original, Russia, where one might think the public has other things than movies on its mind, scored an estimated $1.5M on 1,441 screens, continuing at No. 1 with 60% of the market share. The cume there is $2.8M. Mexico opened to $1.4M on 1,780 screens, to rank as the 3rd biggest March opening of all time, ahead of Alice In Wonderland and Ice Age 2. Brazil opened to $1.3M for Warner’s biggest opening day with a 16-rated film. France on Friday added $1.07M from 454 screens for a $4M cume. Australia added $626K from 467 screens and a $1.2M cume. Taiwan and Greece also opened. The former provided $400K on Friday and in the latter, the cume after two days is $693K.

PREVIOUS, FRIDAY AM: Warner Bros300: Rise Of An Empire is off to a strong start as it begins its international rollout. It hit France, Belgium and French-speaking Switzerland on Wednesday. It also bowed in Australia and kicked off in Germany, Russia and Italy on Thursday. In France, the Noam Murro-directed sequel took $1.83M on 454 screens on its opening day where it was No.1 even faced with the 2nd frame of hitmaker Dany Boon’s Supercondriaque. Rise Of An 300 Rise Of An EmpireEmpire also opened 7.6 times higher than the 2nd new movie in the market, Volker Schondorff’s historical drama Diplomatie. It bested the original 300 by 20%. In Belgium, Rise Of An Empire, grossed $195K at 80 dates. In Francophone Switzerland, it earned $36K on 21 screens. Both openings were more than 50% bigger than the original movie. The projected gross in Australia on Thursday was $536K at 470 dates for a No. 1 slot that nearly triples No. 2 film Vampire Academy.

Rise Of An Empire, which follows Greek general Themistokles (Sullivan Stapleton) as he leads the charge against invading Persian forces led by mortal-turned-god Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro) and Artemisia (Eva Green), the vengeful commander of the Persian navy, goes out in 58 countries this weekend. It’s also bowing Stateside where it’s tracking at $40-$45M. The original 2007 film, directed by Zack Snyder, grossed $210.6M domestically and added a further $245.5M overseas. It’s likely the sequel will best that international tally. Contrary to the first film, it is being released in IMAX and 3D. The first time around, 300‘s top ex-U.S. market was the UK, followed by Spain, Korea, Germany and Italy making those key territories to watch this weekend.

Mr-Peabody-Sherman-Official-Trailer-9In other major releases, Fox’s Mr Peabody & Sherman will expand in 36 new markets including Russia, Spain, Poland and Sweden. It’s also bowing in the U.S. after starting its international run five weeks ago. It currently has a $39.8M cume. The Grand Budapest Hotel is checking into the U.S. as well as the UK, Germany and Belgium. The film’s profile is sky high in Germany, and elsewhere in Europe, after a superb world premiere as the opening night movie of the Berlin Film Festival. Dallas Buyers Club, hot off Matthew McConaughey’s Best Actor Oscar win, opens in Chile via Universal this weekend as well as in Korea, Hungary and Sweden. Other Oscar movies releasing this week include The Great Beauty in Mexico, and 12 Years A Slave In Japan, the Philippines and Serbia. I’m told that many international distributors have requested approval for a bigger marketing campaign and an increase on their print costs on 12 Years. Most majors are expecting to hike the movie’s current box office by 30%-40% by the time the run ends. It’s still in over 50 markets and has and international cume of $89.93M. Other holdovers include Robocop, The Lego Movie, Pompeii, Peabody & Sherman, The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug, Monuments Men, Frozen and The Book Thief.

A word about France: 86th Annual Academy Awards - Show12 Years has notably had a good run there where it is the only non-Gallic pic in the top five films of 2014. Mars Distribution now has it at over 500 playdates. Pathé’s Supercondriaque, by Dany Boon, is thus far France’s biggest hit of 2014. It sold just over 367K tickets on its first day last week, which is the 12th best opening ever for a local movie, but was 9 slots down from Boon’s 2008 mega-blockbuster Bienvenue Chez Les Ch’tis. It’s now sold over 2.1M tickets. French films have been holding well at the top of the box office over the past two months with Supercondriaque followed by comedy Les 3 Frères Le Retour, biopic Yves Saint Laurent and Christophe Gans’ La Belle Et La Bête re-imagining. International figures will be updated as the weekend continues.

