It’s nothing nefarious, but some California subscribers to the streaming service have a gripe with the way their accounts have been handled. A 52-page class-action lawsuit (read it here) filed today in Los Angeles Superior Court claims that hulu5__131120195159-275x122Hulu since December 2010 has made automatic renewal offers throughout California but failed to specify the terms “in a clear and conspicuous manner,” charged cards or accounts without subscribers’ “affirmative consent” and “failed to provide an acknowledgement that includes the automatic renewal or continuous service offer terms, cancellation policy, and information regarding how to cancel in a manner that is capable of being retained by the consumer”. Plaintiff Nathan Kruger of Beverly Hills claims all of the above violates California law. He and others who upgraded their accounts online to Hulu Plus are seeking a jury trial, restitution, declaratory and injunctive relief and attorneys’ fees. Kruger and the class are represented by attorneys Julian Hammond and Ari Cherniak of HammondLaw in Los Angeles.