supercondriaque300: Rise Of An Empire had a stellar kick off in France, but it was not enough to beat holdover Supercondriaque as the No. 1 movie in the market. ROAE earned $6.9M on 454 screens making it the 2nd biggest overseas territory for the movie this weekend. Dany Boon’s comedy Supercondriaque edged it out for the top spot with about $7.5M. The Grand Budapest Hotel, in its 2nd week, was No. 4 and added $1.64M for a cume of $5.2M at 192 dates. Currently the only non-French movie in the top five of 2014, 12 Years A Slave added $575K for a cume of $13.9M.

Rise Of An Empire scored a No. 1 spot with $5.2M on 582 screens. Germany ranked 6th amongst markets for the movie this week. A new entrant with local elements also checked into the top five. Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, which opened the Berlin Film Festival to great cheer last month, gave the director his biggest debut in Germany, and also in Austria and nearby Belgium. In Germany, the movie took an estimated $1.138M on 163 screens; in Austria it opened at No. 4 with $162K on 29 screens and in Belgium, on 12 screens, it booked $156K. The Monuments Men, also a Berlin Fest title, held well with an additional $901K on 605 screens and a drop of 36%. The Monuments Men heads to Australia, Belgium, and France next weekend. The 12 Years A Slave Oscar bump was in evidence in Germany where it added an estimated $513K for a cume of $5.7M. Next week will see the arrival of The Book Thief in Germany and Austria. Pompeii grossed another $723K from 443 screens in its second weekend out to bring its cume to $2.7M.

belle et la beteRise Of An Empire bowed to $3.4M and a No. 1 spot on 471 screens. Italy was the 5th top territory for the original 300, but the ROAE opening was 9th biggest this weekend, following Spain and just ahead of India and Oz. 12 Years A Slave added an estimated $1.1M for a strong local cume of $4.9M. Pompeii now has a $4M cume after adding an estimated $276K. (In coincidental news, the Italian government has recently set aside 2M euros of emergency funding to help save the real ancient city of Pompeii.) Universal’s local pic Sotto Una Buona Stella continues its run with an estimated $682K at 287 dates for a cume of $13.6M. The market is currently filled with European fare ranging from Christophe Gans’ Beauty And The Beast with Léa Seydoux and Vincent Cassell which was a surprise No. 1 last week, to Giovanni Veronesi’s comedy Una Donna Per Amica which Warner Bros is handling. 47 Ronin will slice its way into Italy on March 13, the movie now has an international cume of $107.8M.

Outside the U.S., Russia was the biggest market for international leader Rise Of An Empire. The movie took $8.8M from 1,441 screens and 45% of the market share. Hot on its heels, Mr Peabody & Sherman was a big No. 2 with an estimated $4.47M on 2,016 screens and a bow that was 60% above The Lego Movie. That film now has a local cume of $5.6M. Universal’s Endless Love had a mid-size release, grossing an estimated $305K at 308 dates. The film has an international total of $7.6M to date. Pompeii added an estimated $950K for a local haul of $10.7M and an international cume of $57.3M. 12 Years a Slave had a second run in the market on 17 screens for a total cume now of $1.6M.

The estimated results for Mr Peabody & Sherman at opening are a very strong $597K at 210 locations. Also still playing in the market is period spy thriller Jack Strong (check out the trailer here).

The 300 sequel grabbed $3.7M with a No. 1 on 611 screens. Spain was the No. 2 market for the original film. Mr Peabody & Sherman was the No. 2 movie this weekend with an estimated $2.13M at 539 dates in its opening. In its 3rd frame, The Monuments Men earned an estimated $790K on 351 screens for the No. 3 slot. In another strong post-Oscar performance, 12 Years A Slave added an estimated $413K for a $7.4M cume and saw a huge spike in business post-Oscar.

300: Rise Of An Empire opened to a strong No. 1 at $4.6M from 955 screens. But contrary to the original 300, the UK was not the lead market for the film – Russia currently holds that title. Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, off positive vibes since its world premiere in Berlin a couple of weeks ago, grossed an estimated $2.62M on 285 screens for the director’s biggest launch ever in the market – a feat he repeated in several territories this week. Oscar winner 12 Years A Slave added an estimated $757K for a $31.7M cume. The Book Thief in its 2nd frame had a good hold with an estimated $1.05M for a $4.58M cume. Ride Along held the No. 5 position with $1.4M at 386 dates for a 10-day total of $4.7M. That’s a strong start in its 2nd frame. (Kevin Hart-starrer Think Like A Man made $1.028M in its UK career in 2012.) Also in the UK, Frozen has now taken $63.8M. It’s the film’s second best playdate. The Wolf Of Wall Street now has an estimated total of $36.8M and ranks as the top-grossing film ever to have an 18 certificate, restricting the movie only to adults.

Robocop maintained its No. 1 spot in China in its 2nd frame with an estimated additional $10.5M for a cume of $40M. The other big U.S. movie in the market, The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug, added $5.8M for a local cume of $66.5M to surpass the life of the first Hobbit installment ($50.7M) there.

total siyapaa300: Rise Of An Empire pulled off a big coup in India this weekend, landing as the No. 1 film in a market that saw three local openings. It played on 894 screens for an estimated $3.1M in the 3rd biggest opening ever for Warner Bros and the 4th ever for a studio movie. ROAE passed the lifetime of 300 in two days. The other new titles in the notoriously local market were Gulaab Gang, Queen and romcom Total Siyapaa. The latter, also known as Total Chaos, was largely filmed in London and also opened in the UK this weekend, though numbers are not yet available. The Bollywood Hungama site says the poor showings of local movies this week can be in part attributed to “the exam fever that has gripped the nation.” That’s keeping students out of the theaters. Also, there was some confusion about the local release of Gulaab Gang, a movie about women’s struggles in India. Earlier this month, it received a release ban from the Delhi High Court following protests of activist Sampat Pal who claimed certain scenes in the film could affect her reputation. The ban was ultimately reversed.

12 Years A Slave opened in Japan this weekend with an estimated $509K from 43 screens and a strong $11,837 per screen average. After its No. 1 opening last week, The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug added $1.625M from 658 dates for a $7.6M cume which is 23% higher than the original Hobbit at the same point in its career. Paramount’s Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit has had a pretty decent run in Japan. In its 4th frame, it added an estimated $150K from 333 cinemas. The local haul is $4.7M, keeping it amongst the top Hollywood movies so far this year. Frozen will come to Japan next week. If it performs strongly in the market, it could possibly beat Toy Story 3 as the highest-grossing animated film of all time. Robocop is also coming to Japan next weekend; The Lego Movie arrives the following frame. Rise Of An Empire won’t bow here until June 20.

12-years-a-slave-1300: Rise Of An Empire was a strong No. 1 in the market with $6.3M from 720 screens. Local reports put Non-Stop at No.2. Korea remains the top market for Disney’s Frozen with an estimated cume of $76.3M. Korea, however, hasn’t been so hot for The Lego Movie where its cume is on the low end of territories for the movie. It’s now got an estimated $1.4M. 12 Years A Slave opened last week in Korea above expectations with $868K from 315 screens. This weekend it added a further $793K from 316 runs, thus a jump from the pre-Oscar frame, for a local estimated cume of $2.1M to rank No. 4. Pompeii added an estimated $789K for a local total of $9.2M. Endless Love goes out next week.

Rise Of An Empire marked the biggest March opening ever in Brazil and the 4th all time opener for Warner Bros. The movie was No. 1 with $5.8M on 795 screens. Robocop, from hometown director José Padilha, was down just 28% from last weekend’s Carnival frame. It earned an estimated $1.7M from 663 screens for a cume of $12.1M. Continuing its strong run in Brazil, The Book Thief added just over $126K fo a $6.3M cume in its 6th frame. The Lego Movie now has a local cume of $5.5M. In Chile, Mr Peabody & Sherman was a No. 1 opener with more than $375K at 108 dates.

wolf-creek-2-posterRise Of An Empire staked out an estimated $2.8M for a No. 1 at 467 dates. 12 Years A Slave took a further estimated $550K for a cume of $5.3M. Non-Stop and local horror sequel Wolf Creek 2 have been performing strongly in the market over the past few weeks (figures to come). The Monuments Men opens next weekend here.